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Name: miwitch
Based in Singapore All product reviews are based on my own experience.
Do not judge the product solely base on my reviews as the products result varies differently on different users.
Pls reference to my info on the products I reviewed.
Hair: Black - Thin straight limpy - oily scalp - dry hair ends - bleached & dyed
Face: Combi skin - oily T-zone - medium asian skintone - dull - visible pores on cheeks & nose
Eyes: Very sensitive - droopy - hooded - double eyelids - mild-oily lids - dark circles - thin straight lashes - Contact Lens & Specs wearer
Lips: Pigmented - dry
Hands: Normal-dry skin - dry nails & cuticles - thin soft translucent nails
Body: Normal-dry skin - medium asian skintone
Statistics: 175cm, thin, underweight

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December 2013


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OOTD † fashion † beauty † sub-culture † cosplay † cat
Feb 14, 2013 1:00PM -

OOTD & LOTD: CNY Day 3 (feat. Promod, Mary Kay Hollywood Mystique)

Day 3 of Chinese New Year and so I decided to wear my newly bought floral jeans which I got at Promod! 
I didn't went shopping for the New Year on purpose, I just so happen to walk past Promod's window display at Paragon and the faded floral prints attracted me immediately upon one glance. Then I make a quick left turn to go in and look for it. It was actually their Floral Jacket which attracted me first. But it didn't look good on me so I went around to look for others that have the same prints and I spotted the trousers. As I know that Promod's bottoms are pretty long, long enough for my never-ending legs (lolx~) so I decide to give it a try! One try and I purchased it. (^∇^)v~ It cost SGD$79.90. $$$ flies~
Here's a pic of the Floral Jeans taken with my Canon cam. The colours a little off from original as this was taken at night with flashlight.
This is actually one of Promod Spring 2013 Collection. Spot the same item that the model is wearing HERE. (Image from Promod Website)
Close-up view of the faded floral prints. The base colour is grey (like this) but I kinda look like greenish grey here, maybe because of the dim lighting in my room.
Denim x Jeans OOTD
Denim Jacket with Stars studs - KL, Sungei Wang Plaza
White Lace Spag Inner - Uniqlo
Faded Floral Print Narrow-leg trousers - Promod
Brown Suede Tie-up Ankle Boots - KL, Sungei Wang Plaza
Mary Kay Hollywood Mystique LOTD & Review
Next up, my LOTD using these 2 for my point makeup. See swatches of them in HERE
Using Mary Kay Hollywood Mystique Eye Intrigue Color Quad on my eyelids.
Basically I used all 4 shades by applying the lightest shade over my whole eye lid til the crease.
Then 2nd lightest over the eyelid too but end it at below the crease, and then 2nd darkest shade above my lash line. And lastly the darkest shade I lined it along my upper lash line and the outer corners of my bottom lash line. The colour payoff isn't that intense but its still strong enough to be noticed on my medium fair skin tone, especially the light yellowish gold shade.
The rest of the eye makeup I used the same technique as of the look I did on CNY Day 2 (see HERE)
The full eye makeup look using the following:
Primer: NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
Eyeliner: Bonavoce Premium Liquid Eyeliner in Black (Read my Review)
Waterline Eyeliner: Majolica Majorca  Jeweling Pencil in 71 (pinkish silvery colour)
Mascara: L'Oreal Paris Curl Impact Collagene Curl-Fixing Volume Mascara Waterproof
For the Mary Kay Eye Intrigue Color Quad, the eye shadows are semi-matte (or can say semi-satin too) with very little mica (glitter) in it. It is quite powdery and it is not very intense. The colour intensity is buildable but has a limit to it when using a brush to do so. I don't see any fall outs of the pigments under my eyes. I find that the colours compliments my skin tone and also my hair! ^,^
The colours are warm so it definitely works out for any warm skin tone people~
Due to its shade and texture, I find it also good to be used as a blush. You can view my swatch HERE when I blend all 4 shades together.
This palette could work as my everyday neutral eyeshadows.
For my lips, I used Mary Kay Bold Shine Lip Color in Poised Pink.
The Bold Shine Lip Color is an opaque pale pink shade (not those that are too pale) with a little bit of gloss. It can conceal my pigmented lips about 70%. To fully conceal pigmented lips, I normally require to use more than 1 lip product, such as a lip liner + lipstick/lip color or, lipstick + lip gloss.
In this case, I used a pinkish nude lip liner to shade the lips and applied Bold Shine Lip Color on top of it. The lip color acts as both a lip color and a light lip gloss.
It has tiny shimmers in it which also helps to make the lips look 3D and its texture is thick & creamy but not sticky. As the shade is a pale pink, it doesn't look flattering on me when used alone, so I often pair this up with either a lip liner, lip gloss or even a lipstick.
Oh yah I almost forgot to mention that I also used the following for face makeup: Face Primer/ Makeup Base: Stila one step correct primer
Concealer: Orange shade from MUFE 5 Camouflage Palette Cream (Concealer Palette No 5)
+ Lavshuca Finish Powder High Cover
Blush: Illamasqua Powder Blush in Unrequited
Most of the time I'm plain lazy listing out all the things I used on my face, I just zoom into the point makeup only. But I duno why this time I wana do that.. hahax~
And yeah, that's all for my OOTD & LOTD!~
*PEEKS* Happy Lunar New Year & Happy Valentine's Day!!!~~ (⌒ω⌒)
Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Products name written and coloured in cyan are sponsored to me for trial & review only. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos & swatches are true.
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Jul 28, 2012 7:54PM -

Collective Fashion Haul ~ I.Fairy, PUMA, Pull & Bear, BYSI ~ OOTDs

Lenses Lenses Lenses!!
Even though I don't wear them very often, I still like buying them and stocking them up for occasions!
I.Fairy 2012 new designs are Cara and Casper & many more! Each cost about ~SGD$18 with shipping.

Here's what I got. ^^
I.Fairy Cara Green (left): I suppose Cara means something like Carat? Because of its sparkling diamond like print.
I.Fairy Casper Green (middle): Casper the friendly Ghost lens? lolx~ I would probably name this lens HIPPIES, because of its colours & batik like print.
I.Fairy Cara Brown (right): I think this is the nicest design and most prominent brown shade among all I.Fairy lenses!


0 Comments ~ Posted By miwitch
Dec 9, 2011 6:05AM -

MNET Asian Music Award (MAMA) SG 2011 ~ OOTD @Instagram ~ Collective Hauls

Though I always been busy, that doesn't stop me from taking pics of my OOTD when I'm going out on my Off days. (My Off days are like, very RARE~) Hmm.. I'm thinking should I rename my blog to like, Monthly Dressup Shots instead of Daily? ahhax~ I seriously do not know why I put Daily. *knocks own head* (>,<")o~

Anyhoo, if you had been following me in Instagram, you probably had seen my OOTD shots as like below: (Clicky to enlarge)


0 Comments ~ Posted By miwitch
Sep 6, 2011 7:14AM -

Collective Hauls: SANA, Etude House, Boots, GINO McCRAY, NARS ~ Uniqlo, New Looks

I'm getting kinda bored of keep posting product reviews and events only, so now I shall do a haul post! Not very massive one as I been quite a good girl.... I think? ^^"
Here it goes!

Recommended by Na, who recommended by Ah ru... to get this Guardian Facial Square cotton pads (100pcs). Said to be similar to NUDE cotton pads but cheaper! =D
Price is $2.20

John Little Star Dust @ PS is closing down!!! =((( So sad~
Anyhoo, I went there to grab some skincare essential stuffs, that is toner~
Skin Conditioner Lotion VC $16.40 (-20%)
SANA Moist Skin Lotion $19.90 (-20%)

From Watsons
NIVEA Extra Whitening Roll-on Deodorant $6.90 for 2
NIVEA Extra Whitening Spray Deodorant $6.80

From JL Stardust, Watsons
Junkisei Prime Oil Cleansing: Asked friend to buy it at JL Stardust during their closing down sale ^^
Dove Oil Foam Cleanser: Its Mix & Match, buy 2 get 1 free for selected products @ Watsons, so I shared with Na! ^^
Vichy Thermal Spa Water $14.90 for 2
Canmake Highlighter #01 Milky White $14.90 (-20% discount)
Canmake No.17 Eyelash: Asked friend to buy it at JL Stardust during their closing down sale ^^
Etude House Pink Cherry Tint $15.90 (-30%): Storewide 30% sales right now! Grab them before they're gone! ^^
Etude House Aloha Dear Darling Tint $10.90 (-30%)

Canmake Highlighter #01 milky white & Etude House Tints swatches
Isn't the Cherry Tint SWEEEEEEeeeeettttt?????~ =D

CLEO Magazine giving out b.liv free masks! Woots! ^^ (Mimi, why you look so sian eh???)
Mini review of b.liv Fine Line Stoppage Mask
I find these masks very different from all the other ones which I often use. The paper mask material is wayyyyy smoother and silkier. There is excessive serum too that I could even spread them to both my hands and legs. Even if I put on the mask for more than 20 mins (actually I had it on for longer than half hour..cos I was lazy to remove it =p~) I find that the serum is still trapped between my skin and the mask and it felt wet. It didn't evaporate that fast as like my other masks, which is good becos if I forget to remove it, at least my face will not turn dry for having the mask on too long. After removing the mask, I tried to massage face with slightly wet hands and my skin doesn't feel slimy. I feel that the serum have fully absorbed to my skin leaving no trace of leftovers on the surface. Wherelse for other masks, I could still feel a thick layer of serum on skin surface and I'l need to massage it with slight wet hands to get it fully absorbed into my skin.
And now, to review what are these b.liv masks: CLICK HERE & HERE
They are the NEW Original JAPAN Silk Masks! (THAT explains why its silky smooth!)
I think when you buy any b.liv item, you will be given 1 mask free. I'm not sure if this apply to Singapore, as the promotion seems to come from Malaysia. o_O"
However for Singapore, I see that there is a Value Pack where they also give free Japan Silk Mask.

My younger bro helped me to CP some stuffs back from BKK! I do not know the pricing as he didn't tell me how much they cost... hahax~
BOOTS No7 was having promotion, Buy 2 get 1 free! Initially I said I just wanted the Beauty Serum one.. (>w<")
No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Day Cream
No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Eye Cream
No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum
*Does anyone know whats the difference between the pump bottle & the tube one? And whether there's difference between the intense and the one without?

Thanks to someone, I got influenced to get these stuffs too.. *strangles Charmaine* XD~~
Charmaine said that Beauty Buffet also sells this VERY NICE GINO McCRAY palette e/s, but I couldn't find thepic online so I just randomly ask my bro to pick a few e/s and blush :S
GINO McCRAY Pro Make-up Eyeshadow in #02 Black Charcoal, #12 Golden Brown, #09 Peach Pink
GINO McCRAY Heritage Blusher #06 Lush Raspberry
NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base: OHHhh! MY FIRST NARS! Damn that NARS Orgasm is totally OOS in whole of Thailand! WTH.. =_=

GINO McCRAY Blush Close-up (Top-Natural Sunlight, Bottom-with Flash)
The mini glitters are suppose to look more towards gold than silver, i don't know why it can't be captured by my cam. :\

GINO McCRAY e/s & NARS Close-ups

Apparently, with or without NARS e/s base, the intensity of the e/s still look the same. However the feel of swatching it on top of the base and without the base was different. It felt more smoother to apply on and the e/s felt silky with base

Random 3D rings my bro & his gf bought for mi! =D Sho nice!! I love love love it! <3
Both are unique its own way! (Left) 3 rings to be worn as 1 (Right) Looks like many rings combined, but its only 1! kekkex~

Hmm.. maybe you might wonder why am I not shopping much in GMarket anymore? kekex..
Here is my latest GMarket haul. Just 1 brown pleather bag? Neh.. I bought a black dress and a pair of shoes too! However, the shoes I couldn't wear cos its small (Will try to sell it here after I take pics). And the black long top.. I forgot to take pic ^^"
But anyways, I love the bag most! Its only $14! (not including shipping yet) And the material is rather good too.

Uniqlo Chino Pants $49.90: Using Uniqlo voucher! Equalivalent to free =p
New Look Turqoise Stockings $9.90
Floral Rose sand socks $3.90
Ruffle top warm grey socks $3.90
Thanks to Charlene who told me that New Look is having a Buy 2nd item at $2 promotion! =D I shared these items with Na too!

Lastly, something for your visuals.

Jermaine, Ah ru, Mi, Na

Till then,

CHEERS!~ *(^.^)v~*

0 Comments ~ Posted By miwitch
Jul 27, 2011 3:11AM -

Announcement: Uniqlo Uniqlooks Grand Finals at ION Sky

Hi all,

remember my post about the Uniqlo Uniqlooks Contest? ^_^ Well, just to tell everyone that I AM SELECTED FOR THE TOP 20 FINALISTS!

Thank you for all those who had voted for me and also, my friends. =D
Most of my friends who went down with me to Orchard for the phototaking, gotten a $50 Uniqlo voucher! Including Ah Ru! ^.^
Actually Jane suppose to be in the Top 20 too but she couldn't make it for that date, hence she withdrawn herself from it, but still gets the $50 voucher~ ^_^

I, on the other hand, am very excited to go for the Grand Finals! =DDD~~ *too excited! Squeals!*
So far, I never really take part in any Fashion dressup contest (wait.. there's once, its a cosplay competition donkey years ago.. hehex~).
This is my interest, I treat it like as if I'm going for a Cosplay event, I took days to research on the items that Uniqlo is providing us, and I spent hours walking around town in search of clothings & accessories to match their item with the help from Di. *Thanks Di very very much! Muacks* \^.^/ I probably had spent way more than the voucher that Uniqlo is giving me. hahhax~ its ok, I'm happy just to shop! =p~

I must say, all the good and the not so good things come altogether within a week which kinda tired me down. I have a super big event (definitely bigger by number, than Uniqlooks Grand Finals) under my care at work which is happening this Saturday and I am super super tied down by this event. But I am still taking leave just for this Grand Finals, I was thinking I'm probably dead by Friday because there'll be so much things for me to do and complete when I'm back in office.
I didn't know Uniqlo Finals would be in July, I thought maybe it will be in August. =_=

Anyhoo, I'm still well prepared for the Grand Finals AND still preparing for my work event. kekekex.. I'm super stress now, but also super Happy ^.^ (Confused feelings)

Right, back to topic.

Uniqlo Uniqlooks Grand Finals is happening on 28 July 2011
The time is 7pm-9.30pm at ION SKY

For those who had your pair of tickets to the Grand Finals, do watch out for me! =D
Those who wish to get tickets, you could try enquiring in Uniqlo Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/uniqlo.sg

I'll end this with something I bought for my Grand Finals dressup ^_^ Its a pretty pic, taken using an iPhone application- Camera Pudding.

Pretty Daisy~

For more info, go to: https://api.shopstyle.com/action/apiVisitRetailer?url=http%3A%2F%2Funiqlooks.uniqlo.com%2Fsingapore.html&pid=popsugar&pdata=640383
I'm not in any way affiliated to Uniqlo nor Uniqlooks contest. I am just 1 of the contestant! ^^


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Filed in: Fashion ~ Tagged with: Uniqlo
Jul 15, 2011 8:36AM -

Collective Fashion Haul: GMarket, ALDO, POA, Uniqlo, MANGO, Vivi & 1 Rant

For the past 2 months and July, I spent quite alot on Fashion stuffs and I got many unread magazines! Finally, today I opened up all of them to 'scan' the pages.. *Phew*~ I hope my efforts will be appreciated much~ ^^

GMarket OKIBOX jewelry/accessory
Total of 28 items (I forgot what other 8 items were..Hmm...) ~$100 : The stuffs weren't that great. I find that only Rings and pleather bracelets are the most worth as their quality is much better than the rest of the accessories.
ALDO (Up to 70% SALES! ^_^)
Casal Black Ankle Heels $46.50: CHEAP! It was $155 before~ I'm lacking of many Black stuffs, hence from now on I'm trying to collect black coloured items ^^
Watler Shades (Floral) $29: CUTE isn't it!!!~~~ Great for the summer season!
Herrlin Shades (Black blink blink) $29 : Isn't this shades COOLLLLL!!?!??! XD~ Reminds me of BEAST somehow~

People of Asia Company (POA)
Grey bold cut short skirt $89
Black overlap front Jacket $109
White summer dress $109
After discounts: $180.20 Great Savings! ^_^

Uniqlo BIG BANG Grey Tee in XL size: $19.90

LovelySpree Haul RANT
I just want to do a short review of the clothes I bought from LovelySpree.
One fine day, I came across their Facebook and I started browsing their site. Then realise that many bloggers bought clothes from them and reviewed saying the stuffs they bought are wonderful. Hence, I think no further and proceed to ordered 3 clothes and 1 belt.
Angelic cowgirl chiffon dress $18.20
Camel Halter $19.90
Pink Mint Imiusa blouse $20.90
Brown Belt $7.90
Total $66.90 spendings with shipping.
When the parcel came and I opened it up. I was SUPER AWED to see that the clothes look SHO AWFUL! I haven't even tried but already know they will look awful is because of the material/fabric used to make these clothings!
I pasted the original pics compare to the clothes I received below. Some of you who can't make out the exact material used just by looking at my pics, would probably think that its almost identical to the advertised item. Yes, the design look similar but the Materials are just..... YUCKS!
I tried the clothes, and find that Angelic cowgirl chiffon dress is made of a rough chiffon (Can even see that the material is not as flowy as the original and crumples easily) plus I couldn't even squeeze through the chestline when wearing it. I managed to get through finally but the dress look alittle akward. The cutting isn't the same as the original. MAYBE I will wear this again when I'm in the mood.
For Camel Halter, the material weren't as what I had expected but it is still consider fine. At least the best among the 3 clothes I bought. However the fabric sheds little residues. The fabric is somewhat like suede and I reckon this cannot be put into washing machine or otherwise it will shed like crazy!
ONE thing that I do not want to even TALK about it is the Pink Mint Imiusa blouse. JUST LOOK at the 2 Comparison photos! THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! The material is so rough and paper-like, totally not flowy at all. The moment I took it out from the wrapping, I immediately relate it to AUNTIE. I shall pass this on to any AUNTIE to wear. SO NOT GOING TO WEAR THIS! And this cost freaking $20+ where I can get this like $5 from some market.
And lastly, the belt. I can buy this from stores at 2 for $5. WASTE MY MONEY buying it, the material is too soft, doesn't feel like its a belt even!
I shall not shop there again. Perhaps for others who love their clothings are the lucky ones who bought the nice clothes or their taste is bad. I'll say that I RATHER spend my $66.90 in GMarket and get 5 times better quality products from them!!! PFFT! You may think what all these fuss about, and I only spent $66.90? Well, I like buying cheap stuffs online and I'm prepare to take risks, usually 1 item of all would be bad but others are all good. But for this, its ALLLLL BAAAAD... I compared with FaireBelle, THEIR stuffs are so much better than LOVELYSPREE, and the prices are similar too!
I actually even tried to apply for writing a review on lovelyspree items, hoping they'll send me something. Now, I just dun wana talk abt them anymore. So much for all the nice reviews. Hmph. =^=
My RANT on LOVELYSPREE shall end here.

Angelic cowgirl chiffon dress

Camel Halter

Pink Mint Imiusa blouse

Brown Belt

NOW, Back to GMarket!
MissKang Tanktops $34.47 (free shipping) for 3 tops
These tanktops collar designs, I believe are handsewn by the lady herself. Simply yet elegant and nice. Fabric wise is good. Worth the money! ^^
ARTBOX Denim big ribbon hair accessory clip-on $7.90: Waiting for my hair to get longer so I can use this! ^^

MANGO Straight Jeans $39
MANGO Straight Relaxed-fit Flare Jeans Kathy $39
Just had to LOVE the jeans length! hehehex~ Able to get a super long Flare Jeans makes me really happy! Plus the discounted prices, double the happiness!

I got so many magazines unread! T_T"
GLOW: Finally Watsons sending me a magazine~ I been waiting for sho long~
Vivi July 2011 $18.10
iweekly & Style FREE!~ I'm able to read free magazines every week now from my workplace! Woohoo!~
SKIP BEAT Vol 27 & THE ONE Vol 11: Recommend to those who love Shoujo manga to read these 2!

I took iweekly back because of BEAST~~ hehhex.. took some scans from iweekly (Only took BEAST, I'm bias =p)
And scans from style (only few pages of what I like...): I really love the 2 tone lenses, thinking to get it.. can be seen HERE too.

OOOoooo Lalaaaa~~~ I love the makeup on her! Especially the very well blended RMK Blush! Sho pretty~ >_<

Vivi July 2011 scans:
This month, they include a Free PUReSA mask.
On the right pic, you can see a denim blouse with cut out shoulder part.. I had been LOOKING for this like months! Still can't find it! =_="
And I'm so gona get Diamond Lashes! I wasn't able to get it during my HK trip few months ago.. :\
Nice baggy jeans here.. Now I can wear something like this with my new MANGO baggy jeans ^_^

AGAIN MBLAQ! Woohooo! And missing Mir inside this pic.. hmmm..

Fashion styles: Retro Surf, American retro, How to match Bold Colours, Chic Outfits, Summer Flower, One-Piece

Fashion styles: WHITE (DAY & NIGHT look), Straw Bags & backpacks, Clutch bags, Bohemian style draw-string bags
I saw a blogspot link from the magazine: http://popcultureafternoon.blogspot.com Its super nice! Go click click! ^^

雨女 or あめ おんあ or ame onna (literally - Rain girl) is the term given to a person who seems to always bring the rain with her when a picnic or outdoor celebration is planned.
I personally am very fond of clothings and boots designed just for Rainy days. I wonder why the hell my granny didn't buy any cute rain boots for me to wear to school, but instead tied 2 market plastic bags OVER my school shoes and ask me to walk to school, surprising all my classmates with my super dry shoes regardless of the heavy downpour before. ^_^" Wat a funny culture Singapore has!
This my first time seeing someone wearing geek specs with Kimono! But still sho cute! ^_^ Talking about Kimono, we thought of Natsu Matsuri.
This year there will be one happening on 20 August at Japanese Primary School (Changi). Its fun! And super packed too every year! However this year's Natsu clashes with STGCC (Cosplay event) so I reckon many cosplayers will skip Natsu. If you like Japanese culture too just like me, you MUST visit Natsu Matsuri! It will be an eye opening event for you if its your first time! ^_^ BTW, my friend Selphie is performing AKB48's dance. Do watch out for this performance if you are there! =3

Look at the blondy~ Perhaps if I draw my eyebrow black, I will look like her.. kekex..

This swimsuit is super cute!!! =D

How to do eye makeup:
I love all the model's contact lenses. Their lenses do not have this black outer ring printing hence making the iris more natural looking.

GLOW Magazine scans:
I see Sarah, Mag and Sara! (I only can recognise them.. ^^") & DHC foundation... tempts me...~ @_@

Here says bowel habits range from three times a day to three times a week is normal? o_O I tot if I don't have bowel movement at least once a day, that means I have constipation.. hahax~

NUYOU $6.49 with free 1 Loreal OpenEyesPro in Tuquoise palette ^_^
This picture doesn't do justice to the nice swatches! >_<

'The Ah-Lian' OOTD: (quoted by a random Ah-Lian BA from Watsons)
Miss Skeleton long tee: GMarket
Big bronze cross with skeleton: Cineleisure
Navy Blue Black leggins: overseas
Black pleather ankle platform heels: GMarket
Bracelets: GMarket & overseas
Just to explain why the theme 'Ah-Lian'. My friend and I went into Watsons passing by 2 BAs (older age than us) and one of them went something like "Aiyah, just some AH-LIANs LAH!" Saying it out loud just when we walked past them. Reason why probably both of our hair are blonde (mine blonde yellow, my friend's blonde ash)
As usual, I don't pick up fights or arguements with strangers, so I just kept quiet. Seriously thinking those people who give names about others, are meaning to say that they are one themselves. So we got 2 Old ladies who wants to be Ah-lians themselves (But cant) in Ngee Ann city Watsons, jealous of our hair and our dress-up?... kekex.. Watever it is, I dun really care. As long as I like the way I style myself will do ^^

Lastly, my mimi to end the post. ^_^ I did this to him cos I saw a video of a cat's head popping out from a jacket sleeve, its sho cute!! >o<
Anyways mimi hates it. He escaped and punched holes onto my working blouse with his teeth.. kekekex..

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

0 Comments ~ Posted By miwitch
Jun 24, 2011 7:42PM -

UNIQLO Uniqlooks Contest: Check me out on 联合早报 (LianHe ZaoBao)~ ^__^v~

Today, you took out your morning Chinese Newspaper - LianHe Zaobao, do you see something very Yellowish on the front page????
Yap, THAT's ME Alright! hhahx~

I got a SMS from my schoolmate (Thanks Yisun! ^^) to inform me that she saw my pic on the front page, I was like Huh? For wat? What did I do?!
Then I saw a FB post by Linda (Thanks for taking this big head pic~hahax..) and I saw my big face. I was like OMG front?! Not that I want to be haolian- proud ...ok, NOW i'm proud =p~ Because its my FIRST TIME to have my face on front page ok! >_<
Then the first thing that comes to my mind is: I cannot go opposite coffeeshop already!! They all can recognise me! I'm the so far most yellow headed gal in Punggol ah~ ~_~" *paiseh* (Proud & paiseh, confused feelings..)

But now sad thing is that, I DO NOT HAVE THE NEWSPAPER!!!(*%@_%(@_#$ It was sold out by the time I ask my helper to get it from the coffee shop.. Zzz..
Anyhoo, I'm glad at least to know that my workplace has the newspaper and I get to keep that (although its been used many times by public). hahax..

This is what Linda (*muacks for taking such clear pic of it!*) took and posted in my FB. I heart this pic cos my makeup shows up very nice and clear and the strong colours like yellow, purple (specs), blue shows up nicely too!
After which, Amber replied: And your 早报 photo hoh... Waaah!! The “没得到”... Very inauspicious leh... 没得到什么!?
I said the
“没得到” is about another article! (I think..) kekex..
Then she said: Ooooh!!! Okok! I was like... What 没得到!?太过分了!没得到也不用登得那么大吧!hehehe!</wbr>
I LOLed! Super cheeky Amber. XD~


0 Comments ~ Posted By miwitch
Aug 13, 2010 6:15AM -

Shot 27 July 2010 - Hair Model for Daniel Ng (Kim Robinson) Workshop... & more!

One of the pictures of my long hair taken on July 2010....
Don't waste this pic, fellow onsugarettes please click on it and vote for me! Kekekex.. (You have to like the page first before liking my pic! ^_^)

And so.. on 27 July, I was one of the hair model for Daniel Ng's afternoon workshop (organised by Goldwell Singapore)
My hair was cut by an Indonesian Hair stylist. They are experienced stylist but they are learning new hair cut styles from Daniel Ng.
When I was assigned to the hair stylist, he asked what hair style I wanted, I whip out my phone and show him Taemin's hair. XD~
He said "But this is for short hair". I said "I know, maybe you can cut a shorter version of this?" =p


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Jul 21, 2010 6:03AM -

Fashion & Beauty Collective Hauls: Mango, KATE, YSL, SMH, Aqua Label, Epilat...

Been very busy with work, attending events, catching some sleep as I'm too tired after work.. =_= Hence I've collected quite many hauls since the GSS.

Fashion Hauls:
Mango Black Jeans $29: Its a STEAL! My ever first MANGO Jeans and its gona be fully black cos....I need to wear to work..~_~ Nevertheless, its so long, long enough for the jeans to even gather some cloth at my ankle! Yippie!
Uniqlo Abstract Leggings $14.90: Japanese aren't that tall, that's why the leggings only reach about half of my calf only.. And it kinda look like PJs..
Massive oversea Fashion hauls $: Too many items and I didn't have the time to name one by one and calculate the price... Just 3 words, them all! (See my stockings? I have N numbers of unworn stockings now! =p~)

Lens Hauls:
Bought from Allan (Kosmo) http://coslensescatalogue.blogspot.com
Geo Tri Series $15/pair: In Grey
Anime Lens $15/pair: in CP-A6

And now on to the Beauty Hauls:
(Kanebo) KATE Eyebrow Colour $14.50: In lightest shade LB-2 (Later on shows comparison of KATE & Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Mascara)
(Kanebo)KATE Gel eye shadow $14.50: In GD-1
Both of them bought at ALT @ The Heeren (View MariAsh's blog about it!) ALT is BIGGGG!!! (I meant big place Lolx) I've also found one new Korea cosmetic counter brand in ALT yesterday which the BA claimed that their products all contains Botox! And they frequently change the cosmetics and the colours, almost every month! I am like kind of tempted to try it, but na & me think that it definitely gonna cost a bomb since it has Botox! OoO"
I kinda forgot what is the name of that brand now... (Should have asked for a brochure! Darn..)

Stars Makeup Heaven Eyeshadow Pans $5 each: Two to Tango & Flare to the Dramatic

Testing out the 'Oh!-Very-Bouncy!' (quoted by na) Eyegel, and some swatches...
Most bottom shows: Eyegel → Two to Tango overlaying Eyegel → Two to Tango → Flare to the Dramatic

YSL Rouge Volupte 30 Lipstick $49: Taking the pics of the lipstick @ MRT Station! (Cos i can't wait to use it! XD~) See na's peachy nail matches the lippy!

Further on... Watson's Hauls:
Heal Pharm Charcoal Nose Pose Pack $1.95/box: It's Ariya's recommendation! (Na's sis)
(Shiseido) AquaLabel Moist Essence CL $29.90: Collagen for Cheeks! I recently find that my face's shape kinda changed (can't fight aging..sigh~), hence thinking to get some elasticity back to my loose skin!
Ora2 Stain Clear Tooth Paste $ 5.50
Ora2 Stain Clear Mouth Wash $6.95: I admit I hate using Mouth Wash! But I am so attracted by the silly but cute girls animation in the Ora2 commercial!
Royale Bouquet Hand Wash $9.95 for 2: I love the packaging! Indeed looking very 'royal' there! But the scent however kinda smells weird...
Kracie Epilat Mini Bleaching Cream for Body Hair $9.90: I had waited for AGES for Singapore to sell body hair Bleach agents!
Kracie Epilat Cite Line Depilatory (Hair Removing) Cream $18.90: For Skin Sofron Type (its written on it, I don't know what is sofron..◐_◐")

Kracie Epilat Mini Bleaching Cream for Body Hair:
2 packs of A+B. Is mentioned that 1 pack of A+B can use for the whole body.
As per what the Japan Epilat website states, it can only be used on arms and legs. (But I am currently thinking otherwise... heh heh heh ◐∇◐)

Instructions of the Removal Cream...
Difference usage instructions found on the back of the Removal Cream packaging and the paper which was found inside the packaging. (underlined in RED)
Final conclusion (as translated from the original Epilat's site):
- Can be used on Arms, Legs AND Underarms.
- But refrain from using on Facial Hair and (Head) Hair

Gaurdian's Haul:
Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo (Spray type) $14.90: I had also been looking for Dry Shampoo for a long time, I totally don't remember that na had told me she is using one... hahhax~ Nevertheless, I'm happy to be able to get hold of a dry shampoo in Singapore! I totally had no idea what other brands have dry shampoos. I know there are many more brands that have and are selling alot cheaper than $14.90, but they are all only available in USA! =(((

Finally, comparisons (mini Review) with KATE & Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Mascaras:
As you can see that KATE's has golden mini glitters in it, while Heavy Rotation is a fully matt brown mascara.
I find that its easier to get HR's content onto the eyebrow than that of KATE's. Reason being HR has a bigger and wider brush, content is sticker, hence it can pick up alot and it grabs on to the eyebrow really well, plus its waterproof.
KATE's has small brush with a narrower brush end, is watery, picks up content little by little when you removed it from tube, however feels softer after it drys up on your eyebrow, plus it gives your eyebrow a glittery effect!

I personally like both for their own factors.
HR is matt and colour is on the blonde side, suitable when I bleach my hair to yellow.
KATE's gives my eyebrow a softer look and it looks more to GOLD than towards blonde, which I like too! ^_^ (Just because its GOOOOLLLDDD... XD)

Before I end this entry, I just want to say that YEAH! I AM NO LONGER YSL, KATE, SMH VIRGIN! YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!~~~

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

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