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Name: miwitch
Based in Singapore All product reviews are based on my own experience.
Do not judge the product solely base on my reviews as the products result varies differently on different users.
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Hair: Black - Thin straight limpy - oily scalp - dry hair ends - bleached & dyed
Face: Combi skin - oily T-zone - medium asian skintone - dull - visible pores on cheeks & nose
Eyes: Very sensitive - droopy - hooded - double eyelids - mild-oily lids - dark circles - thin straight lashes - Contact Lens & Specs wearer
Lips: Pigmented - dry
Hands: Normal-dry skin - dry nails & cuticles - thin soft translucent nails
Body: Normal-dry skin - medium asian skintone
Statistics: 175cm, thin, underweight

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December 2013


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May 6, 2012 5:32AM -

miwitch's Hair Colour Journey ~ March to May 2012

Ah ahh~~ This is a pic of my LOTD taken 2 months ago (early March).. If you had seen my previous post or Instagram, my hair ain't like this anymore!
Ok, let us now go on a Journey! Keep scrolllllling!~ ≡(≥◊≤)≡
◄ My fringe look so baldy there! lolx~


0 Comments ~ Posted By miwitch
posted by

Your new style suits you soooooooo much. And you are so so so brave for being a hair model, I never could!!
I like you bloondeee but i guess I haven't seen you with brown hair~

posted by

June still too soon la.. you already used up the amount of "times" of dying/breaching for this year liao la!!! Better give your scalp more time to rest la.

posted by

Okameinko: AHHHhh~ ♥ Thanks! You replied so fast! I was thinking to edit my post and I suddenly saw your comment! lolx~ Yah it really took alot of courage for one to be hair model, cos you never know what will happen to your hair! (and scalp) lolx~
I hope I'll have brown hair soon after this to show you! hahax~ But first, I want orange hair :p

posted by

Na: hahaha.. Just one more time!!! :p Before I fly to japan ma~ hahhaax~

posted by

Wow, you really rock as a hair model (the costumes, omg! you're so daring!) but the bleaching involved... =___= I'm just glad not to be a strand of your hair, lol!

posted by

If your scalp starts to flake then better stop bleaching le! That's what happened to me when I keep dyeing and bleaching that's why I'm giving my hair a rest now. And LOL I look like a preggie in the picture! :( Blame it on the top and my bloated face that day. :P

posted by

You "ONE MORE" time never end one! hahahaa

posted by

Regis: If you are, then I'll say "SORRY REGIS... ONE LAST TIME ok?" :p

Candy: U dun blame yourself, blame me.. I know everytime i take pic with chantana, she will blame me too tall, too long, too thin.. hahaha! I'm used to all the blaming =p I got reason for dyeing my hair again actually.... Now it kinda stop flaking already actually. haha..

Na: Wahhahaax~ I will rest DURING my trip!

posted by

I am a ninja so posting fast is to be expected
coral is my favourite colour~~ I tried to achieve this colour before but it's very hard XD cant wait to see your next hair step! lol

posted by

Okameinko: Hahaha! Ok ninja okameinko! I shall try to achieve that colour >,<

posted by

Oh my god it's really a huuuuge (and long) transformation!! Hahaha. I like it when it was a bob actually!

But okay, that's enough funny ideas, I think it's time for your hair to rest~

posted by

Ha ha, no offense lah Jones. I'm just amazed at how your hair is strong enough to tahan all these chemical processes. I think I would have become bald a long time ago. -___-

posted by

Only one word to describe.. "WOW"...

posted by

Lenne: Bob?! U SURE? Gosh i tot bob look super obiang on me =^=

Regis: Hahaha~ I think maybe i will be bald sooner than anyone else ba.. :\ I knew but I'm still not doing anything to protect it.. Sheesh, typical human -_-

amy: Powerful one word there! keke~=D

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