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Name: miwitch
Based in Singapore All product reviews are based on my own experience.
Do not judge the product solely base on my reviews as the products result varies differently on different users.
Pls reference to my info on the products I reviewed.
Hair: Black - Thin straight limpy - oily scalp - dry hair ends - bleached & dyed
Face: Combi skin - oily T-zone - medium asian skintone - dull - visible pores on cheeks & nose
Eyes: Very sensitive - droopy - hooded - double eyelids - mild-oily lids - dark circles - thin straight lashes - Contact Lens & Specs wearer
Lips: Pigmented - dry
Hands: Normal-dry skin - dry nails & cuticles - thin soft translucent nails
Body: Normal-dry skin - medium asian skintone
Statistics: 175cm, thin, underweight

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December 2013


For advertorials/reviews, contact miwitch (Alternate Email, incase I didn't receive it)
Thank you for contacting me ^^

OOTD † fashion † beauty † sub-culture † cosplay † cat
Oct 31, 2013 9:29AM -

OOTD & LOTD: Halloween Celebration 2013

Happy Halloween everyone!
This year, I celebrated Halloween early! Managed to come out with simple fox ears and tail prop on the day before my Halloween celebration, after like lazing at home doing nothing for a few weeks procrastinating about cutting the fur.. hahhax~
Well, now that I know what the fox says, I shall wear my big white fox ears and go around "Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!" LOLx~
0 Comments ~ Posted By miwitch
Apr 17, 2013 12:18AM -

Comic Fiesta 2012 @ KLCC: Cosplays, Fashion & Beauty Haul

Been procrastinating so much lately.... and finally this is up!! OMG to the 12873129846 photos I edited.. hahaha~ Nevertheless, here's what I did at Comic Fiesta 2012 @ KL!

Here we go!~ v{Δ__Δ} *GUNDAM TWEES*


0 Comments ~ Posted By miwitch
Jun 24, 2011 7:42PM -

UNIQLO Uniqlooks Contest: Check me out on 联合早报 (LianHe ZaoBao)~ ^__^v~

Today, you took out your morning Chinese Newspaper - LianHe Zaobao, do you see something very Yellowish on the front page????
Yap, THAT's ME Alright! hhahx~

I got a SMS from my schoolmate (Thanks Yisun! ^^) to inform me that she saw my pic on the front page, I was like Huh? For wat? What did I do?!
Then I saw a FB post by Linda (Thanks for taking this big head pic~hahax..) and I saw my big face. I was like OMG front?! Not that I want to be haolian- proud ...ok, NOW i'm proud =p~ Because its my FIRST TIME to have my face on front page ok! >_<
Then the first thing that comes to my mind is: I cannot go opposite coffeeshop already!! They all can recognise me! I'm the so far most yellow headed gal in Punggol ah~ ~_~" *paiseh* (Proud & paiseh, confused feelings..)

But now sad thing is that, I DO NOT HAVE THE NEWSPAPER!!!(*%@_%(@_#$ It was sold out by the time I ask my helper to get it from the coffee shop.. Zzz..
Anyhoo, I'm glad at least to know that my workplace has the newspaper and I get to keep that (although its been used many times by public). hahax..

This is what Linda (*muacks for taking such clear pic of it!*) took and posted in my FB. I heart this pic cos my makeup shows up very nice and clear and the strong colours like yellow, purple (specs), blue shows up nicely too!
After which, Amber replied: And your 早报 photo hoh... Waaah!! The “没得到”... Very inauspicious leh... 没得到什么!?
I said the
“没得到” is about another article! (I think..) kekex..
Then she said: Ooooh!!! Okok! I was like... What 没得到!?太过分了!没得到也不用登得那么大吧!hehehe!</wbr>
I LOLed! Super cheeky Amber. XD~


0 Comments ~ Posted By miwitch
Feb 9, 2011 6:08AM -

CNY 2011 Day 2: LOTD + OOTD

Click to read more!~

0 Comments ~ Posted By miwitch
Feb 4, 2011 6:39AM -

CNY 2011 Day 1: LOTD + OOTD


How's it going for all of you on the CNY first day??? =D

It wasn't been very good for me (health wise) as I got a migraine that started on CNY eve and it goes on until CNY Day 1, the moment i stepped in my own home, it kinda stopped. =_=" I think the point when I see my own home, it relaxes my brain? Hahahx..~

Anyhoo, here are a bunch of pics I took using iphone @ relative house and when I returned home.. =)

LOTD: taken using iphone + mobile photoshopped. I love the effects! It makes my skin looks flawless... This effect is called over-exposed. ^.^ hehex~
Original pic is shown beside it..

CNY Day 1 Makeup
Face: - Cyber Colors Gemstone Aqua-base Pudding Foundation SPF20 PA++
- MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 NW25 (for dark circles)
- Sleek Rose Gold Blush
Eyeshadows: - SMH Two to Tango & Inuovi Trucolor Eyeshadow Rich Gold (Forgot to take closed eyes pic!)
Eyeliner: - Fresh Minerals Waterproof Liner in dark brown
Eyebrow: - Kate Gel Eyebrow
Eyelash: - KissMe Heroine Make long & curl mascara
Lips: - YSL Rouge Volupte 30 Lipstick & NYX Pink Lipgloss

Taken @ Home.. can see the difference of my eyes? It got red and tired. LOLx..~

Yeah, acting cute here.. hoho~ And to show my big red Ring~ & Antique gold nails~

The main purpose is to show my *NEW* MAD high top Shoes and Bigbig Leopard prints Musical Earrings! (And my new bra..somewhere inside..=p)
Can just ignore the rest of my outfit, my brain isn't thinking well, I just dumped whatever I thought I could wear on my body and ran out. ~_~
I will post my Shoes & Bra haul next time! ^_^ I've got much interesting things to share with all of you!~

Taken by iPhone + mobile Photoshop in Soft focus

Taken by iPhone + mobile Photoshop in Soft focus & borders

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

0 Comments ~ Posted By miwitch
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Jan 7, 2011 5:10AM -

Product Review: Kao Biore Makeup Remover ~ Hottie Pinky Sweet LOTD & OOTD

Clicky the pics to enlarge! </p>
During November, I was contacted by Huimin from Kao (Singapore) to review Biore products. As I had some rashes happening on my face and neck for the past month, hence I delayed my review for Kao Biore products. ^.^"</p> <p>Kao (Singapore) sent me a parcel that includes:
1. Kao Bioré Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets (Regular Pack)
2. Kao Bioré Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip (130ml) (I call it Point Remover)
3. A DIY First Aid Box (Cute isn't it??!!! 》▽《)

When I open up the First Aid box... I saw...
See how cute all the products were packaged and they even sticked on a mini advert tag on the products~ (what do you call that thingy?)


Kao Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets & Makeup Remover

The Packaging

I like their simple and sweet packaging design plus the colours used are very lady-like.
One thing I find that the Cleasing wipes is overly wrapped up. I had to unwrapped 3 times inorder to get to the actual product.

<p>Later, I found out there were cute illustrations drawn at the back of the cardboard wrapping but they were all written in japanese, how I wish I could read them as it seems that they are providing a very useful tip of using the wipes! Anyways, i think by looking at the illustrations, we all should know what they meant... ^.^"

Kao Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets (Pack)
<p>The pack within the Cleansing Wipes container was fully sealed up nicely. There were again, many instructions all written in Japanese on the packaging which I had no idea what they were writing about.. LOLx..
To see 48 sheets refill pack, clicky here: http://www.kao.com/sg/biore/bio_clensing_cotton_oilin_01.html
Kao Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip
<p>I loving the simple bottle design, it reminds me of mineral water bottles (though I don't really drink lot of mineral water..^,^" but I always like the design of a crystal clear bottle with very interesting content within it)
Only for this point Makeup Remover, we need to shake it well before using it.
Face Makeup Remover like THIS, do not need shaking. (See my review on Biore Hydra-Clear Makeup Remover HERE & HERE)


BEFORE and AFTER USE - Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip
-I drenched my cotton pad with lots of Remover, and I pressed the cotton pad onto my eyelid, covering the whole eye and eyebrow.
-With a little pressure, I hold it there for about 10 secs and longer.
-Then I do a swiping side move, and WHAM!! My false lash along with all the makeup came off!
-Below shows before and after use. The remover wiped off all my eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow mascara, false eyelash, concealer and foundation.
My thoughts:
I love how quickly and how thoroughly it cleanse off all the makeup. However, I still find my eyes a little tingling and vision becomes alittle blur when the content gets into my eyes. The tingling feeling is bearable though.
Overall, I love it. :) It is probably gonna be standing side by side with my current Holy Grail makeup point remover from now on. \^o^/*~
First time showing my Bare Bare droopy eye.... *shys*


BEFORE and AFTER USE - Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets

Below shows my very basic everyday LOTD with a little eyeliner (usually I don't put on eyeliner when I go work)

-Open the container lid, using 2 fingers, I gave tissue wipes a hard press until I see the 'oil' content flowing towards the point that I pressed.
(This is to show that the sheets are not too dried up if I were to leave the wipes unused for a certain period of time, and I find that by doing so, the most top tissue wipe will absorb alot of the 'oil' from below, which would be good as I need as much 'oil' as possible to remove my makeup. ^_^)
-Pull off a sheet and start wiping off the makeup from face with down and out stroke motions.
-For my eyes & lips, I will fold the tissue to half, and use the folded corner and lightly brush along corners and edges. So that the liners will be able to be removed thoroughly.
-Below shows the total number of sheets I used to fully cleanse my makeup face. - 4 sheets!
-After which, I used a cottonpad filled with point remover and cleanse my face once again. I found some traces of foundation on it (See most bottom pic), meaning that the wipes weren't very efficient in thoroughly removing the makeup.

My thoughts:
I find that the sheets are rather dry . When I used it on my face, the wipes felt rough and after using 2-3 sheets, i felt my skin started to burn alittle. Not physically, more like its my own thoughts. ^_^" Too much rubbing of the wipes makes certain part of my face (such as my jaw/ below cheek areas) dry.
As an overall, I would much prefer to use these wipes as a corrector for my ruined makeup.
And for a quick makeup remover during my after-cosplay, that is, to remove my thick wayang cosplay makeup and retouch with a little powder after that so people would not keep looking at my overly makeup face. hahahx~ ^o^

<p> Sorry, Imma not going to show any Bare Bare face! *shys*



Lastly, some cute scene.. My very KPO paper-eating Mimi!
Not for sale

That's all for my review! Any questions do comment under this entry!~


And now for some LOTD & OOTD~~~
Very overdue LOTD, taken way back during Nov.. ^.^"
I name it Hottie Pinky Sweet! (Sorry if I dun really look that hottie nor that sweet... but Pinky, Yes I AM!)

Woo~ My eyes are so blue! Thanks so much to Rohto!!

Pink pink Eyeshadow! If I remember correctly, I'm using Loreal HIP Adventurous (Light Beige & Pink)
Eyeliner - K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner WP #Super Black
Foundation - Gemstone Aqua-base Pudding Foundation SPF20 PA++
Others... I don't quite remember. ^.^"

I was looking at my pair of hot pink ankle length stockings which I bought not long ago @ GMarket.. Then I suddenly came out with this look.. LOLx..
But ended up never wearing that stockings cos I think it will attract too much attention to my feet! ^___^""


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

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Nov 9, 2010 3:01AM -

My Birthday Celebration - Oct 2010 & OOTD

On October, the scorpio celebrated her birthday with different people on different days.
Most of the time had fun eating, had fun taking photos, and most importantly, had fun receiving presents! (Well, who dun like presents?!)

Here, showing off my presents from na (everbluec), Ariya (everbluec's sis), Swan, di, sel & nessa!

First, the glittering, most eye catching of alllllllllll (Girls just love diamondssss), a gift from Swan
CyberColors GEMSTONE Compact SPF 40 PA+++ Powerful Two-Way Cake
(Can see my face in the reflection!)
(Photo credits: Swan | Camera credits: miwitch)

I really really like the aesthetics of the packaging. Its fully chrome surface and it reflects at all angles even the interiors! I spotted this compact previously at Sasa while I was purchasing my Cyber Colors Pudding Foundation. When I swatched it, i find the glitters really beautiful! I lemmed on it ever since.
Na knew I wanted it and so psycho-ed my friend to get it for me. hehhex! THanks both of u (one for the effort and one for forking the $$$) Xp~
When I first used the compact ontop of my BB cream, I find that the glitters is really quite alot and the tone is not really skin matching. It appears to me more like a bronzer. I felt my whole face was reflecting lights everywhere.. hahhax~

Lippy gifts from Na~~ Very small but very expensive stuffs! I almost wanted to fork out my own money to get it but she hint me not to get OCC. Anyways that's not a hint anymore.. I already KNEW she's getting it for me! Yeah~ *hearts*
Rimmel Vinyl Stars Mirror Shine Lipgloss
OCC Liptar inTrollop (left) & in Hush (right)

Ariya got me a top which I initially wanted to get it too!! (omg, I feel so blessed this year XD~)
The right (adv) pic shows the top that I wanted to purchase but it was OOS for the past summer season. That was a much longer version with wide frills.
As for my gift, its much shorter but its design is quite simlar as it has the same round base. Sorry this pic i took does not do justice to how pretty the top actually looks! I had a better picture taken with me wearing it but its in Na's cam.. ^.^"

Swan's gift to me, a vintage ring. I likey~ Now I kinda thinking my short hair doesn't look quite matching with all these sweet stuffs.. Lolx! I must quickly grow back my long hair!!!~ *waters own head*

Lastly a fluorescent purple web stockings from na (NOT fluorescent at all in the pic and why it looked so like worn stockings in the pic? =_=")

Ariya & mi - Swan & mi!

Na & Mi!

Mi & mimi! (alamak, so many mi-s)
White long inner top & Black Short Lace Top: Overseas
Black Cotton Leggings: Dorothy Perkins (I find that the leggings starts to shrink on me..=_=)
Gladiator Centipeded Shoes: Mitju
(FYI, my lips for this pic is using OCC Trollop and Rimmel Vinyl Stars, likey the lippy colours~)
my cat forever will look up when I carry him, cos he tot I'll bring him to smell lizards on the wall...

On a my birthday, I visited my grandma & eldest aunt to treat them for a nice seafood dinner.
My grandma had just moved this year from her very old old old house (yes, i repeated old cos that house is so old that it has big deep cracks on the walls! Scary!) to this new house @ Bendemeer. I'm happy to see her living comfortably in this new house. I kinda like it there too, feels so comfy that i almost fell asleep on the couch. kekeex..
Oh! And i totally love the window 'seats' idea! I want that too for my own house but I had floor length windows for my living room. =\

On halloween I got a surprise gift from di, sel & nessa! I didn't thought they would actually get me a present bcos sometimes I forgotten about their birthdays *guilty* and didn't get any gifts for them *guilty x 99*... They're so thoughtful, they knew I like cats and probably also bcos I always carry alot of things around when I dressup for occasions, they get a medium size handcarry bag for me to put my clothings and such. And maybe i can use this for hand carry luggage to Japan too! =D
One look at it, I know its from ARTBOX. XD~ kekkex..
P/S: I bring my Nyanpire everywhere i go now! teehee..

PP/S: I REALLY start to miss my long yellow hair... (>'"<||) I had decided I'm going copper the next round! Fufufufuufu~

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

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Oct 21, 2010 7:23AM -

Collective Hauls: MAC, Nature Republic, Shiseido, Cyber Colors, L'Oreal, Topshop, ZEA and Short Tutorial

Well, before I go on with my Hauls.. I just want to tell everyone that I'd signed up 1 dancing workshop happened just earlier this month. I guess besides my primary school times which I took part in a one time stage hawaii dancing performance wearing straw skirts and holding pongpongs, this should be the 2nd time in my life learning how to dance.

I love listening pop, rock, R&B music and recently everyone's going gaga over (besides Lady Gaga)... its none other than KPOP, known as Korean Pop.

And what's the Hu and the HA about this dance workshop? It's about SNSD RUN DEVIL RUN Dance workshop!!!
If you hadn't seen how they dance, play the following Vid!!

<object height="385" width="640" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/q_gfD3nvh-8?fs=1&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="data" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/q_gfD3nvh-8?fs=1&hl=en_US" /> <param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /> <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/q_gfD3nvh-8?fs=1&hl=en_US" /> <param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /> </object>


This dance step is NOT EASY OKKKKkkkk.. (for a 2nd timer like me) At least I find that SNSD "Oh!" even though appears difficult, still is easier than Run Devil Run! And of course, GEE! is the easiest. Heh.. Why can't they teach something simpler.. =_=
Any hoo, Let's take a look at the studio @ my HQ... The trainer was invited to our HQ Dance studio to teach a bunch of lazy bums employees like us.. And dancing is for ANY AGE! =p (Arrows: THat's mi!)

After 2 hours of dancing, we managed to complete first half of the song.

It suppose to be a 8 weeks dance course to complete the whole song with perfect dance steps, but we are no pros so we just anyhow~ complete it within 1 workshop.

Apparently I find that the workshop "NO SWEAT!" (Plus the studio was air-conditioned)...

.....until the 3rd day, my muscles ached like nobody business!!


Phew~~ Dancing sure can kill some calories, stretch some stiff muscles and improve my blood circulation!!
I soooo wanting to join Hip hop dance but my work doesn't allow me to have more personal time for my interests.

Darn, work sure SUX big time!

Here, was my OOTD during the dance workshop, but I was wearing trackpants earlier before I changed to jeans. The pants are super long that I kept stepping on the ends and tripping myself over. ^_^"

Oh ya, the dance trainer is from Danz People, see their FB here! The trainer is sooo sooo cute & hilarious! I didn't catch her name though. At first sight, I tot I saw Sara... But I didn't wear specs, so the similarity percentage might be only 1% =p~

Now, ON with DA HAULS!!~

MAC Haul: Superslick Liquid Eye Liners in Gold & Silver!
Many many Thanks again to Kim for helping me purchase at DFS when she went to Changmai! I spent $66 overall.. So, I did saved a few dollars did I? o_O
But i hadn't include registered mail yet.. hhahax~

Topshop Lipstick: in Desert: $19
ZEA Plumper Lip Stick in Rose Vintage: $13.90
ZEA Plumper Lip Gloss: $9.90
One swatch of Desert, I immediately want it! It reminds me of MAC freckletone lipstick which I dropped it into the toilet bowl.. u_U" However Topshop lipstick is very dry... while ZEA's very moisturising! Its a good buy!

In my previous collective haul, I bought a Ritzo Color Guard Hair Spray and the nozzle phailed on me.. TWICE! Lucky thing is that I tried on the spot when I exchanged for the 2nd Ritzo. Man, never again will I buy that brand from Ocean! And so I paid alittle more to get...
L'Oreal Paris Professionnel Anti-Static IONIC Air fix techniart (Force 5): $13.50 (Phew~ what a long name..)

After reading AB's Nature Republic Ice Jelly Primer post.. I just had to try it too! Its not cheap if I were to think that the original price in Korea is only less than $10.. But to think such known brands products (like L'Oreal/Maybelline) to be sold in SG for the cost of $19.80 is rather reasonable. ^_^"
Ice Jelly Primer Cherry: $19.80
SoapWort with Pomegranate Facial Wash: $10.90
Alaska Pure Ice Aqua Sun Cream SPF35: $21.90

Quite like the Ice Jelly Primer and now thinking to get the Blueberry one! Intially I only wanted the blueberry but it was out of stock! =( *hint hint na, help me get with the member card~ hahhax..* As for the Aqua Sun Cream, I keep getting residues on my face.. Till now, I have tried using different day skincare to see if I get the same results. Yap, up to now I still getting residues. =_= FYI, I still put on cream moisturiser before the Sun Cream, I will try not to put cream moisturiser next time and see how it works out. =)

Sasa Hauls~
Shiseido Eyelash Curler: $16.20
Cyber Colors Gemstone Aqua-base Pudding Foundation SPF20 PA++: $36.90

I had been lemming on this foundation for a looong time ever since it was launched! And finally I got it!
Aside from this, I start lemming on its 2way cake too! The 2way has very pretty shimmers on it so nice! =D~ (no swatches though..u can only see it in my brain..)

The spatula comes with 2 different scoop design. The round side JUSTTTTT perfect for me to dig the content out of the Ice Jelly Primer! And then the flat scoop for the foundation~ One stone hit 2 birds. ^.^

Now for freebies! Na and me went to collect our dejavu Fiberwig (thickening) Mascara~ Its my first dejavu! It came with a very cute pretty pouch, a combi of coin purse with tissue holder.I like the pink furry accessory, will be using to hang on my bag or hp.. =p

Lasly, some hauls from overseas.. heh heh.. I will not get into details for these babies, as some of these are for someone special!! *wink wink* (~.^)

However, I will get into detail just for one part. Which is, how to check your product authenticity...?
( This only apply to products bought from this company: www.LMCZ.com )
As most of you know, there are zillions of fake/replica/duplicate/unauthentic (whatever you want to call it) products in China/Taiwan/HK/Korea etc etc.. But I must say the fake stuffs are more often than not, made in China.
Believe or not, in China, there are also localised brands being replicated! Say for example, the infamous Chaarming Cat (Not spelt as 'Charming') products, part of LMCZ. They are rather famous in their own country that other people would want to replicate their products for their own benefits!
So, the company came out with the Authentication stickers for every each of their product. You should be able to see the sticker pasted on the box or packaging, otherwise you are buying a fake.
With the sticker, doesn't mean it is authentic, you need to check the number code printed in there on the LMCZ website.
Following pic shows step by step tutorial on how to check your product authenticity.

Basically the same principle applys on the Windows software too, if you realised. ^_^

Just a thought, does anyone of you know how to go about doing a quick check on a perfume to see if its Genuine/Fake during your purchase? ^___^
Make a guess.


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

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Mar 10, 2010 3:54AM -

1 & 6 Mar 2010 Haulsssss.... *image intensive*

Just to Thank my friend Ash: THANK U AT LAST MY WINDOWS AND PHOTOSHOP IS BACK!!!!~~~ Hohohohoho~~~ Right... back to bizness..
[[[Before I start, I would like to say: I am in no way affiliated with any beauty related companies or organisations or am I representing them.]]]

1st March.. What I gotten???
Stuffs: A flowery dress + top ($12 cheap!) + Skirt + Lace Spag Dress ($10 CHEAP!) + Cap (on it, written 2PM.com.. Ya know what I mean? ;D) + Keyboard & mouse + Windows 7 CD
Makeup stuffs: Loreal MU Base + MMajorca Eyeliner + Fake lower lash + Spongey
To see my dressup shot for 1 & 6 Mar, click HERE

The CD is sooooooo pretty to look at!!! *Sparkles*

Trying out the Loreal MU Base...
Had started using it on mi face these few days... I think its so so... For such hot weather, the primer doesn't do much good in keeping my foundation on.
I will sweat and face will produce oil, the foundation will still get abit cakey.. Lets see how it works when the weather is not THAT hot.. o_O

Trying out the lower lash.... I think its too long... Its darn hard to stick it! It kept going downwards rather than OUTwards... And by looking at my pic.. It kinds of remind me of..

KYO from Dir En Grey!!!!!!!! MUhahahahhaxxx... But of cos his is DE EXTREME! *Loves Shinya in the pic ^.^*

6th March.. What did I buy again??? Most items bought from Sasa!
3 face masks + Cyber Colors Instant Bright Bubble Mask + Crystal Deodorant + Pupa Metallic Mascara (GOLD Color!) + Fresh Mineral water proof eye liner + Rohto contact lens drop + Another Neutrogena Eye MU Remover (from gaurdian again becos their sales is still on-going!) + Another Spongey...

And here comes the BIG Pictures!!!~ (For selected items only)

The swatches are done in Sasa and it travelled all the way home with me and then pictures were taken at home, so the colours are not very fresh...
I seldom buy brown eyeliners because I always liked how black liners make my eyes look bigger... However this Fresh Mineral brown-bronze liner looks nice, so I decided to give it a try. ^_^ Its $15 for one!
PUPA bronze liner does look nice too!

PUPA has this new Black & Gold range of MU.. And it ATTRACTS me alot!!! (I am brown-gold colour lover)
They have this another range (Not sure what name?) and it has Bronze Lipgloss in 3 shades, bronzer or highlighter? in 2 shades (Quite Glittering!) , eyeshadow quad (has 1 gold color in it!), eyeliners, etc... The lipgloss are quite appealing, tempting to buy it! >_< The bronzer too!! (But kinda too glittering for me..)

This mascara comes from this collection: http://www.pupa.it/ENG/Collections/Black__Gold.htm

Before I proceed to show the gold mascara, on the top you can see I'm already wearing black mascara.. I tested the volume mascaras from Watsons.
MMajorca is not as thick as Maybelline (Ops! I missed out the brand name), but Maybelline's quite crumpy.. Yet to tried the Fasio one, because they didn't have the counter there in Tampines Watsons.. =(
Next UP! PUPA GOLD Mascara!!!
To brush this Gold mascara is not easy (or maybe because I have very little lashes.. -_-"), when brushing the mascara onto the top of my lash, the gold content will touch my lid and I have a immediate gold eyeliner on mi eye... To cover all your black lashes with gold is really not very easy task..

Taken without flash...
[edit] I nearly forgot to say this... When I buy the gold mascara, I was afraid it's not waterproof because its no where written the word 'waterproof' on its packaging... So I tried to rub the lashes with my fingers (doesn't smudge) and I removed it using my usual mascara removing method...
Its DARN HARD to remove! (probably also because I was already wearing black mascara underneath it?) Its super waterproof I tell Ya! [/edit]

I wanted to buy some more gold e/s (SOMEMORE AGAIN?! *slaps head*)
Now I'm lemming on the i nuovi Gold e/s.. Here's the swatch (As mentioned, the swatch was brought all the way from the shop to my home, so its kinda faded..)
But i nuovi's is much more pigmented than Pupa's.

The talks' are all about bubble masks recently, so I decided to try one too!! Cyber colors Bubble Mask! (Usual $59.90, I bought for $39.90!)
When you pump out, you must IMMEDIATELY put on your face. Within seconds, it formed mass of mini bubbles on your skin... After a minute or so, you'll feel the bubbles starting to pop pop pop! (The feeling is so tingling! Makes me go "Hehehhehee...!")
After effect on first use: Hmmm... Don't really feel anything different. ^_^"" Skin feels A LITTLE BIT more moisturized thats all..

And that's all for the hauls I've gotten just only within the first 1 week of March... I had broken my own rules, that is to: NOT SPEND TOO MUCH ON MAKEUP!
Urghhhhhh........ (Because I'm more of a fashion person than a MU person... =_=)

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