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Name: miwitch
Based in Singapore All product reviews are based on my own experience.
Do not judge the product solely base on my reviews as the products result varies differently on different users.
Pls reference to my info on the products I reviewed.
Hair: Black - Thin straight limpy - oily scalp - dry hair ends - bleached & dyed
Face: Combi skin - oily T-zone - medium asian skintone - dull - visible pores on cheeks & nose
Eyes: Very sensitive - droopy - hooded - double eyelids - mild-oily lids - dark circles - thin straight lashes - Contact Lens & Specs wearer
Lips: Pigmented - dry
Hands: Normal-dry skin - dry nails & cuticles - thin soft translucent nails
Body: Normal-dry skin - medium asian skintone
Statistics: 175cm, thin, underweight

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December 2013


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Aug 23, 2010 2:25AM -

Nu Ren Wo Zui Da scans: Skin-Lifting (Anti-gravity) Massage Techniques

Previously I posted my Skincare & Base Makeup Regimen and mentioned about doing the anti-gravity massage with my serum & moisturisers onto face, and hazel requested for the "anti-gravity" massaging techniques. I like the word anti-gravity more than skin-lifting. GRAVITY is every women's enemy!! ~\"\(>⌂<)/"/~

Joke aside, here's the scans.. (they're not really scans, as in using a scanner to scan but..... ah, anyways i still call it scans. ^_^")

(Scans from: 女人我最大 电视版 TVBS 2010 特刊 - Nu Ren Wo Zui Da TV Series TVBS Magazine)

There are many other massaging techniques shown in this magazine that I didn't "scan". If you girls wish to see some other massaging methods, let me know, I'll "scan" it and put them here. =D So sorry, this magazine is from Taiwan hence no english translations! >,<
But I think the pictures says it all~
FYI, the techniques are taught by Kevin老师

To those who went to 21 & 22 Aug KOSÉ private event: The steps are rather similar to what Niu Er (牛爾) taught us, I find all the massaging techniques very familiar as I've been doing almost everyday! But Niu Er added even more tips ontop of these!

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

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Jun 14, 2010 5:03AM -

Shot 12 June 2010, Kevin @ StarDust event, Hauls

On 12 June Saturday, I met up with Amber, di, nessa to see Kevin @ Plaza Sing!
I initially wanted to wear the Magic Amber colour out but my other side of the brain tell me to test out the Aquadisiac. And so the other side of the brain wins...

The colour is much more intense and darker in shade compared to the pic, hence my friend said the e/s look rather too dark for a day look. (yesyes i know! I shouldn't have listened to my OTHER side of the brain! Urgh...)
Don't mind that little pink heart, I am having a BIG pimple growing right in the middle of my nose!

Loving Hyde's Roentgen Symbol Necklace!

Mini Studs Hairband: Helen
Shades: City Square Mall (forgot the shop name)
Hyde Roentgen Symbol Necklace: China
Starry Top: Overseas
Pink inner Spag: GMarket
Tie-Dye Jeans: Overseas
Gladiator Shoes: AMK HUB Black Hammer (New haul! $23.30 after discount)

Back to Kevin's event at PS! Heres the stage... Not many people below the stage and first blogger I accidentally bump into was Verlyn! (waves to verlyn again!)

And here comes Kevin! He kept going in and out the crowd, spraying mist on people's faces, putting stuffs on their hands.. So cute~

See how many hands came out!!! Hahhax!~ I told Amber to quickly give him her hand and I took pic for her! XD~ Ahhh~ its so exciting lah!

See who's the 2nd model this time! ^_^ Dblchin~ After transformation.. WOOT! Look at her pretty smile~ ^_^
And Kevin trying the men's BBcream on a men's hand...

After everything ended, when Kevin was walking down the stage, some girls crowded at the stairs wanting to take pic with him, I quickly went up and pushed Verlyn to take pic with him, but she's not fast enough, the security already pulled Kevin off for his next event. =_="" Urgh.. wasted man.. (although its not me who is taking pic with him, but I'll be happy to always take pics of artist with my friends! =p )
After Kevin went off, I met na and saw Kim was there too! (Did I also saw someone else with Kim? I guess I'm rather blur that time after all the commotion.. *_*)

Shared with di buying L'egere products in total $120 with 20% discount plus $5 deduction if you're Starhub user, (Means you need to buy $150 products before discount - Verlyn's brain calculated out the original amount in a split second that I went! O_O! Wow...) and we got 2 of Kevin's book with signature and flyers with signature as well! The other book is with my friend hence no pic of it!

And here is what I've gotten for myself!~ Shall do a review if I find anything awesome about the products! =D

<span style="font-size: x-large; color: #ffcc99;">♣

</span>The next day 13 June event @ PS again.. (I had been walking around PS for the whole 2 weekends! -_-") Here's the sneak peek pic!

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

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