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Name: miwitch
Based in Singapore All product reviews are based on my own experience.
Do not judge the product solely base on my reviews as the products result varies differently on different users.
Pls reference to my info on the products I reviewed.
Hair: Black - Thin straight limpy - oily scalp - dry hair ends - bleached & dyed
Face: Combi skin - oily T-zone - medium asian skintone - dull - visible pores on cheeks & nose
Eyes: Very sensitive - droopy - hooded - double eyelids - mild-oily lids - dark circles - thin straight lashes - Contact Lens & Specs wearer
Lips: Pigmented - dry
Hands: Normal-dry skin - dry nails & cuticles - thin soft translucent nails
Body: Normal-dry skin - medium asian skintone
Statistics: 175cm, thin, underweight

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December 2013


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Oct 11, 2010 3:52AM -

Talika Bloggers Event by CozyCot‏ (+REVIEW of Talika Lipocils Expert in 12 days)

I was invited by Cozycot to attend the bloggers event: Talika - Lipocils Expert.
At first when I read my email, I was thinking the word Talika is very familiar..hmm.. where have I heard it before? (I'll get to this part later ^_^)

On 25th Sept, I met up with Na to go to Spa-Lon, Chijmes and there, we met Jiaqi at a cross-junction! =D Now, all the familiar faces!

(Credits to June See) Ok, why this pic? Na, me and verlyn we are goofing around behind June (she's sitting infront of us) and joked that we'll all use this pic as our entry's first pic/cover pic. XD~ Seems like I'm the only person posting it up eh?

Talika Lipocils Expert Bloggers Event
At the SPA-LON Corridor


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Mar 23, 2010 3:43AM -

Shot 20 Mar 2010 , Jap Obsession @ Cathay - Sasa - John Little Hauls - Goodies (Long Post & rant)

Back to my GOLD Nails Obsession!! (This ain't nothing to do with Jap Obsession ok...) Because my pink nails are fading off after few weeks.. so its time to change!
I put on Jordana Coat -> Skin Food -> NFU.Oh -> Jordana coat. TADA! Sorry my cam can never capture the colour correctly in such a dim room..

My FOTD, OOTD, and HOTD (hair of the day?)

When it comes to my OFF Day, I'm very excited! Dressing up is one of my favourite thing to do...Lalalala~

Oooooook. My forehead is never smooth, spots and blemishes here and there.. Conceal conceal conceal... is what I always do. hahhax.. =p
To make my face look shorter and cover my not so nice forehead, I use my bangs to do the work.

Recently just bought a translucent chifon blouse from - http://www.fairebelle.com with Anna as the model!~ Thanks Anna for introducing the site ^_^ (Seems like the site had moved to LJ? Before, it was host on a domain.)
I'd always wanted to buy chifon blouse/tops.. at least for current season, I want to wear clothings made of lighter and thinner fabric, so my sweat is easily evaporated~
So loving my cute pink shorts, first time wearing it too after putting into wardrobe like...3 months?! And yeah, you can see my HIGH heels that is so high that I kinda made all my other friends look so short... ^_^"" Ops, my bad...

Jap Obession @ Cathay
Organised by the group of people who organised Street Festival.
On 20th Mar, there were Jrock band performance and a cosplay competition. One of the organiser requested me to find them 5 cosplayers to 'park' them there, like mascots, they need to take pictures with the public. So here goes my 5 friends whom I troubled.. (Because I was too busy and tired so I had to skipped this offer! :( )

Thanks you guys for helping out for the event!! *Muacks!* (Kie's drawings on costume is absolutely stunning.. Just like the originals OMG... Kie: Have u actually finished the drawings? I can't even realise it from this pic...)
Cosplayed Characters From left to right: Hizaki from Versailles . Kyo from Dir en grey . Chii pair from Chobits

Taken with my cell phone... And what the F*** is going on with my last picture.. Some 'six sense' going on?!
Cosplayed Character by Selphie: Yuuki Cross from Vampire Knights

There's this booth which take pictures for FREE! They print the photos out from a Selphy. I tease Selphie about her name being same with the printing gadget.. XD
Selphy was not bad! The photos actually are not THAT orange in the originals,it's because I took these pics with my cam under orange lights..
All our faces are so FLAWLESS in the pics! Me like!
Note: I'm not pointing middle finger in the last pic yah.. Its my index finger hidden among my hair!

Shopping @ Cathay

After all the talking and watching of performances, I moved on to shop around Cathay while waiting for Nana. And see what I found! $5 for a piece of bracelet, great buy!
At first I dare not ask for price seeing that this thingy is so interesting, I was thinking 1 might be for $20?
A necklace I bought was $15. Big chunky and in fashion (at least for now) necklace but at a price rather reasonable!

Rightttt.. my fingers are too slim for this thing to be worn as a ring! Check out more pics from everbluec!

Shopping @ Plaza Sing

After having dinner with na, we went to Sasa and John Little.
I've gotten:
Suisse Oxy Water Spray - for just $19.90 @ Sasa! At least I find that this is a bigger bottle than Evian, and its famous for its skincare product so its worth to buy!
(I asked Sasa BA for Beauty Formula's Cooling Spray but she say it's no longer available! OTL||| My heart sunk...)
Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer (No. 52) - $19.90 less 20% @ John Little. Was influence by someone (u know who) and gotten this as well.. But afraid now that the colour doesn't suit me because I realised it actually has shade 53, but John Little wasn't selling that shade! Should have restricted myself from buying somethings that I didn't intend to buy! *slaps own hands*
EP e/s Quad - Na helped to buy for me, haven't swatch yet as the e/s are so pretty to look at..
LA Colors e/s palette - Goody from Na (Isit meant for the Gold makeup competition? hehehex...)

On 21st, I was at an event.. I stood under darn hot sunlight from 8am - 12pm and see what happened!?!?! (Refer to arrows)
I nearly faint because it was soooo hot and I'm working too hard as well. I used Suisse Spray to try to moisturise my face, it did moisturise but it didn't help to cool my temperate as like the Cooling Water(by Beauty Formula) I often used.
So now my face (although put on sunblock) has darken by 1 tone, but my body has darkened by 2-3 tones! Stupid sun. stupid event.
I just hope I wont get more pigmentations on my body and face... and LUCKY i didn't faint... Otherwise it sured to be aired in the news on the next day with Prime Minister carrying me to the ambulance van. XD~

[[[I am in no way affiliated with any beauty & fashion related companies, or organisations or am I representing them.]]]

0 Comments ~ Posted By miwitch
Mar 13, 2010 3:05AM -

Biggest lemming: Gold Gold Gold Nails (Conclusion: Minx)

Yes I love Gold... I love it more if its 24K GOLD. Well who doesn't huh?!!

My biggest lemming so far is Gold Nail Polish. I had been frantically trying to find different types of gold nail polish but I phailed in looking for the right one.
Often disappointed after I bought the gold nail polish and applied them on my nails. Yes they still look nice. But I will think "NO. ITS NOT THIS GOLD!!"

I wanted something that looks like the 24K Gold Bar GOLD. Not glittering, not shimmering, but yes more to Chrome... Shiny, Metallic...
Someone would have told me to melt a REAL gold bar and smack it on my fingers... -_-" I think I would get all my 10 fingers chopped off by some robber or some... guy.

Previously I kept telling Nana that the Gold i like should look matt. She and me went in many beauty stores to check out gold nail polish, but she usually ends up buying more polish than me!  hahhaax..
Somehow I remembered seeing a photo with gold nails, it kinda look matt. I didn't know how to explain the colour in words and I had lost that picture, plus my memory is very bad. =_=" That picture actually made me started off looking for the RIGHT gold nail polish.

Well, this Gold lemming kept me thinking for about past a year now, so I decided to do a search on the net today... I did searched before quite long ago but couldn't find any type of gold nails I liked.
But today, surprisingly, I found something!!
They are called the MINX Nails.
I might be already outdated for half a year or so, but at least now I get to know such things DO exist!!
I am SOOOOooo EXCITED! I want to look for more pictures of these gold nails and smack them all up to my blog!!!


::: Here are all my findings :::



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