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Name: miwitch
Based in Singapore All product reviews are based on my own experience.
Do not judge the product solely base on my reviews as the products result varies differently on different users.
Pls reference to my info on the products I reviewed.
Hair: Black - Thin straight limpy - oily scalp - dry hair ends - bleached & dyed
Face: Combi skin - oily T-zone - medium asian skintone - dull - visible pores on cheeks & nose
Eyes: Very sensitive - droopy - hooded - double eyelids - mild-oily lids - dark circles - thin straight lashes - Contact Lens & Specs wearer
Lips: Pigmented - dry
Hands: Normal-dry skin - dry nails & cuticles - thin soft translucent nails
Body: Normal-dry skin - medium asian skintone
Statistics: 175cm, thin, underweight

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December 2013


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OOTD † fashion † beauty † sub-culture † cosplay † cat
May 3, 2013 9:32PM -

Revealing VanityTrove May 2013

Today I'm going to reveal the items in VanityTrove May 2013 box! ^∇^v~

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Apr 6, 2011 2:22AM -

Massive Hauls from Macau-Hong Kong (Lancome, KissMe, aizim, Rote Fabrik, GOSH, Lavshuca, Bioderma, Lush..)

End March to Beginning April: Macau-Hong Kong Trip Haul
I didn't take receipts for certain items I purchased hence I'll just gage the price according to my 'very bad' memory.. hahax~
To know how much they cost in SGD, just divide the HKD amount by 6 (Eg, HKD296/6=$49.33)

I bought most of the stuffs from: Bonjour, Sasa, Watsons, Mannings, Lush, Trendyland

Below 1st pic (Top - Bottom, Left - Right)
Rote Fabrik Anti-UV Energizing Moisture Day Cream: HKD296 (Ex!! But GOOD!!! I personally think it can compare with my Jurlique Balancing Day Cream!)
KOSE Seikisho Clear Lotion: HKD101
Junkisei Prime Cleansing Oil: HKD79
aizim Ms, Violet Corium Care Water Drop: HKD168
Bioderma Crealine Dermatological Water: HKD62
KissMe Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara - Very Black (New Spring Release): HKD98
Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Black Fiber: HKD89
KissMe Heroine Volume & Curl Mascara: HKD79
Melliesh Eyelash #03: HKD46
Aqua Label Moist Protect Milk UV SPF28 PA++: HKD105
M2M Synergy Mascara Longlash: HKD69
aizim Ms, Violet BB Powder Pact SPF15 PA++: HKD156
aizim Ms, Violet Shimmer Blusher #03 Coral: HKD108
Aqua Label White Protect Milk UV SPF30 PA++: HKD99
Palgantong Lip Stick&Gloss #03 Cutie Orange: HKD98
B&C Chip-Graduation Liner - Black: HKD68
Skin Food Lettuce & Cucumber Water Mist: HKD75

>>> FOLLOW ME @ MY NEW BLOG TO SEE MORE MORE MORE Skincare & Makeup Hauls ^^ <<<

0 Comments ~ Posted By miwitch
Jan 19, 2011 1:12AM -

2010~2011 Collective & Fashion Hauls: KOSE, SANA, BeautyMaker, GMarket ~ LOTD & OOTD

Everyday, I'm editing pictures of my hauls.. I think I spent more than 2 weeks to finish them, with some breaks inbetween. And here is the reason why I'd spent so much time editing them!
The stuffs were bought way back from Nov till now. And so much LOTD and OOTD that I didn't get to post.. oh well, guess if I post too much of my faces, ppl will puke.. hahhax!

I'm getting reaaaaalllly lazy, I don't think i'm gonna name every item here, so if you girls are interested in any of them, just ask! ^_^
Clicky the links Pics (why i say links? =-=) to enlarge!

's recommendation for oily scalp/hair! So i got it the Royal Wind Oil Control Shampoo, with free conditioner at the back~ Not much to comment, it works so-so for me. =)

Ardell Fashion Lashes - 120 Demi: $8.95
Besides Japanese brand lashes, Ardell are also quite popular among the girls in Asia especially China/Taiwan. And most asian girls picked Demi lashes maybe because of their eyeshapes. From Ardell's website, I'm able to find the lashes that suits me by clicking the right category (eg, small eyes, round eyes..)
Their lashes are 100% Human Hair, and that explains why they can only be used a few times. Whats so good about it is that the base of the lashes (the part where it sticks to your lids aka the band) is not made of hard plastic thingy. Its basically transparent glue that holds all the lashes together!
Its soft and fluffy feelin' when I wore them on. ^.^ Likey!!
But no like when I remove them, as the lashes totally flattened out after I put them on table to dry when it was still damp. (Unlike lashes made of plastic!)
The correct method of maintaining it should be, wash/remove adhesive after peeling it off from eyelid, and dry them with towel/tissue immediately(if you do wash them). Air them on table only when the lashes are completely dry, so the curl will remain.

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast : $25.90 -20% (I got it on sales, with 2 free samples given! ^_^)
I'm happy that I'd chance upon Lissasioux's La Roche-Posay Cicaplast review and I must say that I got hold of Cicaplast too on the very day I read it. hahax~
With a little Push from Sophia, I confirmed that I actually NEED Cicaplast. =p
I had rashes on my neck and jawlines and at that moment, my skin was in mid of recovery but still got problems of dry flaky skin when I put foundation on.
So Cicaplast helped me on that. Although the oil bumps still pops up once awhile even with Cicaplast, however it didn't get anymore worst than that.
I also applied it a little over my lips and it felt nice. The edge of my lips are not so dried up and wrinkly feelin' like the usual.
Overall, I will say its very good but not till the extend of being my Holy Grail like what it did for the other ladies. ^_^

Shopping @ NEX.. I went there few times with Jessie, Verlyn, Na (everbluec) and also few times alone.. I got addicted shopping there. ^_^"
I really like this Bourjois eyeshadow pot - ombre a paupieres 05 (Light whitish-pink tone): $19 (-20%). I like the swatch on my hands, it gives a very smooth and nice satin & sheer kinda look. But when its on my eyes, I duno why it makes my eyes look ashy. =_= Probably I'm like, too dark for it? Those who bought this too, do comment!~
Finally, I bought 2-way foundations (my Covermark's running out), one refill from Kose:$57 (usual $60, thanks to Jessie's Isetan card) and another from SANA Natural Resource:$38.90 (-20%, no thanks to Na's recommendation =p~)

Repurchasing my Aqua Label White Protect Sunscreen : $26.90 (It helped alot from making my skin dark/ 'chou tar' from running around under hot sun)
Kose Seikisho Mask White: $35 (with free 5 pc mask! Promo @ NEX)

With help from my friend, Amber who always fly Taiwan every year or 2, I managed to get my hands on Naruko (牛爾 Niu Er's brand) and BeautyMaker (Kevin's brand) products. They are to be bought only online as its not available at the retail stores. I heard that its not that easy to purchase online too, like they need a special card or an account or some sort.
The stuffs shown below belongs to mi and Na's.
-BeautyMaker Color Correcting Eyelid Primer, Aqua Eye Concealer, Magic Concealer (Pen type)
-Naruko Rose & Snow Fungus Class Night Eye Gelly (I keep laughing at the 'Gelly' spelling.. LOLxx)
The shade I chose for my concealers are the medium shade (Beige 粉膚/自然膚色)
A small gift of face spray(?), cos i din order this ^_^"

Now for my Favourite part, Concealer swatches!! (Due to some pics were taken during different time of the day, hence the colour differs...)
I like the fact that the magic concealer is as peachy as MAC studio finish NW25, I now use both to conceal my -hopeless- dark circles. ^3^
And for concealing spots on my face, I mixed Aqua eye concealer with MAC C25 concealer.

I really am in love with the night eye 'gelly' (teehee~). Everytime I apply them on my undereyes, it felt so soothing. It has a rather strong smell of rose.. and kinda mix with lavender too? I can't make out what floral scent it is but it really smells great, smells as soothing as it's on my eyes...
Mmmm~ Eyes eating ice-cream~~~

Again, recommended by Na, I bought the KOSE Junkisei Prime Oil Cleansing. As much as she love it, I too love it. LOLx.. Go read her review here!

One of you might find this very familiar... LOLx.. I bought this Revlon lipsticks for 2010 Onsugar BXP gift exchange. And I couldn't stop the urge of getting more peach pinks lipsticks so I bought the same pair for myself too! LOLx..~

Ohhhh~ At last we come to Sleek Hauls! Another of my favourite buys from the last 3 months of non-stop hauling!
I'd ordered the Sleek Blush in Pixie Pink and Rose Gold through Jo's Sleek spree.
When I tried to open up the case, it was so daaaaarrrrnnn hard to open till it requires me to bring a pair of scissors to ply it open. =_= (imagine I had to do that EVERYTIME i wana use it.. PFFTt..)
And so, I did some work on the lock part. Observe DA Master @ Work!!! kekekex.. (When it comes to technical part, i'm quite good too! lolx~)

FASHION HAULS & What not...

I had been urged, psycho-ed, nagged (or watever you call it) to signup a twitter account. Without iphone, I see no point in creating the account and be able to twit only when I'm back home using my PC. So, I spent $500 (call me crazy!) to get my iphone! Just because of twitter? Neh~ just kidding =p

Various Fashion hauls from GMarket, Nichii@NEX, Parco Bugis Junction... I love the white long flare shirt (on the right), bought it for $49.90 (-10%) @ Nichii!

Nothing related to Beauty.. But I love stationeries since young, esp those that I can personalise!..
I was at Popular Bookstore and there was a jap video advert repeatedly playing and replaying on a small screen. I am drawn to almost anything japanese (and korean now.kekex..) and so, I found this little treasure!~ I have a little planner in my bag which I often update due to my busy work schedules and adhoc appointments (so that I wont forget..=_=")
I would like to get some colourful pens which i can use to draw small cartoons on my planner! hohoho~ childish much? =p Japanese girls are childish anyways. kekekex~
Its called the Uni Style Fit Gel Ink Pens, each refill only for $1.75 and Holder for $2.35.

Still! X'mas gift exchange?! How overdue-ed is that? But I still got somemore X'mas gifts uncollected!! *wink wink @ Na*

And again, overdues OOTD, LOTD.. ^_^"
Black crystals hairband: Far East Plaza
White inner top with frilly short sleeves: Overseas
White Short Burn-out Lace Top: Gift from Ariya!
Black Denim Shorts: Overseas
Black Tie-Dye style Leggings: GMarket
Black Ankle PU Buckle Shoes: Overseas

Eating in Sushi Tei @ NEX

Simple LOTD @ NEX using Loreal Paris HIP Bright Shadow Duo - Bustling (Gold & Brown)

Finally! I've reached the last item of my collective haul~.. This Military khaki green cap : $19 was purchased just few days ago @ City Square. I patron the shop before (Elephant @ Basement - Why is elephant @ basement? Because its too heavy so even if it goes to 10th floor, the ground breaks and it'll fall to the basement. Hahhax!~ I'm just bullxhitting =p~) when City Square just opened and I am loving their caps more, in compare to 77th street's. I think their cap sizes are a little bigger too than 77th St's. (can fit my big head heh)

And that marks the end of my 3 months collective haul... I'm now being a good girl trying not to buy too much things (so far still ok).. Unless I really NEEeeeddd it~ kekekx.. Hwaiting!!


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

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Sep 9, 2010 5:01AM -

The KOSÉ Walkthrough - With Robin Niu (Niu Er) *pics intensive*

AH HA! I got you! Isn't the Taka bag alluring? Waiting to see what's inside? =D Read on!
(The title 'The Kose walkthrough' sounded like a Game walkthrough heh...)
This time round I try to have less words and more pics.. ^_^ (Its gonna be hard cos I always talk alot.......Yap.)

KOSÉ Walkthrough I - The Talk

I joined Na's "Niu Er Beauty Talk" contest and the True Random Number Generator like mi! So I was picked along with Hazel, Candy, Verlyn, Christie to go for the talk for free!
We all seated right in the centre first row! (Verlyn & Candy's voices add together is equivalent to a row of ladies voices... =X)

Hazel, Candy & mi! (Verlyn and Christie came after that)

I am usually very conscious about how my hair looks but that day apparently I got so tired and frustrated cos of my menses and my hair just look like toilet bowl cover 马桶盖. Gahhhh~ See I look so fugly in all the pics taken on that day! =_="

Clara and Na invited as guest speakers on stage with Niu Er! (Pic Credits to myself, cam belongs to Na)

Niu Er teaching how to use Kose Seikisho Perfect Cleansing Oil & (Wipe-Off) Clear Lotion on this lady. Its said this wipe off method is the best method to remove all dead cells, black & white heads, making the skin soft, smooth, clean and brightens up. Read here for more step by step on how to use Clear Lotion. (See the comments I posted under the entry)
Methods I mentioned in the link are all being taught by Niu Er at the talk show.

Here, Niu Er using Kose Infinity Lotion Concentrate to moisturise the lady's face (If i remember, she is already a grandma but she's still so HOT! Skin very fair too!) Important point to note is to always apply with cotton pad in upstroke motions with firm hand, as it will prevent skin from sagging (due to gravity's fault!). Read here for more step by step on how to Tone & Moisturise. (See the comments I posted under the entry)

This lucky girl gotten 3 free gifts, a kiss on her backhand by Niu Er and got picked to be model for the Esprique Precious mascara tryout on stage! Read her entry about the talk show and be amused. XD~

After the talk, we have a group shot. And I look like I wore a wig there! OTL|||

Niu Er and the Fulgy Giant!
(I wore heels, sorry.. -_-") I was actually wanting to stand NOT too close to him. But when I stood beside him and I haven't even adjust my position, he GRABBED my waist and PULL me towards him so hard! OMG his arms are like SO STRONG! (Fufufufufufuu~)
I immediately freezed there and showed this silly look in the cam. URGH.. hate my expression =_= And he's so handsome yah??? =D
And I wanted to mosaic my face...

And a pic of us (Chistie left early :(~ ) after the event... I, as usual can't resist to make goofy expressions to the cam.

And here's my homework done for the talkshow. Most of the time Niu Er was talking too fast, so I didn't note down and my writing is like.. Only i can read it?
But definitely my drawing is better than my writings. hehex~ =p
2 things I want to share with you girls that I learnt from the talk, was how to massage your eyes (to deminish dark circles) and massaging your body (for... If i remember correctly, blood circulation?)
Just follow the drawings and you'll not go wrong. But remember, the force that comes from your fingers will roughly weigh about 2kg. You press hard on a weighing scale till it hits 2kg mark. That would be the exact force you be using to press the points at your eye area which I indicated.
As for the body, you need to use ALOT of force. Till you feel sore at the areas you pressed.
Sounds scary eh? ^_^"

Read many more Niu Er Tips of skincare and cosmetics here:
1. http://www.herworld.com/beauty/reports/beauty-expert-robin-niu-reveals-5-skincare-secrets
2. http://everbluec.onsugar.com/8-KOSE-Beauty-Essentials-Singles-Out-Niu-Er-10624804

KOSÉ Walkthrough II - Yet Again

After the talkshow, I joined yet again another round of contest hold by Na. Winners gets a $100 voucher from Kose!
And you guess it right, I won again! Along with Hazel too! *dances in circles with Hazel* (And we made a pair of Lucky Donkeys!)
Take a look at winner's comments AKA good tips for all of you too~

KOSÉ Walkthrough III - The Finale

On Tuesday 7 Sep, I went down to Taka to get my voucher. I'd already made up my mind to spend more than $100 to get the things I wanted like Cleansing range, Sunblock, Toner.. I tot I would spend wayyyy more than $100. But guess what?!

These 3 promotion packs only cost me $97 extra (after deduct $100!) *Hint hints to hazel if you hadn't gone down to Taka yet! ^.^
In addition to the offer, I have Takashimaya Debit Card too! Yeah to rebates! ^o^y~

Here's what I've gotten and the breakdown of the promo pack:

1. Seikisho Promo Pack $73
- Perfect Cleansing Oil (Full size)
- Clear Lotion (Wipe-Off Lotion) (Full size)
- Sekkisei White Liquid Wash
- Sekkisei Lotion
- Sekkisei Emulsion
- Ivory Drawstring Pouch

2. Infinity Promo Pack $78
- Infinity Lotion Concentrate 14 I ** (Full size)
- Oil Cleansing Cream
- Tone Up Wash
- Serum Completion I **
- Baby Blue Drawstring Pouch

3. Sekkisei Sunblock Promo Pack $46
- Sekkisei Sun Protector SPF50+/PA+++ (Full size)
- Sekkisei Supreme Powder Foundation SPF20/PA++

*Those not written (Full size) are NOT full size..
**Infinity Concentrate comes in I & II. (I - Moist, II - Very moist) Info grabbed from HERE

Loving the cute miniature Powder foundation~

The one drawn with arrow is the shade of the foundation. All the miniature foundation are in this shade.

I shall feature this pretty one because... I love the fragrance to the MAX! When I first applied to my skin, I smell something very very very familiar, but I just couldn't make out what it was then. Now I think the fragrance smells exactly like the Green Tea I often drink! [edit 14/09: After sometime, I realised its more like 'Tie Guan Ying' (Chinese Tea) than Green Tea!] The pure Green Tea leaves smell... No jasmine! LOVE!!~~
But I still can smell a little alcohol in there too. ^_^"
This pretty one was just launch in Japan on August 2010, even Singapore Kose website had not put up this range yet! (That's to say we are the early batch to try out Infinity range. =D )
I love the packaging too! Very luxurious... GOLDDD~~~

The Kose BA told me that Infinity Lotion Concentrate can actually mix with Sekkisei Lotion! You can mix both together into another bottle and use as your everyday toner, and you have both ingredients in your skin at one go!
Good idea isn't it?! ^___^ I shall do that!


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

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Filed in: event, skincare ~ Tagged with: Kose
Aug 29, 2010 6:19AM -

Collective Hauls from Japan & SG: Natural Resource, Hadanomy, excel, KOSÉ, Purenavi etc.. & LOTD

My friend just nice dropping by Japan (Yes! Literally drop by! Cos she's air stewardess.. ^▽^) so I asked her to get some stuffs for me, was on a budget (not more than $150..)
I went around searching online via Yahoo JP and gotten the below items... Most of these are not yet released or imported into Singapore, but some already had.

Here are the breakdown of my Japan buys:

SANA PorePutty Moist Face Powder ¥1365 : I ♥♡♥ this face powder! It launched not long ago in Japan~
SANA Natural Resource Moist Skincare Powder 24hr ¥1890 : Na used it long time ago and raved about it, so I got one too! ^_^
Hadanomy Collagen Mist ¥945 : If this is going to release in Singapore, I recommend you girls to get it! It smells wonderful! And its BIG (250ml). LOLx..
KissMe Heroine Make long & curl mascara ¥1050 : Heard its good so I try too!
NOEVIR excel Strong Liquid Eyebrow SWP #SL3 ¥1050 : I am such a visual person, whatever goldish thingy flash before my eyes, I sure get it. XD~
K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner WP #Super Black ¥1260 : Newly launched in Japan! And I think SG already have @ Watsons?

Total spent 'in Japan': ¥7560 (~ S$130) for 6 items. WORTH!

I am always amazed how much stuffs Verlyn gets to buy... and now I am AMAZED of myself... ⊙△⊙
Watsons Haul:
Shiseido AquaLabel White Protect Milk UV (SPF 30 PA++) $26.90 : Influenced by AutumnCandy *winks* ^▽~
Uriage Soothing Cleansing Water $34.90 : Apparently the sales lady talks good!! She compliments my skin type (combi is good cos we have less wrinkles)  then she tells me to make it better by using her products. She knows her products really well.. *3 claps for her* Actually I want only cleansing water but I bought 2 more items... =\ over budget!
From this week onwards till September, certain Uriage products will go on Promotion. Do check them out now if you wish to stock up!
Uriage Hydracristal Masque Thermal $34.90 : I likey this Masque! On first use, I feel my skin so smooth, 1 min after washing it off! I actually got STUN when I unintentionally brush my hands over my face and found it SO SMOOTH, felt as if I powdered my face. Hahhax~
Uriage Hyseac Active Care with AHA (discount 20%) $31.92 : Said to use for my oil spots, white heads and T zone.. I only dare to use at night as it contains AHA...
Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant Starter Pack $4.95
Neutrogena Fine Fairness Deep Whitening Mask $1.95
Kracie purenavi Facial Cleansing Gel $10.90 : Recently sees that there are more Kracie products coming in Watsons. purenavi is a totally new product, also just launched in Japan. Further review posted below.
AquaLabel White Up Lotion $26.90
Gatsby Casual Mat Moving Rubber (Wax) $4.80 : GOOD Wax for my short hair! It stays on for almost a day. I shall post a hair styling tutorial for short hair soon!
KOSÉ Seikisho Mask White (Buy 1 get 1 free) : Thanks to AutumnCandy again! *winks winks* ~▽^

Luxasia Sales:
Jurlique Balancing Day Care Cream $25 : I wanted to get the best seller Recovery Gel but its still expensive to me.. :( Notice that the cream is fully sealed, hence I'm not really worried of its lifespan.
Gatineau Anti-Aging Cream $10: For my mum =D

MAC Brush Cleanser $16.20 ($1.80 discount thanks to Na) : 赚到! 母哈哈哈!

EDM Itahake Kabuki Brush ~$14 : Ordered with Na. I tot of using this for calligraphy.... hmm..

Free gifts given to me during my purchase @ Luxasia Sales!

Some detailed pics of the products. Notice the red lines, they appeal to me. XD~

I got this free sample coupon of SKINC (Skin supplement Bar) product. So here's the product I got, a VERY Familiar serum to all...
Its Hyaluronic Acid!! ^____^ But its only 5ml.. Upon getting the serum, my face got examined by a 'scanner' where I can clearly see my skin layer on the monitor and I also got talked into buying their Facial Treatments.. I'm such a sucker for treatments. =_="
I had finished this little baby Serum and I find that its not bad~ However I couldn't review much because I rotated it with another serum and I only use it for the Day. All i can say is that it felt almost like Hada Labo where it will give a sticky feeling after its absorbed to your skin.
Inside the serum, the capsules (little blue round balls) are actually Active ingredients. The active ingredients are released into your skin once the capsules 'breaks open'. You can even combine different serums (up to 3 types) into a bottle, so it'll mean that 1 drop of serum gives you 3 types of treatments.
1 bottle of serum cost about $120++ (forgot exact price..)

I ended up buying 2 Oxy Miracle Infusion Treatments, 1 for $45 and 1 for $89. Why 2 diff price for same treatment?
Because I'm new customer so I got 1 at an even cheaper price. If you're interested, go down to any SKINC outlets and sign up for the treatment at $45! =)
I have a coupon from NDP which entitle me to buy Oxy Miravle Peel Treatment at $38! Woohoo!~

Short review of purenavi facial cleansing gel
Its clear, its watery gel, it foams up, it cleanses well, it makes the skin soft and smooth after washing off. Yap! Its about it.. ^_^
I like it for the fact that it is not the type of facial foam that makes my skin tight and dry after washing. The foam is not as much as aqualabel's, and yet its not really that mild too. So its my ideal face wash for now! ^.^ I'm glad I bought it!

And now for some FUN TEST! =D Picture says it all! I wonder if K-Palette Liquid Eyebrow will be as/more waterproof than excel.
FYI : Canmake's not waterproof.

Lastly, a very simple LOTD: Androgynous Look (Or not? o_O")
Pls excuse for my shiny forhead, tired face and already collapsed hairstyle as i wore this look from 12pm-12am..
Hair : Gatsby Casual Mat Moving Rubber

Covermark Moisture Veil Base Foundation

SANA PorePutty Moist Face Powder
I nuovi Facescape in Malibu Barbie (using the pink side as blusher)
Eyebrow: Majolica Majorca Eyebrow Pencil
I nuovi Facescape in Malibu Barbie (using the bronze side as shadow)
Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Neo Mascara BK 999
Mentholatum Deep Moist Lip Balm
Callas Lipstick in CLB BR03 Sheer Coco

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

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Aug 23, 2010 2:25AM -

Nu Ren Wo Zui Da scans: Skin-Lifting (Anti-gravity) Massage Techniques

Previously I posted my Skincare & Base Makeup Regimen and mentioned about doing the anti-gravity massage with my serum & moisturisers onto face, and hazel requested for the "anti-gravity" massaging techniques. I like the word anti-gravity more than skin-lifting. GRAVITY is every women's enemy!! ~\"\(>⌂<)/"/~

Joke aside, here's the scans.. (they're not really scans, as in using a scanner to scan but..... ah, anyways i still call it scans. ^_^")

(Scans from: 女人我最大 电视版 TVBS 2010 特刊 - Nu Ren Wo Zui Da TV Series TVBS Magazine)

There are many other massaging techniques shown in this magazine that I didn't "scan". If you girls wish to see some other massaging methods, let me know, I'll "scan" it and put them here. =D So sorry, this magazine is from Taiwan hence no english translations! >,<
But I think the pictures says it all~
FYI, the techniques are taught by Kevin老师

To those who went to 21 & 22 Aug KOSÉ private event: The steps are rather similar to what Niu Er (牛爾) taught us, I find all the massaging techniques very familiar as I've been doing almost everyday! But Niu Er added even more tips ontop of these!

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

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