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Name: miwitch
Based in Singapore All product reviews are based on my own experience.
Do not judge the product solely base on my reviews as the products result varies differently on different users.
Pls reference to my info on the products I reviewed.
Hair: Black - Thin straight limpy - oily scalp - dry hair ends - bleached & dyed
Face: Combi skin - oily T-zone - medium asian skintone - dull - visible pores on cheeks & nose
Eyes: Very sensitive - droopy - hooded - double eyelids - mild-oily lids - dark circles - thin straight lashes - Contact Lens & Specs wearer
Lips: Pigmented - dry
Hands: Normal-dry skin - dry nails & cuticles - thin soft translucent nails
Body: Normal-dry skin - medium asian skintone
Statistics: 175cm, thin, underweight

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December 2013


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OOTD † fashion † beauty † sub-culture † cosplay † cat
Nov 1, 2010 5:39AM -

Shot 31 Oct 2010 - Halloween Night Out ~ WALOLI DEAD DOLLS ~

What does it remind you of??? YES....SCARY, BLOODY, GHOST, GORE, TRICK OR TREAT, PUMPKINS....... PARTY!!!

Well, there isn't much partying for me this time round. More like dressing up, walking around, taking pics, Puri, and eat.... hhhaax~ (Isn't it what I always do? -_-)

The left pic shows 2 girls wearing Waloli (Japanese Traditional clothes with Lolita Fashion) and that's basically what I wore on Halloween night.
The picture was found on A+LIDEL official website long ago but the site's not available now.
From my understanding, the picture was drawn by a Japanese artist and his/her pictures inspired A+LIDEL to make costumes from the drawings into real clothings.
TO view of A+LIDEL fashion, see HERE.

I found this picture 4 years ago and immediately, love this pic so much that I decided to custom make the waloli set with all the ready fabrics I could get.
So, is it called Dressup? Or... Cosplay?
I feel its not exactly cosplaying the characters as I do not have the exact prints and masks. So I'll call it as Dressing up but following the picture pose. ^_^"

Here's a studio (the studio is my home..haha..) shot of me and my friend in the costume took almost 4 yrs ago.. Don't ask what the hell is EnSu Dolls! I forgot why i name that! (-_-") Basically its the same pose with different backgrounds! hahahx~ I'm THAT great with photo manipulation. =p~ *prouds*
Note: the chinese characters on the shoulder area are photoshopped in, they are not printed on the costume.
And a silly funny pic of us:

Halloween OOTD
And on Halloween, we intend to make some changes to our outfit...
We are the WALOLI DEAD DOLLS!!! (I look so dead, why my friend Nessa look so ALIVE! *headdesk*) And a MAJOR wrong wrong thing I did is to put that YELLOW FLOWER ON MY HEAD! (*headdesk x 999*)

While Nessa & me were hanging just outside ION Sephora, taking pictures by the stretch of empty walkway, we were approached by a cute lady & her guy friend looking all so excited with big eyes, asking where we buy our costume from. She complimented that our costumes are really pretty and touched our sleeves. Lolx..
Then as soon as I told her its custom made, she looked so sad! Then she gets enthu again and ask where we got the fabrics from, I told her its from overseas. And she turn sad again! XD~ She reminds me of PUPPY!!! OMG!!~ So cute! hahhax~
She complimented our costumes again and then she went off waving goodbye smiling~ ^.^v~ Sometimes its things like this which happens once in awhile on something that we made effort to do, and we get true compliments from strangers that made our day. =D ♥♥♥ Isn't it??? (I just lost a $50 note during my work on 30th Friday and 31st I got this compliment, it fills the hole in my heart )

The 4 of us! (Di, Nessa, Sel & me!) I look damn 'dead' here...hahax!
I love both Sel & Di's dressups even though both of them are rather different genre. Sweet & Cool~ We are all Fashion Junkies!

Random Puris:

I know I'm bad.. Nessa really looked so stun in the first pic.. xD But I wanted that photo so badly as I have that Sluty look which I L♡VE!!
See the witch hat? Its Mi (Witch)! I've really got that witchy look there~
The big leopard ribbon on my head is ♥!! (Like Lady Gaga! XD)

Waloli Dead Doll LOTD

My friend like the silver tail I did to my eye, but saded that it didn't turn out visible in face pics.

Makeup I used on my face (photo refernce to above pic).
- SANA Pore Putty Makeup Base Clear
- L'egere -Korea- Water Drop Shiny Pearl BBCream
- EDM Intensive base in FAWN
(This makes my face look really pale as it makes my face look greenish. Green makes face look paler)
- EDM Matte base in LIGHT
(This is yellow tone base. I mix with FAWN & apply on face)
- Make Up For Ever Concealer Palette No 5
- MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 NW25
- MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 NC20

- MAC paintpot in Groundwork
- VOV Eyeshadow Palette 05 (Purple)
- HIP Bright Shadow Duos in Flamboyant
- HIP Bright Shadow Duos in Adventurous
- L'OCEAN in Purple
(Made in Korea)
- HIP Color Chrome EyeLiners in Black Shock
- HIP Color Chrome EyeLiners in Violet Volt (Used on Water line)
- MAC Superslick Liquid Eye Liner in Silver
- Loreal Paris Super Liner 24H
- HEAVY ROTATION Lip Concealer
- NYX Lip Smacking in Circe
- HEAVY ROTATION Enamel Gloss in Cool Beige 02
- OCC Lip Tar in Trollop (Its my newest birthday gift from Na! -everbluec.onsugar.com ♡♡♡ It!!! ^__^)
- Ogle Fake Eyelash (Shown only in my LOTD pic)
- Flare Short Fake Lower Eyelashes
- Dejavu Fiberwig (thickening) Mascara
- Rhomlon Double Eyelid Eye Putti
(Made in Japan. Its my first every eyelash glue, bought & rebought again & again.. I haven't tried others yet but I just love this!)
- MUA Concealer in Light Neutral (used to conceal my brow hair)
- MAC eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown Matte

And that's a whole lot of makeup!!! ARGHH.... My face was super dry at the end of the day =_=" But ♥Neutrogena Eye & Lip Remover♥ is always here to save my day with just 1 SWIPE! And all eye makeup together with the fake lashes will come off! =D~

So how did you spend you HALLOWEEN??? ^.^

P/S: I don't know why... Onsugar kept refreshing my page and I retyped the 2nd time. But luckily on the 3rd refresh, I got all the HTML saved in my desktop Notepad... PHEW~~~

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

0 Comments ~ Posted By miwitch
Aug 29, 2010 6:19AM -

Collective Hauls from Japan & SG: Natural Resource, Hadanomy, excel, KOSÉ, Purenavi etc.. & LOTD

My friend just nice dropping by Japan (Yes! Literally drop by! Cos she's air stewardess.. ^▽^) so I asked her to get some stuffs for me, was on a budget (not more than $150..)
I went around searching online via Yahoo JP and gotten the below items... Most of these are not yet released or imported into Singapore, but some already had.

Here are the breakdown of my Japan buys:

SANA PorePutty Moist Face Powder ¥1365 : I ♥♡♥ this face powder! It launched not long ago in Japan~
SANA Natural Resource Moist Skincare Powder 24hr ¥1890 : Na used it long time ago and raved about it, so I got one too! ^_^
Hadanomy Collagen Mist ¥945 : If this is going to release in Singapore, I recommend you girls to get it! It smells wonderful! And its BIG (250ml). LOLx..
KissMe Heroine Make long & curl mascara ¥1050 : Heard its good so I try too!
NOEVIR excel Strong Liquid Eyebrow SWP #SL3 ¥1050 : I am such a visual person, whatever goldish thingy flash before my eyes, I sure get it. XD~
K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner WP #Super Black ¥1260 : Newly launched in Japan! And I think SG already have @ Watsons?

Total spent 'in Japan': ¥7560 (~ S$130) for 6 items. WORTH!

I am always amazed how much stuffs Verlyn gets to buy... and now I am AMAZED of myself... ⊙△⊙
Watsons Haul:
Shiseido AquaLabel White Protect Milk UV (SPF 30 PA++) $26.90 : Influenced by AutumnCandy *winks* ^▽~
Uriage Soothing Cleansing Water $34.90 : Apparently the sales lady talks good!! She compliments my skin type (combi is good cos we have less wrinkles)  then she tells me to make it better by using her products. She knows her products really well.. *3 claps for her* Actually I want only cleansing water but I bought 2 more items... =\ over budget!
From this week onwards till September, certain Uriage products will go on Promotion. Do check them out now if you wish to stock up!
Uriage Hydracristal Masque Thermal $34.90 : I likey this Masque! On first use, I feel my skin so smooth, 1 min after washing it off! I actually got STUN when I unintentionally brush my hands over my face and found it SO SMOOTH, felt as if I powdered my face. Hahhax~
Uriage Hyseac Active Care with AHA (discount 20%) $31.92 : Said to use for my oil spots, white heads and T zone.. I only dare to use at night as it contains AHA...
Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant Starter Pack $4.95
Neutrogena Fine Fairness Deep Whitening Mask $1.95
Kracie purenavi Facial Cleansing Gel $10.90 : Recently sees that there are more Kracie products coming in Watsons. purenavi is a totally new product, also just launched in Japan. Further review posted below.
AquaLabel White Up Lotion $26.90
Gatsby Casual Mat Moving Rubber (Wax) $4.80 : GOOD Wax for my short hair! It stays on for almost a day. I shall post a hair styling tutorial for short hair soon!
KOSÉ Seikisho Mask White (Buy 1 get 1 free) : Thanks to AutumnCandy again! *winks winks* ~▽^

Luxasia Sales:
Jurlique Balancing Day Care Cream $25 : I wanted to get the best seller Recovery Gel but its still expensive to me.. :( Notice that the cream is fully sealed, hence I'm not really worried of its lifespan.
Gatineau Anti-Aging Cream $10: For my mum =D

MAC Brush Cleanser $16.20 ($1.80 discount thanks to Na) : 赚到! 母哈哈哈!

EDM Itahake Kabuki Brush ~$14 : Ordered with Na. I tot of using this for calligraphy.... hmm..

Free gifts given to me during my purchase @ Luxasia Sales!

Some detailed pics of the products. Notice the red lines, they appeal to me. XD~

I got this free sample coupon of SKINC (Skin supplement Bar) product. So here's the product I got, a VERY Familiar serum to all...
Its Hyaluronic Acid!! ^____^ But its only 5ml.. Upon getting the serum, my face got examined by a 'scanner' where I can clearly see my skin layer on the monitor and I also got talked into buying their Facial Treatments.. I'm such a sucker for treatments. =_="
I had finished this little baby Serum and I find that its not bad~ However I couldn't review much because I rotated it with another serum and I only use it for the Day. All i can say is that it felt almost like Hada Labo where it will give a sticky feeling after its absorbed to your skin.
Inside the serum, the capsules (little blue round balls) are actually Active ingredients. The active ingredients are released into your skin once the capsules 'breaks open'. You can even combine different serums (up to 3 types) into a bottle, so it'll mean that 1 drop of serum gives you 3 types of treatments.
1 bottle of serum cost about $120++ (forgot exact price..)

I ended up buying 2 Oxy Miracle Infusion Treatments, 1 for $45 and 1 for $89. Why 2 diff price for same treatment?
Because I'm new customer so I got 1 at an even cheaper price. If you're interested, go down to any SKINC outlets and sign up for the treatment at $45! =)
I have a coupon from NDP which entitle me to buy Oxy Miravle Peel Treatment at $38! Woohoo!~

Short review of purenavi facial cleansing gel
Its clear, its watery gel, it foams up, it cleanses well, it makes the skin soft and smooth after washing off. Yap! Its about it.. ^_^
I like it for the fact that it is not the type of facial foam that makes my skin tight and dry after washing. The foam is not as much as aqualabel's, and yet its not really that mild too. So its my ideal face wash for now! ^.^ I'm glad I bought it!

And now for some FUN TEST! =D Picture says it all! I wonder if K-Palette Liquid Eyebrow will be as/more waterproof than excel.
FYI : Canmake's not waterproof.

Lastly, a very simple LOTD: Androgynous Look (Or not? o_O")
Pls excuse for my shiny forhead, tired face and already collapsed hairstyle as i wore this look from 12pm-12am..
Hair : Gatsby Casual Mat Moving Rubber

Covermark Moisture Veil Base Foundation

SANA PorePutty Moist Face Powder
I nuovi Facescape in Malibu Barbie (using the pink side as blusher)
Eyebrow: Majolica Majorca Eyebrow Pencil
I nuovi Facescape in Malibu Barbie (using the bronze side as shadow)
Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Neo Mascara BK 999
Mentholatum Deep Moist Lip Balm
Callas Lipstick in CLB BR03 Sheer Coco

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

0 Comments ~ Posted By miwitch
May 24, 2010 4:00AM -

Collective Hauls from stores & online: EDM, ELF, MAC, Stage... (image intensive)

Collective Hauls from Watsons, Guardian, MAC, Stage, Online etc... I had been crazily spending money like nobody business from ever since 17 May... OTL|||

Upon seeing nana's new bought brushes, I started to lem on them too! So here comes EDM brushes from Milkprints~
EDM Dome Blush Brush $13.99 & Long Handled Kabuki Brush $12.99 with free postage.
EDM Natural Reflections Light Finishing Powder $9 free postage with Etude House free sample: From rozyme88
Neutrogena eye makeup remover $10.90 : On offer from gaurdian
EDM blushes & Lucent face samples $2.50/each: From Fern
ELF Eyelid Primer $4.50 & Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara $15.90: From Cherub's Lips. Thanks ya for the free sample! (Its a mineral eyeshadow?) =D And yes I'll do a short review of the ELF eyelid primer ^_^

Went to IvyCosmetics & StThomas on my Off day to get somethings. Incase some of you still wondering where the shops are, here are the addresses. This is printed on their Surprisesss plastic bag.
The nail spa outlets are kind of like sister stores of Ivy & StThomas, run by Ivy's friends/relatives.

Some Hauls from both IvyCosmetics & StThomas outlets: (Pls mind that some prices stated might be already discounted)
NOC Nail Lacquer $4.50
Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Liquid Foundation Sample $9.90
Clinique high impact mascara Sample $5.90: I saw in some magazine stating that Clinique mascara are best for Sensitive eyes (because of its fragrance free?)
HAOJS Repair Blemish Balm $17: Although printed in japanese, but I found out that the brand comes from China/HK? Hmm... But this BB, kinda amuse me in a way that it doesn't feel like BB and it is more watery than a moisturizer. I don't know what exactly it is. =_="
Elizabeth Arden White Glove UV Defence Sample $3.90
Clinique Super City Block Sample $9.90
Lancome Blanc Expert GN-White AgeFight Sample $19.90
Callas Moist Petal Lip (Sheer Coco) $14.90
Lohashill Face Masks $6/each & Eye Masks $1.50/each: The masks are cute! They are thick (about 0.5cm thick), feels like gel, so smooth! But if you are not careful, you will punch a hole through it with your fingernails~

My Manga craze hits me again!
For anyone who loves shoujo mangas, here are the 2 that I recommend ^_^
ViVi July Magazine is out! My friend's friend got 30% staff discount so I bought all the books at cheaper price~ ♡♡♡

Went out with nana on Sunday and below are what I bought, mainly very much influenced and affected by her! (eg, Hada Labo, Stage... sigh~ $$$fly and she only bought 1 item from Stage?! I am like spending money like water... ≥⌂≤)
Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion $22.90
Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moist Essence EX $30.90: Now Watsons offer 20points for each purchase of Hada Labo's products!
Stage Lipstick in Pastel Posy $8 (On Offer!): I saw a review on this lipstick @ hazelnutt and love this colour~ I didn't know I got that exact same colour till I got back home! Now that I remembered, I can't wait to try! ^.^
Stage Blusher (Gerbera) $12 (On Offer!)
MAC Chromagraphic Pencil (NC15/NW20) $27: Thanks na for helping me get it! Now I can start dotting my whole face! XD~

Somethings for the ♡♡♡ of Friendship that cost only $3.90!! hahax.. Pink for Na, Gold for me! Its buy 1 get 1 free at Chinatown LG Beads Mart. ^___^
Disco HP Strap! *dances to disco music*

◈◈◈Coming up: Liquid Foundation swatch, Peach Lipsticks swatch, ELF Eyelid Primer review, Fashion shot with fashion haul

0 Comments ~ Posted By miwitch
Apr 28, 2010 4:08AM -

MUFE Haul & Concealers Review

Recent Haul from Sephora
Make Up For Ever Concealer Palette No 5 - $59: Light Beige, Dark Beige, Green, Purple, Orange shades
Make Up For Ever Crayon Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil - $32: In Frost Grey shade (22L)

Gift from everbluec! I am lemming for more concealers and nude lipsticks, she always know what I want.. ^_^
Here is MUA Concealer & NYX Circe Lipstick~

Reviews: MUA, MAC, EDM, MUFE Concealers
MUA: I find this concealer veeeery smooth, easy to glide on, comparing to MUFE and MAC.
MAC: Driest among the cream concealers, however I think it conceals better than MUA & MUFE because it is dry, it will not glide off easily when I trying to put foundation ontop of it
EDM: Mineral powder form, drier than cream concealer but I find it has the best conceal factor so far.
MUFE: Smooth, however not so buildable, unlike MAC. Hence the concealer will not look very thick but it also kind of glides off easily when I touched it.

My Ideal Concealer
I only use concealer under my eyes to cover dark circles. Only once a bluemoon I will need it to hide my other flaws such as pimples, dark spots/scars..
I am very happy with EDM Peach & Abbott's Perk Me Up(Peach+Yellow) Concealer because so far their concealing power is the best that I've came across. However they will cause wrinkles to become very visible. =(
I wanted to try other concealers that can give me the effect of EDM's and has a perfect Peach shade, I reckon it will be quite an obstacle for me unless I could bring myself to spend more money on a tiny weeny concealer... (5 concealers for $59, doesn't hurt me as much as $49 for 1 concealer.. ^_^")

MUFE Mix & Match
To get the perfect Peach shade as of EDM's, I mixed Orange & Light Beige.. In the pic, you can see I had done 2 mixes below EDM's Peach swatch.

MUA & MUFE Mix & Match
You add more Orange, it gets more Peacher and you add more beige, you get lighter peach.
Up to now, I'm still experimenting how to get my perfect dark circle concealer. >,< I had thought of adding MAC into the mixture in future to see if it will become EDM Abbott's shade.

Experiment of MUFE Concealer
On my right undereye. I shall warn all viewers: NOT to open this file if you are afraid of seeing a ghostly eye!
Neh... just kidding. XD
But yeah, I find that the half eye look kinda scary in this pic, hence I covered it up with some stars... I hope it helps to reduce the scariness.... much. ^_^"
Just to clear some parts incase some of you wonder...
1. I have combi skin, some parts turned or look oily when I put my moisturiser on.
2. I have dry undereye, hencesome concealers caked inbetween the creases/wrinkles, especially if it is cream concealers.
3. My skintone is yellowish/peach but usually my MU I will choose a lighter shade of yellowish-beige.
4. First pic -> Last pic sequence: No concealer -> MUFE Peach mix concealer -> Layered with MAC C25 -> Applied White Silica powder ontop -> EDM Foundation

And that is all~ I hope you girls who are using good corrector/concealers, pls introduce it to me too! I am currently lemming on YSL and Bobbi Brown's Correctors.
I know and heard that they are good from here and there resources and raves... Its really up to me to decide if I want to fork out that much money to buy just 1 corrector! (I am such a troublesome person ya i know.. U_U")

Thanks for reading this review! ^_^

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