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Name: miwitch
Based in Singapore All product reviews are based on my own experience.
Do not judge the product solely base on my reviews as the products result varies differently on different users.
Pls reference to my info on the products I reviewed.
Hair: Black - Thin straight limpy - oily scalp - dry hair ends - bleached & dyed
Face: Combi skin - oily T-zone - medium asian skintone - dull - visible pores on cheeks & nose
Eyes: Very sensitive - droopy - hooded - double eyelids - mild-oily lids - dark circles - thin straight lashes - Contact Lens & Specs wearer
Lips: Pigmented - dry
Hands: Normal-dry skin - dry nails & cuticles - thin soft translucent nails
Body: Normal-dry skin - medium asian skintone
Statistics: 175cm, thin, underweight

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December 2013


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Jul 31, 2013 9:33AM -

Online Korean Fashion Store IWANNACLOSET ~ OOTD

Hey girls, I just want to share something I just saw lately... a new(?) online store which sells Korean fashion apparel~
Well, actually I wasn't into Korean stuffs until you'al know, the Kpop wave which hit me during the year 2008~2009 and when GMarket was up in year 2010, I was already crazily 'Michi' ('crazy' in korean) about Korean fashion. ^^
And more so when I visited Korea just last month!! ^o^//
Knowing that a certain percentage of Korean girls are very tall, usually around my height or taller, I get a higher chance of getting long enough sleeves and pants of my length when I shop in Korean online stores (mostly GMarket). Unlike the Japanese clothes which I totally lost hope in fitting into their clothes as they are just not made for my built and height even though I'm slim enough. If I wear 'em I will look like an oversize doll in Japanese clothes..hahaax~
I love buying Korean apparel especially their bottoms like tight skirts and long pants. They fit my flat bums (lolx~) and long legs nicely! ♥
Anyhoo, if you are like me who love Korean fashion, do check out this site - I wanna Closet! Actually their EDM popped in my mailbox so I thought I'll share this. ^^
▼ following pictures are screen cap by me @ Iwannacloset.com
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Jul 14, 2012 5:47AM -

Collective Haul ~ Venetrim ~ GSS ~ GMarket ~ ZALORA

Its been awhile since I post my collective hauls.. (Besides my Japan trip's) I bought too much things for the past 2-3 months that my mind was clogged up by numbers of things I wanted to review on my blog.. @_@"
I'm still going to do reviews of my own purchased items but would probably be at a later date. ^^

Before I flew to Japan, I rushed to Sasa to get Audrey Christian Venetrim, a vein reducing cream for my legs or rather, for my feet.
My feet felt really sore these few months as I always been running around for events and walking in super duper high speed in and out of office because we're always busy dealing with all sorts of works and not to mention ALL kinds of human beings. lolx~
Anyhoo, I used Venetrim almost everyday during my Japan trip, my feet feels slightly relaxed and not so sore when I woke up the next day. However in Japan, everyday I walked miles for more than 14 hours without resting my feet. My feet starts to ache even worst.
After I came back, I kinda stopped using it totally and only started to use Venetrim again the past 2 days.
I was hoping to do a review of this as I had took a BEFORE picture of my leg & feet, and wanted to see if it do help to reduce my ugly veins after 4 weeks of continuous usage.
Audrey Christian Venetrim (150ml) $79.00 : Sasa Outlet

The brochure that's placed at Sasa. The ingredients used looks great! I do hope it could help solve my veins problem! ^^


GSS Loots

Some stuffs I hauled during the GSS period.
ETUDE HOUSE Happy Teatime Lemon Tea Cleansing Foam $7.90 (-30%) : I'd used the Green Tea, I feel that Lemon Tea is drier than Green Tea. Green Tea gives my skin a smoother after-feel.
JUJU AQUAMOIST Cleansing Oil (-20%) : Bought at BHG. Repurchase.
SANA Nameraka Honpo (Soy Bean) Cleansing Oil $19.90 (-20%) : Bought at BHG. Repurchase.
Cyber Colors Purifying Cleansing Oil in Grapefruit $49.90 (-20%) : From Sasa. Its my first time buying such a big bottle of cleansing oil! To be frank, I'm drawn to its packaging that's why I buy it! ^^" I tried it out at the store on back of my hand, it doesn't feel thick and creamy like the other cleansing oil I'd used. I had yet opened it to try till now, I do hope it won't disappoint me!
Tippys Maxi Squares Cotton Pads $1.95 : Again, bought it cos I like the packaging. =p
Sasatinnie Anti-oxidant Regenerating Face Mask $1.95 (-20%) : From Sasa
L'Oreal Color Infallible in Pink Sapphire $14.90 (-20%) : From Watsons.
Leaders Insolution Vita Bright Mask $3 each (Buy 3 get 1 free) : From Watsons
ETUDE HOUSE Ginkgo Lip Patch $3.90 (-30%)
ETUDE HOUSE AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot Patch $3.90 (-30%) : I find this pretty useful! It soothe and relieve my inflammation over a night

See that big bottle of CYber Colors Cleansing oil?! :D It appeals to me~

Red Gradient Spotty Stripes scarf $10 : At 1 of the stores in B1 of Wisma Atria
Polkdot Mint & Brown Home Slippers $2 : From Daiso
Belif First Aid Aqua Rush Mask $36 (-20%) : This is my 2nd tub! ^^ Really like it alot!~ It quenches my thirsty skin~
Keratinology Colour Therapy Shampoo $11.90 : From Watsons. Repurchase for many times. Its really good~ ^^
L'Oreal Pris Color-Vive Daily Rinse-out Treatment : From Watsons. I think it cost less than $10.. (receipt lost ^^") Its a rinse-out treatment, not a conditioner. So I tot maybe I could give it a try and see how it differs from a treatment and a conditioner.
b.liv Dullness Cessation - Bright is Right Mask $2.95 each (2nd pc @ $1) : Promo at Sasa. It might still be on, so do go now to get them! ^^ I'd used them for numerous times since last year, gota love  them!
ProPeds Premium 20 Denier Glamorous Fashion Thights in Lilac $8.90 : From BHG. I been using ProPeds pantyhose and tights for awhile now, mostly using for Cosplay purpose and I really like the material used. It's silky, shiny, help hides flaws and doesn't tear that easily. Even though it's really sheer, it could still withstand scratches from my broken nails at least a few times without tearing. This is my first time seeing ProPeds having a rainbow range and even black stripes! I didn't saw the rest of the shades as BHG was only selling like 5 shades.

Its suitable for my height and even height up to 180cm. The table shown below is very useful when you want to know if the tights could fit you.

Japan CUTIE Magazine + Complimentary HbG pouch & Body Fantasies 29ml Spray in Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy $17.80 : Kinokuniya
Turqoise wide chiffon Hairband $7.90 : Helen



I finally gotten my first experience of buying stuffs from GMarket Korea (Global). The online buying procedures have now changed slightly compared to the other time which I'd posted about. Its alittle bit easier now however there are still some glitches here and there and you probably need to be quite familiar with e-commerce in order for you to process with your orders smoothly.
All the stuffs I bought this time are cat theme related. Even my cat Mimi also want to be in the picture together with them.....

As I'd been dying to get a new diary book (more like a monthly schedule book for my work & personal), I searched through GMarket and saw alot of [Jetoy] Choo Choo Cat diaries & stuffs so I decided to get more than just a diary (anyways more stuffs = more discounts in shipping fees). After I placed ordered and paid for all my items + domestic (Korea) & worldwide shipping, then there were 2  items being refunded because the seller do not have stock anymore. *disappointed* (≥∆≤)
GMarket also refunded 4600won back to my account as they found out the actual weight of my parcel is less than the estimated weight calculated by their system. Good! (^∇^)
Altogether, I had spent ₩39,700 + ₩12,340 shipping = ₩52,040 (~S$61.30) for the 4 items + 1 free sticker & coupon (Heh Heh~)
Expensive much? I think it's still ok, considering that Singapore sells them at about double the price for Choo Choo Cat stuffs.

Actually, I don't need this blue travel handpouch, but I was REALLY tempted by the prints! Its original price is ₩26.800 but they are selling it at ₩22,780. On top of that, I can still use discount coupon! ^^

I already had a Choo Choo Cat passport cover... but I wanted this transparent one badly too! Its so pretty! (*^_^*)
It includes a Jetoy passport travel schedule too which can layer over your passport or can be inserted at the sides, whichever way you like~



ANOTHER Online haul....
I received ZALORA Voucher through my UOB Card mailer and I couldn't hold myself back because this voucher is $20 off! And can be used on top of GSS items too! Its a common code, so everyone can use it for unlimited number of times!
However Zalora coupons are unlike GMarket, they can only be used once on the total bill. Wherelse GMarket coupons can use on every single items. I think I got so used to GMarket coupons and that mentality make me want to put in more discount codes in Zalora but later find out I could not... lolx..

Here comes my parcel! It was big for only 2 items which I'd ordered. The box's very useful.. I had already kept it aside so I can reuse it to put my stuffs! lolx~

Estelle Multiway Chiffon Blouse $25.40 : The mint green blouse is a GSS item.

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser (200ml) $68 : I used a sample size Exf cleanser and I really like the results it gives me so I decided to purchase the full size product. I think 200ml is going to last me a year, considering the sample size can already last me a few months! ^_^


Before I end this................

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

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May 24, 2012 6:02AM -

Collective Crazy Fashion & Cosmetic Haul ~ DollyWink ~ Heroine Make ~ envie de neuf

Splurggggggggg even when I'm super busy with my work. I wonder how I can do that. =_="
With help of my friend overseas, I did some shopping.... over the air. Lolx~
I really don't know how to put up the pricings for all these stuffs, all I know is that I spent over S$500 for all these. ^.^" Call me CRAAAAAAZEH!~

I need BAGSSsss because I always think I only own some dull looking ones hence this time round I requested for rainbow bags!! So I won't go "AISSSHHhh!! Why I no hab Pink bag to go with my top!" etc....
And SHOES! Yah, shoes... I need to get more because the ones I bought from Muji about a year ago are all ROTTEN. Either the heels broke, the soles came off or the fabric peeled. =_=" And therefore, I need new ones to replace the old! 旧的不去 ,新的不来!呵呵~ (Direct translate: Old don't go, New won't come!)
If you'd noticed, I like covered shoes more as I don't have nice looking feet. They are all scrawny bony lookin'... Um.. yah, thats it. -_-" You can say, I'm pretty lazy taking care of my feet...m(_ _")m But more importantly, meat doesn't grow around my hands and legs, I wonder why.

And.... I kinda felt embarrased and yet the other side of my brain felt pretty proud of showing THIS much of hosiery purchase. hurhur~
Well, why I buy so much - reason is the same as the colourful bags. lolx~ And also these stuffs spoils faster! One scratch and into the bin it goes!
Pink brushesssssss~ Really cute! I think its my first time owning a set of pink brushes~ Part of them is for Na~
Random jeans - they are long enough for my long legs so I got a few to try out~
Necklaces - Clearer pics below~ ^^

Picturrrrrrs of my colourful bags! I realised there are quite a few similar looking bags like this sold in D&C! Which I had seen it myself and felt with my own hands, I think theirs are made with the same kind of material too.
Currently, I'm using the double handle blue bag for work as its the only one that can carry most stuffs.
My favourite as of now (base on colour & design) would be the wine red drawstring bag. ^^

The yellow and magenta are pretty striking!

Orangey-coral is the popular shade for this season! And finally a sweet beigey-pink for the neutral look.

Here comes the feet stuffs! From leggings to panty hose to socks in various colours~

If you ever read Taiwan manga [THE ONE] [独领风骚], you will know what this is all about. ^^ One of the item needed for my cosplay~ Btw, this is made of stainless steel, laser cut out.

I'd finally made a necklace out of my own nickname. This nickname "miwitch" had followed me a looooong way. Many friends who knew me through cosplay, online forum and gaming will call me by my nickname. I think it would be good if I wear this out to meet new online friends so when I introduce myself *points to necklace*, my nickname gets imprinted to their brain immediately. :p~ *evil laugh*
I'd also used a different set of fonts to redesign it, and inputs {†} into the "t" but as expected, due to the pendant is too small, the laser cutting machine couldn't make cut dedicate turns and hence my 'cross' design somewhat became a normal "t" shape. lolx~
That crown is an extra cos I feel that the name is too..... simple looking, so I use their pre-designed crown to put ontop of the cross. I hope people could still read this as miwitch, instead of miwich or miwicrowntch or miwispiderch etc.. kekeke~

Few simple OOTD previously posted in my Instagram ^^
Left picture: Me wearing the new pair of shoes and panty hose in dull pink (clearer pic shown above). Greenish culottes are from GMarket (renamed to Qoo10)
Right picture: me going back to work on my Off day *sad*, in simple tee, holey jeans and high top pleather shoes. (you can spot Mimi in this pic)


On to Cosmetic Haul...

Kudos to my bro and his gf who helped to CP these babies! ♥
[Left to right]
Dolly Wink LONG Mascara TW559 ~S$24.30: Ranked No. 2 mascara in 2011 @ Cosme
Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara #1 TW369 ~S$16
Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil #1 TW 249 ~S$10.80
Dolly Wink No. 5 Lower lash TW399 ~S$17.30: Ranked No. 1 lash product in 2011 @ Cosme

This Dolly Wink eyeliner came along with the mascara as a 'free gift'! ^^

I wonder why the big difference in shade when both are named as #1..? aren't they suppose to be similar shade so we could use them together? Haha.. just a thought..

Isehan Heroine Make Volume Mascara TW299 ~S$13: Its a repackage of the old Heroine Make Mascara, but I'm not sure if they did revise the formula of the mascara? I only own the long lash mascara, not this volume one, so I bought this to try it out! ^^

The different between the 2 mascaras I bought.. Dolly Wink's slightly longer.. and both of them are in Pink! ^_^

My bro also gave me this envie de neuf face & eye masks, he says this mask gives instant results and its sold at S$5 in Singapore, which its only sold at $2+ in Taiwan, so they bought quite alot. Why is it that everything in Taiwan is cheaper?! )#.@_;$&@#'$xyz,! \\(<_<)

With help from Ah ru, I got these cute Mio Piccolo cheek blush! She bought it from Tampines- Century Square, a shop name Nanairo $2 Shop (View shop front). Everything in there is only $2!  (Another outlet is at Liang Court, I'm always there but I nv notice the shop! *Blind*)
Infact, Mio Piccolo item are only sold at 105 円 (~S$1.70) in Japan . AC Makeup which is under the same company as Mio Piccolo are also sold at same price, and they are available in Singapore TOO! (Hmm.. Where did I spot AC Makeup..? Guardian? Or John Little?) So be careful not to spend more than $2 buying Yoridori Do Best cosmetics! ^_^
Mio Piccolo Animal Cheek Blush #01 (Pink) S$2
Mio Piccolo Animal Cheek Blush #02 (Peach) S$2
Mio Piccolo Flower Cheek Blush #02 (Rose) S$2

Mio Piccolo Swatches
[Left to Right] Flower Cheek Blush #02 (Rose) → Animal Cheek Blush #02 (Peach) → Animal Cheek Blush #01 (Pink)
Currently I'm using Peach Blush, it's quite pigmented and the shade's very pretty! ^^

Review of SANYO eneloop mobile booster
Last but not least, I bought something to POWER UP!!! *holds Eneloop Mobile Booster straight up high in the sky*
Everytime my iphone gone dead, I frantically looked around for people who has a portable charger or I will shamelessly walk into apple shop and charge my iphone (//U_U//)
And sooooo to combat this problem, I decided to purchase SANYO eneloop mobile booster from Challenger @ $89.90 with 10% discount (Challenger member).
I own 4 eneloop AA batteries and I them very much, that I introduced it to friends and they bought it too! ^_^ Its said that the batteries doesn't deplete much even if left unused for a year. It only loses 15% of its initial charge in compare to conventional rechargeable batteries they lose more, usually 35%.
For this mobile booster, I had charged up the battery for more than the indicated 7 hours. And the battery could charge my iphone up to full 100% bar, 3 times! (before it went dead.. keke~)
How's that for a mobile booster?! \^o^/ *~*~ *throws confetti*
I hope this could also charge up tablets as well, cos that would be my next multi-media stuff to buy!

So what are your recent purchases? ^.^v?

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

I am not in anyway affiliated to Isehan, KOJI, Dolly Wink, Mio Piccolo, Yoridori Do Best or SANYO.

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Apr 22, 2012 1:03AM -

Collective Fashion Haul ~ LALU ~ GMarket Global Walkthrough

It's been a LLLLOOOOOOoooonnnngggg time since I posted my collective haul! I been extremely busy with work and I hardly could find time to sit at home and do a proper haul post. (U_U")
But I do post random haul at my Instagram, so if you would like to see them, find me @ miwitch ^^

It's also been a LONG time since I last purchase anything from GMarket SG, especially fashion related stuffs. ^^"
I had been spending my money sparingly only on cosmetics and beauty products cos I felt that I need to save $ to spend in Japan, until..... recently, I couldn't hold it any longer and I started to splurg my $ on GMarket SG & GMarket Global website. Muahahax..~ =p~
My stupid reason to this crazy splurge is because I want to wear nice clothes to Japan. GMarket also offer better deals and clothes that fits me (because koreans are bigger size than japanese) AND Korean cosmetics are SOOOooooo dirt cheap! Alright, enough of my nonsence, here are my haul for this month. Uh hum... AND MORE TO COME later after this haul post! (>▽<)


Clothes & Bag Haul

Navy Chiffon Blouse (Fsize) $33.90 +$4.90 shipping: From Seller MAKMAKS
Although the items from this seller is alittle bit on the high side, but their quality are GOOOOODDD! I absolutely love this blouse but kinda sad that because I'm of a bigger built (I'm actually a M size), the blouse shoulder width feels slightly tight on me. Other than that, I have no complains :) Oh! And I love that GOLD buttons! Its very pretty!

Frill Trench Coat (F size, Camel) $45 + $4.55: From Seller MAKMAKS
This is my first trench coat I think I'd ever bought. The fabric is of suede-like kind, kinda expected for a trench coat. The sleeves are very long for a F size coat but it suits my long arms (hahax~ =D). Only thing I dislike is that it creases easily. =\ Gosh, I hate ironing clothes =_=

Bally Double Breasted Jacket (66 size) $36 + $4.55: From Seller MAKMAKS
The fabric is great with perfect inner lining, sleeves are long but its a tad loose on me, I picked the largest size cos I'm afraid that the sleeves aren't long enough for me. I love the 2-way button design, it allows me to either button left ontop of right or right on left. It also has an additional button on one of the inner flap too!

Skull pot drawstring bag $17.90 +$7.80 shipping: From seller LULUBAG
I had spotted this bag at a physical store before and they sold it at $39.90. I wanted to buy but realised the material wasn't really worth that price. On spotting this same design bag on GMarket along with good reviews, I decide to purchase it at price of $25.70 inclusive shipping.
Back of my mind tells me not to expect it to be THAT good, but when I receive the bag, I was very happy. :D
Its made of good medium hard material with good quality fabric lining. The seller also include a free matching scarf for the bag I purchased too! Totally ♥ it!

Next I want to introduce this shop name LALU.
The store that I went was at Liang Court, a pretty big shop. Their collections are categorised by shades and colours, each design often have more than 1 colour.

I like the concept of their interior design, which is inspired by the rustic mood of the 80s.

Just saw that LALU is having a moving out sale at Marina Square, sale up to 70%! Ends at 6 May. I hope i got time to drop by there to get some good deals! ^_^

I was looking for skirts and I found 2 which I like at LALU.
Tulip Side Drape Skirt in Black $59
The fabric is really heavy for a skirt but it drapes so nicely and its love at first sight for me. ^^

One of my past OOTD wearing the skirt... sorry it isn't very clear because the black is... very black, the camera couldn't focus well. ^^"

Another LALU skirt, sweet style ^^
Gathered Waist Skirt in Pink $59
Good crepe fabric, heavy and slightly flowy. ^^



Bought this 2 gothic ♥ at Orchard Central pushcart.
Skull head ring $15
Onyx-like crystal ring $20

Goth Vintage pearl stone ring $3 only! @ SCAPE Flea market ^_^


GMarket Global Simple Walkthrough

I got a few overseas readers asked me where I bought my Korean beauty stuffs (actually they are CP by my friend who went korea ^^v) and I usually recommend them to GMarket SG as some of the sellers in GMarket SG are willing to ship overseas besides Asia.

Around 2009, GMarket Korea started up a GMarket Global site in English. And this year they even have it in Chinese! (via agency)
GMarket Global is different from GMarket SG. Global currency is in US currency and I learnt that they have MUCH MUCH more stuffs than GMarket SG, most of the percentage of the sellers are Koreans while GMarket SG have about 40% (my gauge) of Singaporean sellers.

Since 2007, I had an account with GMarket Korea but I wasn't able to buy anything as I don't understand hangul. (korean language)
I often just go into their site to drool on their pretty stuffs and then get disappointed because I'm unable to purchase anything! (lolx~)
And when they sent me a newsletter in English instead of their usual hangul on January this year, I was happy! (Actually they sent me a english newsletter once in 2009, then they stopped sending me newsletter until 2012, they expanded their business & they sent most of their emails in English)
It means that they have opened their business to worldwide! The system they used is similar to VPOST, with their own warehouse in korea.

These few weeks, I been going on GMarket SG in search of shoes and clothes. I realised one thing. The korean sellers are getting lesser, singaporean sellers getting more, and all the stuffs are getting more expensive! I compared items I bought from last year, the clothes from same seller cost $1-2 more expensive. And the range of collections are so little that I don't feel like buying anymore in GMarket SG.
I then turned to GMarket Global. Immediately, I found many pretty items that I wanted to purchase.
Then I looked for the same thing in GMarket SG, they weren't there. That's to say, the korean sellers stop selling in GMarket SG. They earned more $ in Global because there are more buyers there?
I could foresee Singapore sellers flooding GMarket SG in future leaving only a little % of korean sellers, and business for GMarket SG will drop, resulting in closure of GMarket SG, just like Yahoo auction SG.

Ultimately, GMarket SG offers cheaper shipping fees than in GMarket Global. I wouldn't want GMarket SG to close, that will be too sad for all the shopaholics (like me)!

Anyhoo, lets go on with the walkthrough for GMarket Global ^^

Here, shows the GMarket in English:


Remember to always look at the item weight, make sure the weight of the item is correct. The total weight of your items will determine the shipping charges. (For eg, a iphone cover weighing 0.5kg is WRONG, it should be 0.1kg. If its wrong, then you need to find other sellers that indicate the correct weight)

1. When purchasing for an item, you need to check the box "Please check, if ship to address in Korea". Alfhough you are an overseas buyer, the address that this item is going to send to, is a Korea address (GMarket Warehouse).
2. Click the first drop-down menu (Size)
3. Click the second drop-down menu (Item)


The item drop-down menu looks like this:

1. After selecting the item, an overall pricing will appear below.
2. Click the Coupon box to get discounts.

Use your discount coupon if you have them. And click APPLY.

1. Once item chosen and discount coupon applied, click ADD TO CART
2. It will bring you to your shopping cart
3. Item is automatically listed under Domestic category, you need to move it to Overseas

1. After moving it over, double check all the item weight and prices
2. You should only be charge once for the local (korea) Delivery fee. If you buy from 2 sellers, you will be charged twice.

Scroll down to the bottom, you will find overall price calculation.
1. Select your country and it will automatically calculate the delivery fee to your country BASE on the item weight.
Here, I have total of 1kg items. The shipping fees is base on this the SHIPPING CHARGE TABLE (<- click to see)
Currently, they are having a 3%~50% discount on shipping fees, the heavier the parcel is, the more discounts you get.
2. Click "Place an Order"

1. Input your details and address
2. Type in notes under the list of items if you wish the seller to take note of something

At bottom of page, you will see another final calculation of your items and shipping charges.
1. Input your bank card details
2. Click "PAY"
And viola! You had finished shopping!

As GMarket Global is using EMS (Door-to-door service), I believe it would reach Singapore in short period of time. If the local (korea) mailing takes 3 days, EMS another 3-5 working days, then you should be able to get your stuffs within 2 weeks. ^^
I couldn't really comment any further since I had not finalised my own purchases yet in GMarket Global! =p

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

I am not in anyway affiliated to LALU, GMarket SG & GMarket Global

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Jan 15, 2012 7:22AM -

Comic Fiesta 2011 @ KLCC: My Cosplay & Beauty Haul (pic intensive!)

This post is somewhat the continuation of my previous X'mas-New Year post. ^^ (Read HERE for the previous post)

Last year Dec 16-19, I and a few friends went to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur for a Cosplay event, Comic Fiesta 2011. The CF 2011 was held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) and we stayed only a walking distance away, which is the Impiana Hotel.

The Petronas Twin Towers taken at night with Iphone. I posted this pic on that day in Instagram.



0 Comments ~ Posted By miwitch
Oct 17, 2011 6:57AM -

Sept - Oct 2011: Hong Kong ~ SG Massive Hauls + swatches (Lavshuca, NARS, Shu Uemura, Lancester, Seche etc..)

During September, I went Zhuhai, Macau, Hong Kong for work. At very short hours I grabbed alot of stuffs from the shelves without even looking at them! Hahax.. just kidding^^" But yah, I almost swiped off products from shelves cos I don't have much time to even think if I should buy them due to the busy schedule and itinerary!

Finally, I get my hands on MORE Lavshuca lippies (YIPPE YEAH YEAH!) and also the NARS Orgasm Blush which my bro couldn't managed to buy during his Thailand trip! \^o^/~

(refer 2nd row pic: sequence from left - right, top - bottom)
TBS orange Bath Lily Ultra fine HK$39
Sexylook 3D-Mask Ultra Whitening (Promo) 2 boxes for HK$119
Melliesh Eyelash #04 HK$40
Melliesh Eyelash #03 HK$40
False Eyelash #03 Sweet Volume HK$95
False Lower eyelash #09 Natural HK$95
Sato NOARL One N Eyedrops (for red eyes) HK$59: Zooming into Sato Eyedrops after this (scroll down)
Fortune Cat hangers x 2 ~SG$3? (no receipt ^^")
Anime Sleeping Eye Mask HK$15
FITS Attention Please Make Up Keep Mist HK$78: rose water, mineral oil free, for all skin type. Isn't the packaging cute??? ^^ After conversion, Japan sells $9 more ex than HK!
Lavshuca Star Decoration eyeshadow palette in green HK$88: CP for Na! ^^
NARS Orgasm Blush HK$240: Call me CRAAAAZEH! =p I buy just because I want to own an Orgasm... tsk (≥⌂≤")
Lavshuca Makeup Base KH$78: also CP for Na! ^^
The following 5 Lavshuca items, I'll put in detail after this.(scroll down)
Majolica Majorca Powder Brow Customize BR782 HK$58
Kuromi card & coin holder ~HK$10
Cute (Q 版) Disney Tigger Table Scrub Sponge HK$10
Leopard print brown tinted shades HK$50: Believe or not, bargain from HK$300. This auntie seller is crazy, think I'm a tourist so want to con me? Over my dead body. Pft.
Strawberry print ankle socks 3 for ~S$10
I didn't buy Laniege but I REALLY REALLY Love its BB Essence Balm! I wanted Bodyshop's Extra Virgin cream compact but its too oily.. Laniege's cream compact feels so smooth & sheer, I would want to get one~ T^T But I didn't turn back cos not enough time for more shopping.I think i cost about S$48 which is reasonable and I also tried their sunblock, its feels so good too! Should I buy them in Singapore or ask someone to CP? Which one is cheaper? o_O

I forgotten to swatch for NARS Orgasm, mean time, just refer to: (Above is Korres, Below is NARS) Credits to Swatchgirl.com


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Collective Hauls: SANA, Etude House, Boots, GINO McCRAY, NARS ~ Uniqlo, New Looks

I'm getting kinda bored of keep posting product reviews and events only, so now I shall do a haul post! Not very massive one as I been quite a good girl.... I think? ^^"
Here it goes!

Recommended by Na, who recommended by Ah ru... to get this Guardian Facial Square cotton pads (100pcs). Said to be similar to NUDE cotton pads but cheaper! =D
Price is $2.20

John Little Star Dust @ PS is closing down!!! =((( So sad~
Anyhoo, I went there to grab some skincare essential stuffs, that is toner~
Skin Conditioner Lotion VC $16.40 (-20%)
SANA Moist Skin Lotion $19.90 (-20%)

From Watsons
NIVEA Extra Whitening Roll-on Deodorant $6.90 for 2
NIVEA Extra Whitening Spray Deodorant $6.80

From JL Stardust, Watsons
Junkisei Prime Oil Cleansing: Asked friend to buy it at JL Stardust during their closing down sale ^^
Dove Oil Foam Cleanser: Its Mix & Match, buy 2 get 1 free for selected products @ Watsons, so I shared with Na! ^^
Vichy Thermal Spa Water $14.90 for 2
Canmake Highlighter #01 Milky White $14.90 (-20% discount)
Canmake No.17 Eyelash: Asked friend to buy it at JL Stardust during their closing down sale ^^
Etude House Pink Cherry Tint $15.90 (-30%): Storewide 30% sales right now! Grab them before they're gone! ^^
Etude House Aloha Dear Darling Tint $10.90 (-30%)

Canmake Highlighter #01 milky white & Etude House Tints swatches
Isn't the Cherry Tint SWEEEEEEeeeeettttt?????~ =D

CLEO Magazine giving out b.liv free masks! Woots! ^^ (Mimi, why you look so sian eh???)
Mini review of b.liv Fine Line Stoppage Mask
I find these masks very different from all the other ones which I often use. The paper mask material is wayyyyy smoother and silkier. There is excessive serum too that I could even spread them to both my hands and legs. Even if I put on the mask for more than 20 mins (actually I had it on for longer than half hour..cos I was lazy to remove it =p~) I find that the serum is still trapped between my skin and the mask and it felt wet. It didn't evaporate that fast as like my other masks, which is good becos if I forget to remove it, at least my face will not turn dry for having the mask on too long. After removing the mask, I tried to massage face with slightly wet hands and my skin doesn't feel slimy. I feel that the serum have fully absorbed to my skin leaving no trace of leftovers on the surface. Wherelse for other masks, I could still feel a thick layer of serum on skin surface and I'l need to massage it with slight wet hands to get it fully absorbed into my skin.
And now, to review what are these b.liv masks: CLICK HERE & HERE
They are the NEW Original JAPAN Silk Masks! (THAT explains why its silky smooth!)
I think when you buy any b.liv item, you will be given 1 mask free. I'm not sure if this apply to Singapore, as the promotion seems to come from Malaysia. o_O"
However for Singapore, I see that there is a Value Pack where they also give free Japan Silk Mask.

My younger bro helped me to CP some stuffs back from BKK! I do not know the pricing as he didn't tell me how much they cost... hahax~
BOOTS No7 was having promotion, Buy 2 get 1 free! Initially I said I just wanted the Beauty Serum one.. (>w<")
No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Day Cream
No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Eye Cream
No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum
*Does anyone know whats the difference between the pump bottle & the tube one? And whether there's difference between the intense and the one without?

Thanks to someone, I got influenced to get these stuffs too.. *strangles Charmaine* XD~~
Charmaine said that Beauty Buffet also sells this VERY NICE GINO McCRAY palette e/s, but I couldn't find thepic online so I just randomly ask my bro to pick a few e/s and blush :S
GINO McCRAY Pro Make-up Eyeshadow in #02 Black Charcoal, #12 Golden Brown, #09 Peach Pink
GINO McCRAY Heritage Blusher #06 Lush Raspberry
NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base: OHHhh! MY FIRST NARS! Damn that NARS Orgasm is totally OOS in whole of Thailand! WTH.. =_=

GINO McCRAY Blush Close-up (Top-Natural Sunlight, Bottom-with Flash)
The mini glitters are suppose to look more towards gold than silver, i don't know why it can't be captured by my cam. :\

GINO McCRAY e/s & NARS Close-ups

Apparently, with or without NARS e/s base, the intensity of the e/s still look the same. However the feel of swatching it on top of the base and without the base was different. It felt more smoother to apply on and the e/s felt silky with base

Random 3D rings my bro & his gf bought for mi! =D Sho nice!! I love love love it! <3
Both are unique its own way! (Left) 3 rings to be worn as 1 (Right) Looks like many rings combined, but its only 1! kekkex~

Hmm.. maybe you might wonder why am I not shopping much in GMarket anymore? kekex..
Here is my latest GMarket haul. Just 1 brown pleather bag? Neh.. I bought a black dress and a pair of shoes too! However, the shoes I couldn't wear cos its small (Will try to sell it here after I take pics). And the black long top.. I forgot to take pic ^^"
But anyways, I love the bag most! Its only $14! (not including shipping yet) And the material is rather good too.

Uniqlo Chino Pants $49.90: Using Uniqlo voucher! Equalivalent to free =p
New Look Turqoise Stockings $9.90
Floral Rose sand socks $3.90
Ruffle top warm grey socks $3.90
Thanks to Charlene who told me that New Look is having a Buy 2nd item at $2 promotion! =D I shared these items with Na too!

Lastly, something for your visuals.

Jermaine, Ah ru, Mi, Na

Till then,

CHEERS!~ *(^.^)v~*

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Campaign Launch: Citibank Citi Globeshopper "Click it. Ship it"

Guess what's this? Lolx... Its a draft drawing I did with help of other bloggers. I shall review this later part in this post! ^^

WOots! now guess who's cam?? =D And guess the 2 person hand fighting each other. kekkex~ Guess right no prizes! =p~

On 27 August, there was a campaign launch for Citibank Citi Globeshopper - Click it. Ship it.
Few bloggers were invited to attend this event which was held at the 5th level of Orchard Central, Fruits Paradise.
A place where its bright (yet not hot cos its air-conditioned), cozy and the cakes served was Super Yummy!! Great place to hold such fun event! ^_^
The sky's full of clouds, gonna rain soon! I was actually waiting for Ah ru to rush down so I'm keeping fingers cross that it won't rain! X X

Presentation of Citibank Citi Globeshopper "Click it. Ship it"
The event started by the speaker going through the slides with us, explaining what is Citi Globeshopper all about.

Have you thought about buying things online but unfortunately, they only ship to US and UK residential addresses? Or they do not accept your local credit/debit card at all?
(Slides credits to Citibank & OasisInteractive)

With Citi Globeshopper, afraid no more!
Citibank collaborates with Borderlinx to provide a better, simplier, faster shopping experience for all you online shoppers!
After knowing there's such a service, its like *PHEW*. No more sweat about thinking how I'm gonna get the stuffs shipped to my home!

1. Firstly and Most importantly is to apply for a new Citibank credit card!! ^^ https://www.citibank.com.sg/gcb/forms/credit_cards/instant_card.htm
2. Sign up for Citi Globeshopper account with Borderlinx
3. Play Click it. Ship it. game (Explaination of this afterwards! ^.^)
After doing the above, continue to do the following...~~

And look at what Citi Globeshopper can provide you with??? (ZOOM in to the FREE words! hahax!)
To know more about its benefits, go to CITIBANK site

Now, you worry about expensive shipping charges even though after ALLLLL the FREE stuffs that Citi Globeshopper had given you? Then, you should SEE THIS! Win up to S$20 from playing this 'Click it. Ship it.' game and offset the amount from your shipping charges! (I'm talking REAL money here, not fake you know. ^.^)
CLICK the pic below to play the 'Click it. Ship it.' ! ^_^ This promotion ends on 12 Sept [extended to 30 September!].
Also, don't forget to invite your friends to play this game, it will earn you extra $$$Dollars$$$
5 friends = $2.50 bonus shipping dollars
10 friends = $5.00 bonus shipping dollars

Q & A time:

During the presentation, someone asked a question about whether Citi Globeshopper will add in Japan brands online stores to the merchant list, and they said, YES they will try to add in more brands. They're thinking to expand it not only to Japan but other parts of asia too! (perhaps Korea, China, HK, Taiwan? =D~ *Drools*)
Ok now, after listening to this answer, I'm gonna prepare my Citibank card for massive hauling! KKekekekex~
Why? Cos I personally think that its even harder to shop from Japan & Korea because we don't understand their language at all! And most of their stuffs suits us because we are asians too! =D At least for US & UK, its easier since all their sites are in English ^^

Ok now, FUN TIME!!!
We were assigned to decorate a plain board to bring out the idea of Citi Globeshopper Click it. Ship it. The group of Citibank staf will then judge which group's advertisement board brings out their idea best. hahax~ See them all happily laughing at our nervous & wacky presentation!

3D!! hahax~ I like the hand that comes out from the monitor! Nice thinking! =D

And *drumrolls* dugu dugu dugu dugu~ OUR MOST WACKY BOARD!!

MC *POINTS* at the REAL Citibank card. That actually belongs to Phillips whose also our group member! Luckily he has the card so I make use of it and drew a lady (the lady looks like me, cos she has golden hair lolx~) holding the card while on the other hand surfing the internet.. kekekex~ Innovative eh?

Guess what? (guessing game today eh?) WE ARE DA WINNERS!!~
More often than not, colours & pictures appeals first then words, so I rather do without the words. All pics! Good strategy eh?  自卖自夸、老黄卖瓜!  Hahax!~ XDD
(L-R) Vanessa, Ah Ru, Mi, Minru, Phillips (sleeping? lolx..), Charlene

Look at us laughing at........ duno wat. XD

After the board designing game, its ANOTHER GAME!! WOoo I love this event's program! XD~
This is the one I mentioned earlier just now - the Click it. Ship it. game. The top 3 bloggers who can get the most dollars out of the game will win more dollars! (Not virtual $, I meant real $! ^^)
And congrats to Vanessa, Phillips and Charlene (all from our table!) won the top 3. Highest dollar score is Vanessa! (I only got $3.65! >,<)
Our table has GOOD FENG SHUI. hahax~

And with that, they end the fun event (with lots of gaming & clicking kekex~). Here's a shot of Felicia, minru and mi! Felicia's at the other table. ^^

Not forgetting, my Orangey-Black-Magenta pinkish OOTD! (I duno what else to call this outfit.. kekex~)
Bright orange Spag Inner - GMarket
Double chested Black Short Coat - POA
Glass beads necklace - Helen
Shorts - GMarket
Magenta~Black Gradient Stockings: overseas
Heel boots w fur - overseas
Brown pleather bag - GMarket
Accessories (rings/bracelets) - Forever 21 & GMarket

And finally, something extra for all to read: <em><strong><span style="color: #ff00ff;">http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/showthread.php?t=1902711 (VPOST vs Borderlinx vs Comgateway thread!)

Thank you once again to Citibank and Ju Ann from Oasis Interactive for inviting me to this fun event! =D

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

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Product Review: Sunsilk Weather Defense Haircare (Video) ~ Sunsilk Bloggers Event

Last month July, TheSampleStore invited me to the Sunsilk Weather Defense Bloggers event. It was held at Ben & Jerry's @ Heeren.
Why outdoors you say? Because the Sunsilk organising team think that it suits their theme "Weather Proof Your Hair". So they want to know how weather proof OUR hair are (ie, against Summer Sun, wind, etc). hahahax..


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Collective Fashion Haul: GMarket, ALDO, POA, Uniqlo, MANGO, Vivi & 1 Rant

For the past 2 months and July, I spent quite alot on Fashion stuffs and I got many unread magazines! Finally, today I opened up all of them to 'scan' the pages.. *Phew*~ I hope my efforts will be appreciated much~ ^^

GMarket OKIBOX jewelry/accessory
Total of 28 items (I forgot what other 8 items were..Hmm...) ~$100 : The stuffs weren't that great. I find that only Rings and pleather bracelets are the most worth as their quality is much better than the rest of the accessories.
ALDO (Up to 70% SALES! ^_^)
Casal Black Ankle Heels $46.50: CHEAP! It was $155 before~ I'm lacking of many Black stuffs, hence from now on I'm trying to collect black coloured items ^^
Watler Shades (Floral) $29: CUTE isn't it!!!~~~ Great for the summer season!
Herrlin Shades (Black blink blink) $29 : Isn't this shades COOLLLLL!!?!??! XD~ Reminds me of BEAST somehow~

People of Asia Company (POA)
Grey bold cut short skirt $89
Black overlap front Jacket $109
White summer dress $109
After discounts: $180.20 Great Savings! ^_^

Uniqlo BIG BANG Grey Tee in XL size: $19.90

LovelySpree Haul RANT
I just want to do a short review of the clothes I bought from LovelySpree.
One fine day, I came across their Facebook and I started browsing their site. Then realise that many bloggers bought clothes from them and reviewed saying the stuffs they bought are wonderful. Hence, I think no further and proceed to ordered 3 clothes and 1 belt.
Angelic cowgirl chiffon dress $18.20
Camel Halter $19.90
Pink Mint Imiusa blouse $20.90
Brown Belt $7.90
Total $66.90 spendings with shipping.
When the parcel came and I opened it up. I was SUPER AWED to see that the clothes look SHO AWFUL! I haven't even tried but already know they will look awful is because of the material/fabric used to make these clothings!
I pasted the original pics compare to the clothes I received below. Some of you who can't make out the exact material used just by looking at my pics, would probably think that its almost identical to the advertised item. Yes, the design look similar but the Materials are just..... YUCKS!
I tried the clothes, and find that Angelic cowgirl chiffon dress is made of a rough chiffon (Can even see that the material is not as flowy as the original and crumples easily) plus I couldn't even squeeze through the chestline when wearing it. I managed to get through finally but the dress look alittle akward. The cutting isn't the same as the original. MAYBE I will wear this again when I'm in the mood.
For Camel Halter, the material weren't as what I had expected but it is still consider fine. At least the best among the 3 clothes I bought. However the fabric sheds little residues. The fabric is somewhat like suede and I reckon this cannot be put into washing machine or otherwise it will shed like crazy!
ONE thing that I do not want to even TALK about it is the Pink Mint Imiusa blouse. JUST LOOK at the 2 Comparison photos! THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! The material is so rough and paper-like, totally not flowy at all. The moment I took it out from the wrapping, I immediately relate it to AUNTIE. I shall pass this on to any AUNTIE to wear. SO NOT GOING TO WEAR THIS! And this cost freaking $20+ where I can get this like $5 from some market.
And lastly, the belt. I can buy this from stores at 2 for $5. WASTE MY MONEY buying it, the material is too soft, doesn't feel like its a belt even!
I shall not shop there again. Perhaps for others who love their clothings are the lucky ones who bought the nice clothes or their taste is bad. I'll say that I RATHER spend my $66.90 in GMarket and get 5 times better quality products from them!!! PFFT! You may think what all these fuss about, and I only spent $66.90? Well, I like buying cheap stuffs online and I'm prepare to take risks, usually 1 item of all would be bad but others are all good. But for this, its ALLLLL BAAAAD... I compared with FaireBelle, THEIR stuffs are so much better than LOVELYSPREE, and the prices are similar too!
I actually even tried to apply for writing a review on lovelyspree items, hoping they'll send me something. Now, I just dun wana talk abt them anymore. So much for all the nice reviews. Hmph. =^=
My RANT on LOVELYSPREE shall end here.

Angelic cowgirl chiffon dress

Camel Halter

Pink Mint Imiusa blouse

Brown Belt

NOW, Back to GMarket!
MissKang Tanktops $34.47 (free shipping) for 3 tops
These tanktops collar designs, I believe are handsewn by the lady herself. Simply yet elegant and nice. Fabric wise is good. Worth the money! ^^
ARTBOX Denim big ribbon hair accessory clip-on $7.90: Waiting for my hair to get longer so I can use this! ^^

MANGO Straight Jeans $39
MANGO Straight Relaxed-fit Flare Jeans Kathy $39
Just had to LOVE the jeans length! hehehex~ Able to get a super long Flare Jeans makes me really happy! Plus the discounted prices, double the happiness!

I got so many magazines unread! T_T"
GLOW: Finally Watsons sending me a magazine~ I been waiting for sho long~
Vivi July 2011 $18.10
iweekly & Style FREE!~ I'm able to read free magazines every week now from my workplace! Woohoo!~
SKIP BEAT Vol 27 & THE ONE Vol 11: Recommend to those who love Shoujo manga to read these 2!

I took iweekly back because of BEAST~~ hehhex.. took some scans from iweekly (Only took BEAST, I'm bias =p)
And scans from style (only few pages of what I like...): I really love the 2 tone lenses, thinking to get it.. can be seen HERE too.

OOOoooo Lalaaaa~~~ I love the makeup on her! Especially the very well blended RMK Blush! Sho pretty~ >_<

Vivi July 2011 scans:
This month, they include a Free PUReSA mask.
On the right pic, you can see a denim blouse with cut out shoulder part.. I had been LOOKING for this like months! Still can't find it! =_="
And I'm so gona get Diamond Lashes! I wasn't able to get it during my HK trip few months ago.. :\
Nice baggy jeans here.. Now I can wear something like this with my new MANGO baggy jeans ^_^

AGAIN MBLAQ! Woohooo! And missing Mir inside this pic.. hmmm..

Fashion styles: Retro Surf, American retro, How to match Bold Colours, Chic Outfits, Summer Flower, One-Piece

Fashion styles: WHITE (DAY & NIGHT look), Straw Bags & backpacks, Clutch bags, Bohemian style draw-string bags
I saw a blogspot link from the magazine: http://popcultureafternoon.blogspot.com Its super nice! Go click click! ^^

雨女 or あめ おんあ or ame onna (literally - Rain girl) is the term given to a person who seems to always bring the rain with her when a picnic or outdoor celebration is planned.
I personally am very fond of clothings and boots designed just for Rainy days. I wonder why the hell my granny didn't buy any cute rain boots for me to wear to school, but instead tied 2 market plastic bags OVER my school shoes and ask me to walk to school, surprising all my classmates with my super dry shoes regardless of the heavy downpour before. ^_^" Wat a funny culture Singapore has!
This my first time seeing someone wearing geek specs with Kimono! But still sho cute! ^_^ Talking about Kimono, we thought of Natsu Matsuri.
This year there will be one happening on 20 August at Japanese Primary School (Changi). Its fun! And super packed too every year! However this year's Natsu clashes with STGCC (Cosplay event) so I reckon many cosplayers will skip Natsu. If you like Japanese culture too just like me, you MUST visit Natsu Matsuri! It will be an eye opening event for you if its your first time! ^_^ BTW, my friend Selphie is performing AKB48's dance. Do watch out for this performance if you are there! =3

Look at the blondy~ Perhaps if I draw my eyebrow black, I will look like her.. kekex..

This swimsuit is super cute!!! =D

How to do eye makeup:
I love all the model's contact lenses. Their lenses do not have this black outer ring printing hence making the iris more natural looking.

GLOW Magazine scans:
I see Sarah, Mag and Sara! (I only can recognise them.. ^^") & DHC foundation... tempts me...~ @_@

Here says bowel habits range from three times a day to three times a week is normal? o_O I tot if I don't have bowel movement at least once a day, that means I have constipation.. hahax~

NUYOU $6.49 with free 1 Loreal OpenEyesPro in Tuquoise palette ^_^
This picture doesn't do justice to the nice swatches! >_<

'The Ah-Lian' OOTD: (quoted by a random Ah-Lian BA from Watsons)
Miss Skeleton long tee: GMarket
Big bronze cross with skeleton: Cineleisure
Navy Blue Black leggins: overseas
Black pleather ankle platform heels: GMarket
Bracelets: GMarket & overseas
Just to explain why the theme 'Ah-Lian'. My friend and I went into Watsons passing by 2 BAs (older age than us) and one of them went something like "Aiyah, just some AH-LIANs LAH!" Saying it out loud just when we walked past them. Reason why probably both of our hair are blonde (mine blonde yellow, my friend's blonde ash)
As usual, I don't pick up fights or arguements with strangers, so I just kept quiet. Seriously thinking those people who give names about others, are meaning to say that they are one themselves. So we got 2 Old ladies who wants to be Ah-lians themselves (But cant) in Ngee Ann city Watsons, jealous of our hair and our dress-up?... kekex.. Watever it is, I dun really care. As long as I like the way I style myself will do ^^

Lastly, my mimi to end the post. ^_^ I did this to him cos I saw a video of a cat's head popping out from a jacket sleeve, its sho cute!! >o<
Anyways mimi hates it. He escaped and punched holes onto my working blouse with his teeth.. kekekex..

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

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