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Based in Singapore All product reviews are based on my own experience.
Do not judge the product solely base on my reviews as the products result varies differently on different users.
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Hair: Black - Thin straight limpy - oily scalp - dry hair ends - bleached & dyed
Face: Combi skin - oily T-zone - medium asian skintone - dull - visible pores on cheeks & nose
Eyes: Very sensitive - droopy - hooded - double eyelids - mild-oily lids - dark circles - thin straight lashes - Contact Lens & Specs wearer
Lips: Pigmented - dry
Hands: Normal-dry skin - dry nails & cuticles - thin soft translucent nails
Body: Normal-dry skin - medium asian skintone
Statistics: 175cm, thin, underweight

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December 2013


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OOTD † fashion † beauty † sub-culture † cosplay † cat
Apr 17, 2013 12:18AM -

Comic Fiesta 2012 @ KLCC: Cosplays, Fashion & Beauty Haul

Been procrastinating so much lately.... and finally this is up!! OMG to the 12873129846 photos I edited.. hahaha~ Nevertheless, here's what I did at Comic Fiesta 2012 @ KL!

Here we go!~ v{Δ__Δ} *GUNDAM TWEES*


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Aug 14, 2012 9:40PM -

Guardian Haraju-Cute! Blogger Launch Event

Earlier this month, I attended the Haraju-Cute! Blogger launch event. It was a fun one as there were so many Japanese cult brand cosmetics for us to play with.
Here I have is my goodie bag with a drawing of me in manga style!! It was really nice of them to find a Japanese manga artist (who lives in Singapore) to draw our faces base on our real photos! First time ever someone address me as Min Joo Neul (korean nick used in my Facebook) instad of miwitch. =P

>>> Click here to continue reading! <<<

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Jul 15, 2011 8:36AM -

Collective Fashion Haul: GMarket, ALDO, POA, Uniqlo, MANGO, Vivi & 1 Rant

For the past 2 months and July, I spent quite alot on Fashion stuffs and I got many unread magazines! Finally, today I opened up all of them to 'scan' the pages.. *Phew*~ I hope my efforts will be appreciated much~ ^^

GMarket OKIBOX jewelry/accessory
Total of 28 items (I forgot what other 8 items were..Hmm...) ~$100 : The stuffs weren't that great. I find that only Rings and pleather bracelets are the most worth as their quality is much better than the rest of the accessories.
ALDO (Up to 70% SALES! ^_^)
Casal Black Ankle Heels $46.50: CHEAP! It was $155 before~ I'm lacking of many Black stuffs, hence from now on I'm trying to collect black coloured items ^^
Watler Shades (Floral) $29: CUTE isn't it!!!~~~ Great for the summer season!
Herrlin Shades (Black blink blink) $29 : Isn't this shades COOLLLLL!!?!??! XD~ Reminds me of BEAST somehow~

People of Asia Company (POA)
Grey bold cut short skirt $89
Black overlap front Jacket $109
White summer dress $109
After discounts: $180.20 Great Savings! ^_^

Uniqlo BIG BANG Grey Tee in XL size: $19.90

LovelySpree Haul RANT
I just want to do a short review of the clothes I bought from LovelySpree.
One fine day, I came across their Facebook and I started browsing their site. Then realise that many bloggers bought clothes from them and reviewed saying the stuffs they bought are wonderful. Hence, I think no further and proceed to ordered 3 clothes and 1 belt.
Angelic cowgirl chiffon dress $18.20
Camel Halter $19.90
Pink Mint Imiusa blouse $20.90
Brown Belt $7.90
Total $66.90 spendings with shipping.
When the parcel came and I opened it up. I was SUPER AWED to see that the clothes look SHO AWFUL! I haven't even tried but already know they will look awful is because of the material/fabric used to make these clothings!
I pasted the original pics compare to the clothes I received below. Some of you who can't make out the exact material used just by looking at my pics, would probably think that its almost identical to the advertised item. Yes, the design look similar but the Materials are just..... YUCKS!
I tried the clothes, and find that Angelic cowgirl chiffon dress is made of a rough chiffon (Can even see that the material is not as flowy as the original and crumples easily) plus I couldn't even squeeze through the chestline when wearing it. I managed to get through finally but the dress look alittle akward. The cutting isn't the same as the original. MAYBE I will wear this again when I'm in the mood.
For Camel Halter, the material weren't as what I had expected but it is still consider fine. At least the best among the 3 clothes I bought. However the fabric sheds little residues. The fabric is somewhat like suede and I reckon this cannot be put into washing machine or otherwise it will shed like crazy!
ONE thing that I do not want to even TALK about it is the Pink Mint Imiusa blouse. JUST LOOK at the 2 Comparison photos! THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! The material is so rough and paper-like, totally not flowy at all. The moment I took it out from the wrapping, I immediately relate it to AUNTIE. I shall pass this on to any AUNTIE to wear. SO NOT GOING TO WEAR THIS! And this cost freaking $20+ where I can get this like $5 from some market.
And lastly, the belt. I can buy this from stores at 2 for $5. WASTE MY MONEY buying it, the material is too soft, doesn't feel like its a belt even!
I shall not shop there again. Perhaps for others who love their clothings are the lucky ones who bought the nice clothes or their taste is bad. I'll say that I RATHER spend my $66.90 in GMarket and get 5 times better quality products from them!!! PFFT! You may think what all these fuss about, and I only spent $66.90? Well, I like buying cheap stuffs online and I'm prepare to take risks, usually 1 item of all would be bad but others are all good. But for this, its ALLLLL BAAAAD... I compared with FaireBelle, THEIR stuffs are so much better than LOVELYSPREE, and the prices are similar too!
I actually even tried to apply for writing a review on lovelyspree items, hoping they'll send me something. Now, I just dun wana talk abt them anymore. So much for all the nice reviews. Hmph. =^=
My RANT on LOVELYSPREE shall end here.

Angelic cowgirl chiffon dress

Camel Halter

Pink Mint Imiusa blouse

Brown Belt

NOW, Back to GMarket!
MissKang Tanktops $34.47 (free shipping) for 3 tops
These tanktops collar designs, I believe are handsewn by the lady herself. Simply yet elegant and nice. Fabric wise is good. Worth the money! ^^
ARTBOX Denim big ribbon hair accessory clip-on $7.90: Waiting for my hair to get longer so I can use this! ^^

MANGO Straight Jeans $39
MANGO Straight Relaxed-fit Flare Jeans Kathy $39
Just had to LOVE the jeans length! hehehex~ Able to get a super long Flare Jeans makes me really happy! Plus the discounted prices, double the happiness!

I got so many magazines unread! T_T"
GLOW: Finally Watsons sending me a magazine~ I been waiting for sho long~
Vivi July 2011 $18.10
iweekly & Style FREE!~ I'm able to read free magazines every week now from my workplace! Woohoo!~
SKIP BEAT Vol 27 & THE ONE Vol 11: Recommend to those who love Shoujo manga to read these 2!

I took iweekly back because of BEAST~~ hehhex.. took some scans from iweekly (Only took BEAST, I'm bias =p)
And scans from style (only few pages of what I like...): I really love the 2 tone lenses, thinking to get it.. can be seen HERE too.

OOOoooo Lalaaaa~~~ I love the makeup on her! Especially the very well blended RMK Blush! Sho pretty~ >_<

Vivi July 2011 scans:
This month, they include a Free PUReSA mask.
On the right pic, you can see a denim blouse with cut out shoulder part.. I had been LOOKING for this like months! Still can't find it! =_="
And I'm so gona get Diamond Lashes! I wasn't able to get it during my HK trip few months ago.. :\
Nice baggy jeans here.. Now I can wear something like this with my new MANGO baggy jeans ^_^

AGAIN MBLAQ! Woohooo! And missing Mir inside this pic.. hmmm..

Fashion styles: Retro Surf, American retro, How to match Bold Colours, Chic Outfits, Summer Flower, One-Piece

Fashion styles: WHITE (DAY & NIGHT look), Straw Bags & backpacks, Clutch bags, Bohemian style draw-string bags
I saw a blogspot link from the magazine: http://popcultureafternoon.blogspot.com Its super nice! Go click click! ^^

雨女 or あめ おんあ or ame onna (literally - Rain girl) is the term given to a person who seems to always bring the rain with her when a picnic or outdoor celebration is planned.
I personally am very fond of clothings and boots designed just for Rainy days. I wonder why the hell my granny didn't buy any cute rain boots for me to wear to school, but instead tied 2 market plastic bags OVER my school shoes and ask me to walk to school, surprising all my classmates with my super dry shoes regardless of the heavy downpour before. ^_^" Wat a funny culture Singapore has!
This my first time seeing someone wearing geek specs with Kimono! But still sho cute! ^_^ Talking about Kimono, we thought of Natsu Matsuri.
This year there will be one happening on 20 August at Japanese Primary School (Changi). Its fun! And super packed too every year! However this year's Natsu clashes with STGCC (Cosplay event) so I reckon many cosplayers will skip Natsu. If you like Japanese culture too just like me, you MUST visit Natsu Matsuri! It will be an eye opening event for you if its your first time! ^_^ BTW, my friend Selphie is performing AKB48's dance. Do watch out for this performance if you are there! =3

Look at the blondy~ Perhaps if I draw my eyebrow black, I will look like her.. kekex..

This swimsuit is super cute!!! =D

How to do eye makeup:
I love all the model's contact lenses. Their lenses do not have this black outer ring printing hence making the iris more natural looking.

GLOW Magazine scans:
I see Sarah, Mag and Sara! (I only can recognise them.. ^^") & DHC foundation... tempts me...~ @_@

Here says bowel habits range from three times a day to three times a week is normal? o_O I tot if I don't have bowel movement at least once a day, that means I have constipation.. hahax~

NUYOU $6.49 with free 1 Loreal OpenEyesPro in Tuquoise palette ^_^
This picture doesn't do justice to the nice swatches! >_<

'The Ah-Lian' OOTD: (quoted by a random Ah-Lian BA from Watsons)
Miss Skeleton long tee: GMarket
Big bronze cross with skeleton: Cineleisure
Navy Blue Black leggins: overseas
Black pleather ankle platform heels: GMarket
Bracelets: GMarket & overseas
Just to explain why the theme 'Ah-Lian'. My friend and I went into Watsons passing by 2 BAs (older age than us) and one of them went something like "Aiyah, just some AH-LIANs LAH!" Saying it out loud just when we walked past them. Reason why probably both of our hair are blonde (mine blonde yellow, my friend's blonde ash)
As usual, I don't pick up fights or arguements with strangers, so I just kept quiet. Seriously thinking those people who give names about others, are meaning to say that they are one themselves. So we got 2 Old ladies who wants to be Ah-lians themselves (But cant) in Ngee Ann city Watsons, jealous of our hair and our dress-up?... kekex.. Watever it is, I dun really care. As long as I like the way I style myself will do ^^

Lastly, my mimi to end the post. ^_^ I did this to him cos I saw a video of a cat's head popping out from a jacket sleeve, its sho cute!! >o<
Anyways mimi hates it. He escaped and punched holes onto my working blouse with his teeth.. kekekex..

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

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Mar 23, 2011 5:49AM -

2011 Collective March Fashion Hauls ~ Canon PowerShot G12 put to test

My OOTD the day I went to purchase my Canon PowerShot G12 @ PS!
Inner white translucent top: Overseas
Outer Satin grey short zip-up jacket: Overseas
Zip-up stud belt: Junction 8 Lemon Tee
Mini elastic purple cotton skirt: GMarket
Dark blue scratchy prints leggings:  Gmarket
MAD madfoot high-top Black starry shoes: GMarket

Clicky here for more Haul views and Canon G12 Testshots!

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Jul 14, 2010 7:09AM -

Cosplay MU trial ~ TGX Cosplay Event 2010 ~ Mini Photoshoot

On 9 July, I off work at 10pm and at 12 midnight, I started struggling to complete my costume and wig plus doing my trial eye makeup.. I wanted to do it long time ago, but I was not able to receive the SMH red shadow that I ordered with na in time, so instead I took the 88 palette from her to do this look. Phew~

Below shows the step by step of my eye makeup trial for the character SOI from Fushigi Yuugi (A person who DIED in the manga..hhahax..). If you born in this Era, I bet you know who she is! XD~ provided you do read shoujo manga... =p I know.. its very Old-School!

I think I kind of over doing the eye MU.. I decided to do a little mild next time! And doing a pointed eye MU on my droopy eye is quite a challenge!
- Geo Lens in Grey
- 88 palette (The darkest red)
- Loreal Paris Super Liner 24H
P.M.U. Matt White Soft Liner Pencil (Korean brand, given by friend)
- Majolica Majorca Neo Automatic Liner in BK999
- Ogle Fake Eyelash
- Flare Short Fake Lower Eyelashes

- Loreal Paris Chrome Intensity in Pink Mania (Both Purple, Pink)
- 88 palette (The darkest red)

- Mentholatum Vitamin Lip Gel
- Heavy Rotation Lip Concealer
- Callas Lipliner Pencil PK01
- MAC Frost Lipstick BombShell
- TBS 11 Lip Liner in Nude
- The Color Workshop Palette (given by Ariya)

Soi's profile:
Symbol: "Tassle" (房) - Located on left leg. (Someone ask me why I have plaster on my Left leg! kekekex..)
Constellation: Scorpio
About: Soi commands the powers of electricity. She can launch lightning attacks from her hands, as well as summon huge thunderheads to blast her opponents from afar. She also has the power to decrease or augument someone's power through the use of sexual techniques. She loves Nakago and has increased his power.

This group is the Green Dragon, they are rivals of... The Red Pheonix! 3 of my friend are from this team!

The cosplay mini event was held at TGX @ Expo on 10 July. Quite many regular cosplayers were there.
And now for some portraits! Remember, I am the bad girl, little smiling scene! (that's why my face so dark... =_=")

Some of the others who promised to join the FY group couldn't make their costume in time, hence only 4 of us! (L-R: mi, Nessa, Sel, Wendi)
I am showing like so much of my thighs, its not on purpose! The skirt was made too small to cover my hips.. =_=" And then my boobs are made too small... sigh~

I kinda look weird in this pic... -_- Aunty again~

Yoyo is there toooo! We've met alot of people that day and had lots of fun! ^.^

We kind of had a mini photoshoot with 3 pro photographers: Edmund, Kula & Usagi (Credits to them!) @ a small garden we saw just beside the TGX entrance... And the flowers fits our theme perfectly!
Many more pics not yet received from 2 of them, so below only shows a little pics from Sel's and Usagi's cam.

Since I'm the only bad guy, so we decided to make a 'Look away' pictures! Hehhehex..
First up! Sel having the 'DUHHHH' look. XD~

Another one from Di having the "HUUUUHHmmphh" Look

And then mi having the "WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING WITH THIS GUY! CHEH!" Look...

Lastly, some OMAKE!!! This idea was by Di, the day I brought my costume to her house and trying it on, she already wanting to grab my boobs... -_-"
Infact that day, my boobs were grabbed by N number of people! I already felt like slapping all of them! (in a fun way, not literally =p~)
Pics took by Usagi, PSed by myself.

Well, that's all for the fun part now, maybe more coming in when I get hold of the pics from the other photographers! ^.^

Till then! Cheers! <span style="font-size: medium; color: #ff99cc;">(●♡●)

</span>Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

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Filed in: cosplay, LOTD ~ Tagged with: wig, costume, Manga