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Name: miwitch
Based in Singapore All product reviews are based on my own experience.
Do not judge the product solely base on my reviews as the products result varies differently on different users.
Pls reference to my info on the products I reviewed.
Hair: Black - Thin straight limpy - oily scalp - dry hair ends - bleached & dyed
Face: Combi skin - oily T-zone - medium asian skintone - dull - visible pores on cheeks & nose
Eyes: Very sensitive - droopy - hooded - double eyelids - mild-oily lids - dark circles - thin straight lashes - Contact Lens & Specs wearer
Lips: Pigmented - dry
Hands: Normal-dry skin - dry nails & cuticles - thin soft translucent nails
Body: Normal-dry skin - medium asian skintone
Statistics: 175cm, thin, underweight

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December 2013


For advertorials/reviews, contact miwitch (Alternate Email, incase I didn't receive it)
Thank you for contacting me ^^

OOTD † fashion † beauty † sub-culture † cosplay † cat
Oct 25, 2013 2:02AM -

Event: SaSa Singapore First Fragrance Fair & Awards 2013

Following the success of Fragrance Fair & Awards hosted by SaSa Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China, SaSa Singapore organizes its First Fragrance Fair & Awards. The Fragrance Awards begins 30 September to 3 November 2013, presenting 34 nominees over 9 Professional Award Categories.
The winner from these Professional Award Categories will be determined by a panel of judges which comprises of industry experts, media as well as celebrity.
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Aug 18, 2013 10:44AM -

Launch: Dr.G Total Active Skin Care Line (by SaSa)

Gowoonsesang launched a new series of anti-aging skin care line - Dr.G TOTAL ACTIVE.
Dr.G Total Active Line consists of the following products: (from left to right)
- Total Active Energy Toner (130ml)
- Total Active Dual BB Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ (50ml)
- Total Active Capsule Essence (35ml)
- Total Active Multi Cream (50ml) </p> <p>These new products had just arrived not long ago at SaSa Singapore.
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Jun 5, 2013 3:33PM -

Review: Color Combos Girl Double Function Mascara by Sasa

This is my first time seeing, touching and using a 2-in-1 mascara! (Call me a mountain tortoise alright~ ^_^") 
Thanks to Sasa, I receive this Color Combos Double Function Mascara as my first ever 2-in-1 mascara!
</p> <p>
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Apr 17, 2013 12:18AM -

Comic Fiesta 2012 @ KLCC: Cosplays, Fashion & Beauty Haul

Been procrastinating so much lately.... and finally this is up!! OMG to the 12873129846 photos I edited.. hahaha~ Nevertheless, here's what I did at Comic Fiesta 2012 @ KL!

Here we go!~ v{Δ__Δ} *GUNDAM TWEES*


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Mar 1, 2013 1:32PM -

Product Review: DASODA SJ Real Liquid Liner

Remember that I had posted a review on DASODA MG Mega Long Mascara some time ago? Well, now here's the DASODA SJ Real Liquid Liner review! ^o^/*~
DASODA SJ Real Liquid Liner, free from coal-tar colorants so colorants don't remain on skin! To know more, read the Introduction of SJ Real Liquid Liner in this post.
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Dec 8, 2012 12:34AM -

Intro & Swatches: BRTC BB Cream Line

Recently, I received BRTC BB Creams from Sasa.
Before I do a full review of all the BB Creams which I would probably split them up into 2? or maybe 4 posts, I'm gonna post introductions & swatches first.
Here we have the 4 BRTC BB Creams:
- BRTC Whitening & Repairing BB Cream

- BRTC Aqua Rush Water Drop BB Cream

- BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream

- BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream


BRTC - Popular Cosmeceutcal Brand from Korea
Botanical patent science using blue flower
BRTC calming over-sensitiveness “Miracle Blue”

BRTC is a cosmeceutical brand served with botanical patent science (Miracle Blue) safely applicable even to sensitive skin by various irritations and troubles owing to the fact that the entire BRTC line contains developed Blue Complex, a plant patent ingredient, which provides an immediate soothing function as well as anti-oxidation based on elements from blue plant as lavender and chamomile used with its excellent soothing effect in traditional medical science throughout the world.

What is Cosmeceutical??? >>> Read on to find out~<<<

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Oct 4, 2012 5:44AM -

Event & Launch: K-Palette Makeover Session with Miko Yatsu ~ K-Palette 1Day Lash Perm Mascara

Have you seen this pic appearing in my Instagram lately?? ^_^

It was actually took from this K-palette Free Makeover Session! I added some cute animation using POCO 美人相机 application~ CUTE RIGHT??~ ^^
← Original pic


Event: K-Palette Makeover Session with Miko Yatsu
On 16 September, SaSa and K-palette had a Free Makeover Session for selected bloggers and Sasa Fans @ NEX Sasa outlet. The Makeover was done by a Japanese Makeup Artiste - Miko Yatsu.

And here's the Makeup Artiste - Ms Miko Yatsu! Kirei ne! ^^

Miko san concentrating on drawing eyebrow.

Another lady up for the makeover session~

Likey her eyebrow done by Miko san~ ^^

Next up is Jermaine! ^^ Miko san lightly dabbed on K-Palette concealer over and under her eyes.

Applying eyeshadows on her lids.

Putting on K-palette eyeliner, mascara and then the eyebrow~

And....VIOLA! Nice eye makeup done by Miko san! ^^

A picture with Miko san (left) & her assistant (right)~ ^^

K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo eyeliners, Eyebrow pencils & Mascaras

A roll of K-palette stuffs at Sasa store! In future, there will be full display shelves of K-palette products available at most of the Sasa outlets! Keep a watch out for their NEW displays! ^^

K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h WP in Super Black, a Limited Edition eyeliner with a complimentary CD.


K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h WP is currently (@ year 2012) within the Top 10 eyeliners at @Cosme ranking board?


K-Palette goodies
The K-palette goodies that I received from dear Sasa & JPL...

...consists of the following:
- K-Palette 1Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h WP micro in Jet Black

- K-Palette 1Day Lash Perm Long Curl Mascara WP in Black

- K-Palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer (01 Natural Beige)

- Complimentary Suisse Programme, Methode Swiss samples

- Complimentary Makeover session and $5 vouchers from Sasa

I like using Suisse Programme skincare! These are great for me when I go overseas! ^^ Thanks u Sasa!~


Launch: K-Palette 1Day Lash Perm
K-Palette, the highly popular Japanese makeup brand best known for its long-lasting and award-winning range of 1 Day Tattoo eye cosmetics, has launched its new mascara - 1Day Lash Perm.
The 1Day Lash Perm introduces a curl keep polymer, acrylates polymer that enables eyelashes to curl instantly, with a single stroke. The polymer also reinforces the durability of the curl, ensuring that the curl effect lasts throughout the day.
Another ingredient added to this 1Day Lash Perm is pullulan, which creates long and defined lashes that do not clump.

Fits all eye shapes and sizes
Design enhancements have been made to the brush, making it easy to use to create the desired stunning makeup effect.
The shorter side bristles of the brush makes it convenient to apply the mascara from the root of the lashes.
The convex curve and its ideal length of the brush curl and sweep the lashes upwards easily.
The fine pointed tip of the brush reaches the inner corner of the eyes and lengthens short lashes smoothly.

I will be reviewing K-Palette 1Day Lash Perm on my next post! Stay tune! ^_^

Where to buy K-Palette?
Available at selected Watsons, BHG, Nishino Pharmacy & Sasa.
For overseas orders, check out www.beautycarousel.com

Japan: www.cuore.cosme.com
Singapore: www.kpalette.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kpalettesingapore
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kpalette
Sasa: https://www.facebook.com/SGSaSa

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were sponsored by Sasa & JPL to me for review & trial only. I am not in anyway affiliated to the companies.

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Aug 28, 2012 3:12AM -

Product Review: Dr G Super Aquasis Line (SaSa SG)

Last month, Sasa sent me a trial kit of the new Dr G Super Aquasis Line skincare range.
I had previously posted an entry on the launch of Super Aquasis and its SaSaSG Contest. Click HERE to read about it.

[above pic credits to www.gwssmall.co.kr]

And not forgetting.... Sasa also gave me Park Shin Hye autographed photo!! ♥♥♥♥♥

You might know who Park Shin Hye is if you'd watched...

OPPS! Should be this... [미남이시네요 - You're Beautiful] hehex~ =p

*Pulls you back to real world*

And so, the trial set comes in this cute little water droplet pouch like so.

This cute waterdroplet set consists of:
- Super Aquasis Moisture Toner 30ml

- Super Aquasis Moisture Seed Ample 1ml x 4

- Super Aquasis Moisture Gel Cream 18ml

The ingredients written here in English (refer below) - Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate and Methylparaben are Preservatives. It is to let the users know that all 3 of their products has preservatives. They are NOT the main ingredients.

Product Packaging
Cute trial size, suitable for travelling too!

I like how this toner packaging is being designed! This special seal prevents the toner from leaking and also for security reasons. Once seal broken, you know that its been used!

4 doses of Super Aquasis Moisture Seed Ample. Easy to break open but slightly hard to pour all the content out as the liquid will stick to the inner walls of the packaging.
According to the instructions stated, we suppose to use 4-5 drops of seed ample, which probably is equivalent to 1ml. If so, I find that 1 ml (1 dose) is quite alot and is just nice for both face & neck application.

This miniature size Gel Cream comes with 1 cover, there isn't an additional inner cover/cap.


In here, I put up some pictures that show its main ingredient [Main Ingredient pic credits to www.gwssmall.co.kr]. However, I'm not able to put up the full ingredient list because they are all written in Korean.
Gowoonsesang ‘Dr G Super Aquasis Line’ contains Opuntia Coccinelifera Fruit Extract, Argan Oil, and Marine Water to provide sufficient moisture into the skin to soothe flaky keratin, and contains Crystal Moisture Seed, which has a similar structure to dermal phospholipid, to provide a water-retaining protective film on skin, and keep your skin feels moisturized for long. Also its containing Abyssine protects the skin from outer harmful environments while soothing the irritated and flushed skin by strong UV rays.
Super Aquasis Moisture Toner:


Super Aquasis Moisture Seed Ample:

Super Aquasis Moisture Gel Cream:

Super Aquasis Moisture Gel Cream also contains Resurrection Plant Callus Culture Extract, help to quench the thirst of skin tired in the heat


Swatches & Review
Super Aquasis Moisture Toner:
- feels lightweight, consistency similar to water
- has a very pleasant ocean-y + floral scent
- absorbs quickly
- has slight sticky after-feel after its been immediately absorb into skin
- feels smooth and moisturised after fully absorbed by skin
- didn't experience any break-outs or comedones (I call them oil spots/seeds)

Super Aquasis Moisture Seed Ample:
- slightly thick liquid consistency
- has a very pleasant ocean-y + floral scent
- visible mica in the content
- easy to spread out
- takes awhile to absorbed into skin
- has sticky after-feel, remains sticky even after its been absorbed
- immediately feel pumped up with moisture
- skin looks shiny and glossy after application
- skin brightens up with help of the mica
- didn't experience any break-outs or comedones on 1st use/dose
- skin feels super moisturised upon my 1st application
- it still feels moisturised even after 2 days of not using the seed ample
- however, finds it too rich for my face upon my 2nd-4th use (scroll down to read further)

Below shows swatch on my cheeks. Can't really see the mica on my face after applying the seed ample.

Video swatch [video credits to www.gwssmall.co.kr] (Hit Refresh if it doesn't play)
<embed src="http://www.gwssmall.co.kr/item/detail/review.swf" quality="high" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" height="450" width="700" />


Super Aquasis Moisture Gel Cream:
- gel type cream
- has a very pleasant ocean-y + floral scent
- easy to blend out
- takes a little while to fully absorbed
- has tiny bit sticky after-feel
- after patting it onto skin for sometime, skin feels smooth
- doesn't feel greasy or look shiny/glossy after application (appears matte)
- feels that the gel cream provided my skin with a protective moisture film
- when I feel my skin, it feels firm and damp (even when its been fully absorbed into skin)
- feels pretty moisturised
- however when used alone, it is not as moisturised as when it is used with the toner & the seed ample

Overall Review
I wanted to say that I really like the moisture seed ample when I was using it for the first time. Even when I was very tired with lack of sleep, I went to work with my usual base makeup and my skin and makeup looks wonderful! Even after working for 12 hours and sweating alittle after I walked around, at the end of the day my makeup was still intact (without touch up) and skin looks great because my skin didn't produce much sebum that day, especially my T-zone area! My skin feels very light and moisturised (usually when its tired, I feel that the skin kinda tugging downwards, but that day it was like its 'flying'. Anti-gravity perhaps?)
That explained pretty well how much moisture the seed ample gives to my skin, in a way so moisturised that my very tired skin doesn't look tired at all.
However, me being an itchy butt hand person who really really like the effect of seed ample, applied it again after 2 days and from that day onwards, my skin reacted. It produced too much sebum that my makeup couldn't even hold on to my skin anymore, it was literally being melted off by the grease that my skin gives out. And little oil bumps popped up at a few areas (but not alot like last time).
Thereafter, I stopped using seed ample and only used moisture toner and gel cream along with my usual skincare products and my skin returns back to normal again.

I shouldn't have been too eager to apply the seed ample for the 2nd time within such a short period (I knew it, but just want to risk and try it. hahha~)
Seed ample is just like ampoules, although the instructions didn't state how often you should use it (I could almost found none from the internet, therefore it make me want to try using it on alternate days), but I feel that it should only be used once a week or even fortnightly depending on your skin condition.
It was such a pity that I didn't get to have nice skin for long *smacks own hands!*
I would recommend people who have not use Dr G Super Aquasis Line skincare before to get the trial set first if you are afraid that the seed ample is too rich for you. Remember!! Don't be an itchy butt hand like me! (^_^")


[Gowoonsesang Cosmetics] Dr G Super Aquasis Moisture Seed Ample Kit $27.60
inclusive of:
- Super Aquasis Moisture Toner 30ml
- Super Aquasis Moisture Seed Ample 1ml x 4
- Super Aquasis Moisture Gel Cream 18ml

Where to buy
<span style="font-size: small;">Dr G is available exclusively at SaSa Cosmetics in Singapore.

Sa Sa Cosmetics is located at:
Bugis Junction, #01-83/84, T: 6336 9180        
Centrepoint, #02-04A/05, T: 6836 0015
Causeway Point, #01-33, T:6894 2566        
Changi City Point, #01-50 T: 6663 3203
Clifford Centre, #01-06, T: 6532 2311        
Great World City, #02-39, T: 6238 0195    
Holland Village, 6 Lor Mambong, T: 6469 1629     
Hougang Mall, #03-19, T: 6383 3651     
JCube #02-03, T: 66842971            
Junction 8, #01-03, T: 6258 0988        
Jurong Point, #01-16, T: 6397 0989                  
Lot 1, #01-10/11, T: 6892 9980           
Marina Square, #02-200, T: 6339 9077              
IMM, #01-120, T: 6560 2300                
Nex, #B1-21, T: 6634 8758                     
NorthPoint, #01-53, T: 6482 0565     
Novena Square, #01-11, T: 63528872              
Plaza Singapura, #02-06, T: 6339 0017             
Sun Plaza, #01-31/44, T: 6481 2010              
Tampines 1, #02-36, T: 6260 4355            
Vivo City, #02-176/177, T: 6376 9713        
Wisma Atria, #01-14/15, T: 6738 8232

SaSa SG Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SGSaSa

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product name written and coloured in turquoise is sponsored by SaSaSG to me for trial & review.

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Jul 14, 2012 5:47AM -

Collective Haul ~ Venetrim ~ GSS ~ GMarket ~ ZALORA

Its been awhile since I post my collective hauls.. (Besides my Japan trip's) I bought too much things for the past 2-3 months that my mind was clogged up by numbers of things I wanted to review on my blog.. @_@"
I'm still going to do reviews of my own purchased items but would probably be at a later date. ^^

Before I flew to Japan, I rushed to Sasa to get Audrey Christian Venetrim, a vein reducing cream for my legs or rather, for my feet.
My feet felt really sore these few months as I always been running around for events and walking in super duper high speed in and out of office because we're always busy dealing with all sorts of works and not to mention ALL kinds of human beings. lolx~
Anyhoo, I used Venetrim almost everyday during my Japan trip, my feet feels slightly relaxed and not so sore when I woke up the next day. However in Japan, everyday I walked miles for more than 14 hours without resting my feet. My feet starts to ache even worst.
After I came back, I kinda stopped using it totally and only started to use Venetrim again the past 2 days.
I was hoping to do a review of this as I had took a BEFORE picture of my leg & feet, and wanted to see if it do help to reduce my ugly veins after 4 weeks of continuous usage.
Audrey Christian Venetrim (150ml) $79.00 : Sasa Outlet

The brochure that's placed at Sasa. The ingredients used looks great! I do hope it could help solve my veins problem! ^^


GSS Loots

Some stuffs I hauled during the GSS period.
ETUDE HOUSE Happy Teatime Lemon Tea Cleansing Foam $7.90 (-30%) : I'd used the Green Tea, I feel that Lemon Tea is drier than Green Tea. Green Tea gives my skin a smoother after-feel.
JUJU AQUAMOIST Cleansing Oil (-20%) : Bought at BHG. Repurchase.
SANA Nameraka Honpo (Soy Bean) Cleansing Oil $19.90 (-20%) : Bought at BHG. Repurchase.
Cyber Colors Purifying Cleansing Oil in Grapefruit $49.90 (-20%) : From Sasa. Its my first time buying such a big bottle of cleansing oil! To be frank, I'm drawn to its packaging that's why I buy it! ^^" I tried it out at the store on back of my hand, it doesn't feel thick and creamy like the other cleansing oil I'd used. I had yet opened it to try till now, I do hope it won't disappoint me!
Tippys Maxi Squares Cotton Pads $1.95 : Again, bought it cos I like the packaging. =p
Sasatinnie Anti-oxidant Regenerating Face Mask $1.95 (-20%) : From Sasa
L'Oreal Color Infallible in Pink Sapphire $14.90 (-20%) : From Watsons.
Leaders Insolution Vita Bright Mask $3 each (Buy 3 get 1 free) : From Watsons
ETUDE HOUSE Ginkgo Lip Patch $3.90 (-30%)
ETUDE HOUSE AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot Patch $3.90 (-30%) : I find this pretty useful! It soothe and relieve my inflammation over a night

See that big bottle of CYber Colors Cleansing oil?! :D It appeals to me~

Red Gradient Spotty Stripes scarf $10 : At 1 of the stores in B1 of Wisma Atria
Polkdot Mint & Brown Home Slippers $2 : From Daiso
Belif First Aid Aqua Rush Mask $36 (-20%) : This is my 2nd tub! ^^ Really like it alot!~ It quenches my thirsty skin~
Keratinology Colour Therapy Shampoo $11.90 : From Watsons. Repurchase for many times. Its really good~ ^^
L'Oreal Pris Color-Vive Daily Rinse-out Treatment : From Watsons. I think it cost less than $10.. (receipt lost ^^") Its a rinse-out treatment, not a conditioner. So I tot maybe I could give it a try and see how it differs from a treatment and a conditioner.
b.liv Dullness Cessation - Bright is Right Mask $2.95 each (2nd pc @ $1) : Promo at Sasa. It might still be on, so do go now to get them! ^^ I'd used them for numerous times since last year, gota love  them!
ProPeds Premium 20 Denier Glamorous Fashion Thights in Lilac $8.90 : From BHG. I been using ProPeds pantyhose and tights for awhile now, mostly using for Cosplay purpose and I really like the material used. It's silky, shiny, help hides flaws and doesn't tear that easily. Even though it's really sheer, it could still withstand scratches from my broken nails at least a few times without tearing. This is my first time seeing ProPeds having a rainbow range and even black stripes! I didn't saw the rest of the shades as BHG was only selling like 5 shades.

Its suitable for my height and even height up to 180cm. The table shown below is very useful when you want to know if the tights could fit you.

Japan CUTIE Magazine + Complimentary HbG pouch & Body Fantasies 29ml Spray in Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy $17.80 : Kinokuniya
Turqoise wide chiffon Hairband $7.90 : Helen



I finally gotten my first experience of buying stuffs from GMarket Korea (Global). The online buying procedures have now changed slightly compared to the other time which I'd posted about. Its alittle bit easier now however there are still some glitches here and there and you probably need to be quite familiar with e-commerce in order for you to process with your orders smoothly.
All the stuffs I bought this time are cat theme related. Even my cat Mimi also want to be in the picture together with them.....

As I'd been dying to get a new diary book (more like a monthly schedule book for my work & personal), I searched through GMarket and saw alot of [Jetoy] Choo Choo Cat diaries & stuffs so I decided to get more than just a diary (anyways more stuffs = more discounts in shipping fees). After I placed ordered and paid for all my items + domestic (Korea) & worldwide shipping, then there were 2  items being refunded because the seller do not have stock anymore. *disappointed* (≥∆≤)
GMarket also refunded 4600won back to my account as they found out the actual weight of my parcel is less than the estimated weight calculated by their system. Good! (^∇^)
Altogether, I had spent ₩39,700 + ₩12,340 shipping = ₩52,040 (~S$61.30) for the 4 items + 1 free sticker & coupon (Heh Heh~)
Expensive much? I think it's still ok, considering that Singapore sells them at about double the price for Choo Choo Cat stuffs.

Actually, I don't need this blue travel handpouch, but I was REALLY tempted by the prints! Its original price is ₩26.800 but they are selling it at ₩22,780. On top of that, I can still use discount coupon! ^^

I already had a Choo Choo Cat passport cover... but I wanted this transparent one badly too! Its so pretty! (*^_^*)
It includes a Jetoy passport travel schedule too which can layer over your passport or can be inserted at the sides, whichever way you like~



ANOTHER Online haul....
I received ZALORA Voucher through my UOB Card mailer and I couldn't hold myself back because this voucher is $20 off! And can be used on top of GSS items too! Its a common code, so everyone can use it for unlimited number of times!
However Zalora coupons are unlike GMarket, they can only be used once on the total bill. Wherelse GMarket coupons can use on every single items. I think I got so used to GMarket coupons and that mentality make me want to put in more discount codes in Zalora but later find out I could not... lolx..

Here comes my parcel! It was big for only 2 items which I'd ordered. The box's very useful.. I had already kept it aside so I can reuse it to put my stuffs! lolx~

Estelle Multiway Chiffon Blouse $25.40 : The mint green blouse is a GSS item.

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser (200ml) $68 : I used a sample size Exf cleanser and I really like the results it gives me so I decided to purchase the full size product. I think 200ml is going to last me a year, considering the sample size can already last me a few months! ^_^


Before I end this................

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

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Mar 31, 2012 4:10AM -

SaSa 34th Anniversary Promotions: April 2012 Catalog

Being a VIP member of Sasa now, I tend to give their stores more peeks than usual ((^.^)) And this time, I caught them having the 34th Anniversary Promotions! Lucky I didn't miss it, else I'll be very sad, and it'll be like- being a VIP for nothing!~~ (>0<)

~Presenting their April 2012 Catalog~

This promotion ends on 30 April 2012
If you are clever enough, you should split bills if you are buying alot to get more chances of winning! *^o^*

For their Terms & Conditions, click HERE

Oh my~ B.LIV having less 34% too?!?!! I wonder if 'Off with those heads' would be on sales too?

I'm a fan of Suisse Program! I would definitely be checking them when I'm there!

The Redearth products definitely look intriguing here~~~ *itchy hands wana spend $*

I'm also a fan of Lancaster! Another reason for me to get more things... hahaha~

RedEarth blushes.. looks so pretty~

>>>SaSa SG Facebook<<<

Pictures source from:

I'm not in any way affiliated to Sasa company


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