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Name: miwitch
Based in Singapore All product reviews are based on my own experience.
Do not judge the product solely base on my reviews as the products result varies differently on different users.
Pls reference to my info on the products I reviewed.
Hair: Black - Thin straight limpy - oily scalp - dry hair ends - bleached & dyed
Face: Combi skin - oily T-zone - medium asian skintone - dull - visible pores on cheeks & nose
Eyes: Very sensitive - droopy - hooded - double eyelids - mild-oily lids - dark circles - thin straight lashes - Contact Lens & Specs wearer
Lips: Pigmented - dry
Hands: Normal-dry skin - dry nails & cuticles - thin soft translucent nails
Body: Normal-dry skin - medium asian skintone
Statistics: 175cm, thin, underweight

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December 2013


For advertorials/reviews, contact miwitch (Alternate Email, incase I didn't receive it)
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OOTD † fashion † beauty † sub-culture † cosplay † cat
Sep 26, 2013 9:09PM -

Launch: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Makeup

Lately, Premium Bandai had been updating their website with more new products under the Miracle Romance cosmetics line.
To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Premium Bandai brings you yet another 2 limited edition Miracle Romance makeup.
The first one (introduced in my previous post) is the Star Power Prism Eyeliner but this time it is in a limited set box.
Second one is a totally new product, the Miracle Romance Moon Stick Lipstick.
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Apr 17, 2013 12:18AM -

Comic Fiesta 2012 @ KLCC: Cosplays, Fashion & Beauty Haul

Been procrastinating so much lately.... and finally this is up!! OMG to the 12873129846 photos I edited.. hahaha~ Nevertheless, here's what I did at Comic Fiesta 2012 @ KL!

Here we go!~ v{Δ__Δ} *GUNDAM TWEES*


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Nov 20, 2012 6:53AM -

BYS (Be Your Self) Launch Party

In October, I was invited to the BYS (Be Your Self) Nail Polish Beauty Advocates Launch Party. And guess what? 24 October 2012... was my Birthday! Hehex~ =p
We were welcomed by a very colourful board placed outside the TARA Apothecary salon. (Kpop TARA? hahax~ ^o^)


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Apr 14, 2012 10:18PM -

Launch: SKIN FOOD Good Afternoon BB Cream @ Malaysia KLCC Harrods ~ Swatches

SKIN FOOD Malaysia & Singapore launched the NEW Good Afternoon series BB Cream on Feburary 2012 (Ah~ yes, i am so slow in my entry posting.. ^^")

The 5 Good Afternoon BB Cream:
- contains skin-beneficial tea extracts
- each adds a different feel and glow to your skin.
All five varieties are enriched with various tea extracts for a long-lasting vibrant complexion.
These Good Afternoon BB Creams, containing soft-focus blooming powder and oil- absorbing powder, help to maintain bright makeup looks all day long while providing daily sun protection and good coverage for uneven complexions. Their textures range from illuminating to matte for different skin types and different makeup looks.



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May 15, 2011 9:44AM -

Inazuma Eleven Nail Art - Done by Saku

The first look at this pic, I went "SHOOOOooo CUUUUuuuttttooooo!! ♥" (in my heart) Lolx!
Total love♥ to this colourful nail art which was actually drawn by Saku. Sometimes, you never know how CRAZY a cosplayer (anime fan) can be. Opps! Or should I say, you never know what CRAZY stuffs a cosplayer can do! kekekex~ Anyhoo, its still crazy nonetheless. XD

Well, let me just explain briefly here... (My explanation may not be very accurate, but the gist is there! ^^")
These characters drawn on fake nails are actually shota moe characters from Inazuma Eleven (Only 10 characters here though, cos we only have 10 fingers!)

'Shota', meaning young boys (Japanese & Chinese: 正太) More details at Wiki.
'Moe' (Pronounced Mo-eh), kinda means that the particular type or style character is being LOVED so much by anime fans that someone came out the term 'moe' (Japanese:萌え Chinese:) to describe the feeling towards the characters. I personally feel that it meant the characters are SOOooo CUTE that you can't resist it and you probably would nose bleed if you keep looking at them. XDDD~ Its like an extreme liking towards the character. But of course, everyone has their own personal preference. Eg, some might love characters with glasses or some love them in butler/maid costumes. So you categorise your prefered style and make them your own moe characters. ^^
For more detail on moe, read HERE

Obviously to say, Saku is a Shota-moe fangirl (did i get the name rite? =p~)... A fangirl who loves cute young boys! lolx! XD

The tools Saku used: (you might laugh! kekekx.. i did =p~)
Moe nails,done. (strike off from to-do list)
Spent a lot of time on them. Lesson learned: Don't be stupid to use waterbased pen for lining. Smudges and stain the paint!
Acrylic paint, 0 sized brush, a writing pen and lots of patience.

And lolx at what she commented under her nail art pic:
Mum: Oi, stop staring at nails. Go clean room. LOL. orz
She just shook her head. BUT I DID shove the nails in her face. And she went "whatever." =3=)//


Sho cute! XDDD~~~ Perhaps Saku could practice using nail polish to draw them next time.. kekex~
Saku, next time draw me Sailormoon characters pls. XDDD~~~

This post is super random! wahhaax..~


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

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Feb 18, 2011 2:04AM -

MAC Private Sale 2011 + ALT Heeren Clearance Sale Hauls ~ NOTD ~ Haircolor Teaser

I AM DA Invisible Buyer for the recent MAC Private Sale!!! Lolx~ Actually, its thanks to Na (everbluec) who helped me anyhow purchased these items (While I was working). hehex~
Total invisible damage: $114

Clicky here to see more of my MAC Hauls~ ^__________^v~

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Oct 14, 2010 5:34AM -

Review: Korean Minx Nails & Promo!! +...?


Remembered my past entry about Korean Minx Nails? If not, click -> HERE to read ^_^

Well now, I'm showing how my nails looked after 2 weeks & 2 days!!! I know, usually nail polish will come off around 1 week or so, how can I actually stick Minx for so long??!
Truth is, I could! Cos i'm lazy to remove it!! hahhaxx~ But besides that, I wanted to also show everyone how the minx will turn out when the nails are heavily used, but still applied with a topcoat every now & then.

So... TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!

After 2 weeks & 2 days...〓〓▶

Here is.... my Yucky nails!! Except my pinky nail, its STILL PERFECTO!
Though its really yucky in this pic, but in real life, people don't really LOOK soooo CLOSELY at my nails, all they comment was "HEY, Why you got F1 Flag on your nails?!"
And a special comment I gotten was, "Your nails... How DID you paint it?!"
Then my reaction was *waves my fingers in air* "Oh.... nothing its just stickers." And didn't dare to show them my yucky fingersnails.. XD~
But at least they noticed!

More often than not, the people who asked about my nails are GUYS. Probably cos they REALLY thought I'm into F1 and all that, and they just comment &  laughed why I put race flags on my nails.. ^_^"


Application method:
I saw that there is a change in theeunway-show's application method, a little different from the previous that I posted.

I think I will tryout using the heat to soften the sticker first before sticking to my nails. Previously I stick first and apply heat to the nails later.
There might be a difference if the steps are swapped.



After seeing, hearing and reading about my Minx Nails experience, DO YOU also like to get a pack of Korean MINX NAILS to TRY??? ^.^v~

They are currently selling per pack for :
1 for S$9.90/-
3 for S$24.90/-


Now, you can enjoy additional 15% off when you order and enter this into your order form:
Promo code: miwitch


So, what are you waiting for?! =D Promo ends on 30 November!
Go to: Korean Minx Nails by therunway-show@blogspot


I am looking at something goldish (not goldfish!) to try... so I'm now aiming at #6 Leopard!!
There's a leopard fashion craze in Japan for the Fall season, and I wana be in trend too! ^.^


Enjoy your MINX!~


P/S: By the way have you noticed... some changes to my watermark..? =D


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

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Sep 29, 2010 4:58AM -

Korean Minx Nails Review: Black-White Checkered Pattern

YES! You didn't read wrong! IT IS MINX!!
I had talked about Minx Nails the last time (click HERE to read previous Minx post), and had wanting to try out Minx and now, I was given a chance to do so!

Thanks so much to Joanna from therunway-show@blogspot~ (^__^)v~

The kind soul asked which design I would wish to try and so, I'm thinking since now there's this F1 race, I'll take Black-white checkered (look like the race flag design yah?) NAHHHHhhh~~ Just kidding =p
I chose it because it looked PUNK to me! I love checks! Though I'm not wearing Punk anymore.. (there goes my Punk-sai theory again) but the checks could look cool with any outfit!

And now on with the pictures! ^_^


I'd read through the step by step tutorial first before I try them on my fingers!
Click the pics to enlarge the tutorial pics.

Korean Minx Nails material is a kind of foil/film (though thin, but its rather firm) with an adhesive back. The body will not crease when you peel it off from the plastic, except for the starting point where you scratch to peel it out.

Even though I've read the tutorial and following exactly the steps, but I find that the minx stickers still crease at certain edges.
I am so looking forward to flawless, creaseless Minx nails hence I trial and error in  different ways on the Minx starting from my first to the last finger, achieving different results on every one of them.
1. Sticking the Minx on centre of nail plate aligning the base nearest to my cuticle, pressing down the minx with flat end of wooden stick. Starting from centre and slowly pushing towards edges.
2. Same method of applying the Minx, but this time I use my finger to press the Minx and slowly pushing towards edges so to reduce bubbles and creases. It seems that fingers work better than wooden stick. Creases reduced and minx look more smooth.
3. When there is a crease, I use wooden stick to flatten the crease.
4. I use finger nail to flatten the crease.
5. I use hair straightener's high heat to heat at the creases a longer time, to see if it can shrink or soften the crease. After which using wooden stick to flatten it. It seems that it works alittle bit better than without heat.
6. Using hair straightener high heat to go over the minx after sticking it to the nail. It didn't shrink so whatsoever.
7. I cut the Minx base that fits my cuticle shape before pealing out from the plastic.
8. I applied both base and top coat before and after the Minx nail application.

I'd only tried it on my left hand, cos its easy to apply it with my right hand. My left hand is almost handicap in nail polishing and art & craft works. =_="
I will be looking out for better ways to apply the Minx nails so it will look like the one on my ring and pinky finger, which is almost to perfect. If you girls had tried Minx and have better suggestions pls feel free to comment! =)

Before I end this, there're few conclusions I'd came out with after trying out on the Korean Minx Nails:
1. Got to file your nail plates to smooth it, otherwise the surface of  Minx Nails will not look smooth too
2. A rounder, more perfect shaped nail plate will be of advantage in using Minx Nails, as its original template has a very rounded base (cuticle end)
3. The 10 Minx nails all comes in different sizes, hence need to measure to your nail plate size before application. (Its said that left fingers are slightly smaller than right, so use whichever size suits your nails.)
4. Cuticles need to be pushed back and/or cut neatly, otherwise Minx nails will peel off easily at the edges
5. Minx nails has short lifespan. I wore it for only 1 day and it started to wear at free edge, but was said that it should only wear to that extend and will not wear any further. Perhaps also, its the application method which I might not be doing it in the rightest way. All users can trial and error on their own in order to get it right and able to give it a longer lifespan.
6. Got to apply topcoat everyday to prolong its lifespan.
7. Its fun to apply Minx! Though it looks rather tedious but there is very short waiting time, no worries in smudging your nail polish or whatsoever! I can even buy a few sets and change the nail patterns every 1-2 weeks already! ^o^~

Once again, thank you Joanna for giving the chance to tryout and review for your Minx nails! ^_^
Ladies who wish to try out Minx nails can go to
therunway-show@blogspot now to take a look, they are having Set Promo right now!

In future I look forward to try out GOLD MInx Nails! Hehehex~ ^▽^
Lastly, i know I do not have nice yummy looking fingernails like most of you, so please be kind with me yah... m(U_U)m *bows*

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

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Jun 7, 2010 1:36AM -

Shot 5 June 2010, L'Oreal Paris Bloggers' Party (Sneak Peek Pics)

I was (LUCKILY) invited by L'Oreal Paris Cosmetics to their Chrome Intensity Bloggers' Party @ fika cafe (Arab street)
na and I went, along we brought few onsugarettes with us to this party.

Here is my OOTD
Long Inner purple dress (showing off a little chiffon under the layer short skirt)
Black-white stripes side button top
Grey layer shorts Skirt
Brown thick Belt
Dusty pink underknee stockings
(All the above are bought from overseas)
Black multi-chain long necklace: AMK HUB (3 for $10)
Bracelets: Cineleisure & Chinatown Market 3rd level
Colourful Heels: Bought during CozyCot event (na didn't wear it so sold it to me! U know friends can't give shoes as gifts so I gota buy from her)
Blue ribbon hairclip: ARTBOX @ AMKHUB

Rightttt.... Messy hair i know, but I'm running out of time! (End up taking cab down Bugis) hahax..
With half of my hair pin up already, I still sweat alot because that day, the humidity @ city area is so darn high!

1 SkinFood Haul
I must thank ladeekim for helping me buy this pretty gold polish!! Thanks kim! ^__^ (I'm not lazy or wat, I'm just too busy or just didn't get to pass by any SkinFood counters!) And also thanks to hazelnutt for flaunting this gold polish in your blog, otherwise I might still be considering to get it or not till now. =p
Below is 2 most glittery gold polish I own, a comparison of both...

My nails all short and fat while I have such scrawny fingers, skiny hands.. Not pretty at all =_=
Sorry my hands didn't sleep well day before hence my undernails grew dark circles heh.

Guess who's fat playful fingers came into the pic? I shall review it on my actual entry of the Bloggers' Party! ^_^
So, as can see from the pic, SF look very light gold, while NFU is yellowish!
SF's is very densed with glitters while NFU's is sparse but their glitters reflects more beautifully (i find) than SF under spot light.

Nothing much on the makeup, the usual stuffs.. But Its time to flaunt the pink lips!
I'm using my recent bought cool tone NYX Paris lippie. (Its definitely more brighter in reallife!) Its very lasting, even after I drank, ate lunch and ate dessert, still there!
I have one hotter pink than this NYX Paris, I shall next time use it! (Most likely next sunday as I'm attending Streetfest event!) =D

Here comes the L'Oreal Paris MUA, Julyen! See how FAIR he is! OMG.. And I'm like... Leaning tower of Pisa beside him.. OTL||| While he stands so... model-ish! He's so cool! >_< He kept saying, "You're so tall, you're so tall. I felt intimidated by your height!"  (^_^"" My heels are only like 4cm high leh... =X)

Somemore sneak peeks of MUA's stuffs at the party...

Till then! Cheers! <span style="font-size: medium; color: #ff99cc;">(●♡●)


Upcoming posts:
L'Oreal Paris Chrome Intensity Bloggers' Party
6 products I can't live without (Luvverlyn I owe u still! Almost forgotten.. XD)
My Makeup works on Cosplayers

My cosplay MU trial
July Cosplay Event
July-Aug Hairshow Event


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Apr 16, 2010 5:41AM -

FR3B Hauls: Covermark, Dr.Wu, Dr Jart & NOTD

Previously, I blogged about Covermark Moisture Veil foundations comparing between the old and the new LX version.
I had ordered from Fr3b the new LX foundation set @ $83.74 then, and here are the pics & further review of the it.

Review of Covermark Moisture Veil LX Base Foundation, Part 2: (Part 1 click here)
1. Smooth to apply, powder is alot finer than old version and can hide large pores well.
2. The shade is perfect for my skintone, although its half a shade darker than my previous' but LX makes my skin look more natural and makes it look like I didn't have alot of MU on. It is unlike the old version where I can see that the MU is rather thick although the amount I applied is not.
3. It brightens my skintone colour quite well. (My skin is dull, with thick MU sometimes is still not able to make my face any brighter)
3. Coverage is as good as the old one (light-medium coverage)
4. Wet apply (using a damp sponge) has a better stay on my skin compare to applying it dry
5. Foundation stays well for whole day (12 hrs+), only T-zone area became oily. But comparing to the old version, using LX my face look more matt.
6. After long hours of wearing, the foundation did not melt/smudge, except for T-zone area where it's being melted a little by the sebum.
6. After cleansing, face feels smooth, minimum clogged pores.

Samples: Covermark Deep cleansing oil, Treatment Cleansing Milk, Mineral Soap

Samples: Moisture Clear Base (in tinted beige colour), Hydro Intensive Lotion, Skinclear Emulsions

Aww... isn't this nice.. A bag hanger (to place this on edge of table and hang bag on the hook area). I had been wanting to get one and now I got it in a MU set! ^_^

Originally sold at Robinsons: Casing $22, Foundation $60 - Total should be $82. This set is really worthwhile with all those freebies in it ^_^

Another GOLD pouch I got now~ (likey the matt gold texture!) Its rather big and it can store the new LX long foundation casing)

The LX new casing is so pretty! Black base with gold shimmerings, its as big as a cellphone. When you put it on your hand, some might think that it IS a cellphone! ^_^ The back of the casing is in Chrome Gold! And reflects!
2 Big s is that the mirror is bigger and longer now.. and the spongey is seperated from the powder! ^.^v~

Let's stop for commercial break! 

NOTD: Skinfood Milk Creamy Prism Nail #2
Without flash -> with flash

Pic taken from Skinfood

A shop selling MOSAIC brand nail polish opposite my working place, hence bought 1 to try out. Glitters!
Without flash -> with flash

Back to topic!! 

Other Fr3b hauls & brief reviews...
Dr Wu Hydrating Lotion & Hydrating Serum: Both texture are nice, watery-cream, easily absorbed into skin. However after effect is that my skin will feel very sticky! But after applying another moisturizer ontop, the stickiness feeling will be gone. I might consider to buy, but maybe not these 2 products.
I had yet to try their whitening range but tested once at Watsons on back of my hand, it gave me an immediate effect of whitening. OoO!
DrJart Pore-X Recover Pre-Base: Clear transparent MU primer, when applied it feels smooth but has an oily touch (but its not oily, its just the texture feels smooth-oily rather than smooth-powdery ^_^") . I assume that its like silicon base (like Sana brand MU primer). After applying foundation, the skin feels very smooth and almost flawless. It matifies the skin well, and MU stays for whole day except for T-zone area which I feel that the primer
doesn't make the MU stay well enough on oilier skins. So far, I'm ing it for it covers up my large pores and makes my skin smooth!

Thank you for reading! And I'm half dozing off already at this hour....  ~_¬

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