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December 2013


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OOTD † fashion † beauty † sub-culture † cosplay † cat
Oct 26, 2010 12:15AM -

Collective Fashion Hauls: Mitju, PiGi, Faire Belle, GMarket, OOTDs ~ Vivi Mag Scans

I think I always start with something that is not related to my title.. hahhax~ But wth~ I love neko!! Hence giving some love to it and for people who love neko as well!

Meet my :::
(ignores those samples beside it =p)
My colleagues and I went to United Square for dinner buffet and after which, we saw UFO catchers in the mall 1st level.
One look, I was attacted to THESE BIG ROUND EYES... NEKO! (Cat in jap) I want i want i want! >,< I spent $2 trying to UFO catch it but I phailed.
Then proceed to the round one where my colleagues are playing it which its base will rotate like this kind. First scoop and I caught alot of candies & mini plushies and out it dropped 3 mini plushies!!! YEAH YEAH! All of us jumped and shriek like little kids! LOLx!~ (Think about it, its a bunch of aunty uncles jumping. XD~) But none of the plushies were Neko. =( I spent another $10 trying to get the neko but phailed again.
When we about to leave, i saw the salesgirl opening up that machine and my reflex was, turn around and said "Can i swap these 3 plushies with that cat one?" *points*
And so... thats the story for the birth of NYANPIRE!! XD~
Gahh... actually Nyanpire really HAS a story of how it became a vampire Neko. See here: http://www.animate- onlineshop.jp/special/nyanpire/pc/ (Play the vid! =^.^=)

Now for the hauls~ Below are clothes bought randomly from overseas~
Black translucent chiffon tank top (with tube): Quite a long top even for my height~

During the Summer, off-shoulder Short Tees are very very IN!! I wanted it sooo much as I felt I had been overly wearing my Pull & Bear's short Tee =_="

And here comes all my short Tees!!! It came 1 season late... OTL|||
Black HALVE frilly short Tee

Black Short Lace Top: The lace is very very soft and silky! Love it!

White-Black Stripes Flare-out Tee (with 2 removable brooches included)

Plain white thin cotton Short Tee

Bag Hauls
Some might know this brand, its PiGi (aka PG), a Taiwan brand. Some bags were made in Taiwan and some in China. I had already own a few PG bags before this, had experienced things like torn linings and clips spoilt after prolong usage (the metal parts on the sholder straps). Its rather common for bags that only cost about $10~$20 each. So I don't complain about it, infact continue using it till it's totally out of shape. =p

GMarket Buys
I always wanted high thigh school socks like this: &
However I couldn't get the same design or that the socks are all under knee length.
Then I found these socks at Gmarket and I quite like the simple 3 stripes design, so I grabbed it. Each pair cost about $6.

Grey with Black stripes & Dark Brown with Off-white stripes Cotton Overknee Socks: Brown one's shorter than the grey, but I can stretch them to the maximum and it'll stay above my knee. Recommended those who have slim legs, as the cotton is not very elastic in horizontally wise.

MITJU SHOESSsss Haulssss
This is my first time in my life buying 7 pairs of shoes in 1 GO!!!
On 23rd Oct, there is a Mitju Warehouse Sales @ 136 Joo Seng Road (TaiSeng MRT). I suppose to go down at 10am as I have the VIP access and could bring along a friend. I ended up reaching there very late, going in at 11.59am ^_^" And na also late.. hahax~ (Wat's the point of getting the VIP access then?! *slaps own forehead*)
Anyhoo, the place is sooooo cramp at around 1pm already. Na didn't went in with me as the queue is super duper long outside, but I need not Q as i got access remember? =p
So, i grab grab grab grab!! Apparently I couldn't find much shoes that are covered toes and has heels. Mostly are covered flat shoes or open toes heels. =\
[edit] Forgot to put up the price: All shoes are going @ $18/pair and $12/pair (Get 2 for $20)! And each bag is only $18! I spent $106 in total! ^_^ [/edit]

Sorry my legs and feet are not presentable looking.. I've got permanent scars all around and blue-green visible veins.. I'm lazy to PS the pics, so do bare with it! >_<

I gave the shoes names as per the first impression it gave me.. hhahax~

Another Bag haul, from Mitju!
Blue shoulder bag with british flag studs: The blue is nice, I bet i'll look great against all my black and white clothings..! I own very little blue clothings =\
And the mess I've made...

Here comes some funny pics of me!! XD~
Faire Belle Hauls and another of my oversea haul
White frill waist Shorts: Bought from overseas, a replica of a certain brand
You can see Anna looking all glam in those clothes which I bought, but when I'm in it, I make those clothes look like its for MEN. (See..? There? Flat.)
Wanting to achieve the aristocrat style for the centre blouse piece, but phailed terribly. The blouse is so so translucent! O_O

First off, a combi of my most recently bought clothings & shoes. Worn to the KPOP Concert with Na (everbluec)
Right side, to show how big is the PG luggage bag. Its so big that I think i can put 2 days clothings & towels in!
I find that I look like some little korean boy-lookalike girl on the right... =_=

Most recently Vivi Oct & Nov 2010 Mags & some mangas!
Vivi Oct (in Taiwanese) : $9 from PAGEONE @ Vivocity. Realised its cheaper than Kino's mag
Vivi Nov (Original Jap): $19.30 from Kino. Its my first time ever buying Vivi that gives free Gift!! Its a hand pouch from Snidel!
I prefer to buy the Jap version, it was almost 2 times thicker than the Taiwanese mag! And the japanese has moreinteresting fashion advertisement to see.
Sarasah穿越时空再爱你: $6.38 Kino. I ♥♥♥ this Korean comic! Nice storyline and drawings!
黑鸟恋人: $6.38 Kino. Nice too, but story not as interesting & exciting as the above

Some 'scans' that I want to share with all! Ayumi half naked monochrome pics...~ *yumyum*

Some girls like a particular thing among the whole bunch of makeup stuffs like particularly eyeshadows, or lipsticks..and what not. While I, like to buy fashion related stuffs like: SHOES, HOSIERY & HEAD ACCESSORY (Hats/Hairbands)
Check out the Nov Mag scans of the shoes, hosiery and hats for Autumn-Winter!

I realised the ankle boots designs are rather similar with last year autumn's. I've apparently gotten one pair that look like the ones in this mag. I think I'd invested in the right one that may not go out of fashion for at least a few years. =D
The straw hats are still in~ Light to dull brown colours are always the safest to get!


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

0 Comments ~ Posted By miwitch
Filed in: OOTD ~ Tagged with: Fairebelle, PiGi, Mitju, gmarket, vivi
posted by

haha no babe, i think you look nice in the clothes! i love the GG<5 top. super nice right. haha. and nice socks!! btw so sad, i stay near the mitju warehouse but didn't hear about the sale :(

nice haul!!

posted by

oops i mean the collared chiffon tunic. haha. i like that one a lot!!

posted by

Oh! wasted! On the same day, opposite the road was Charles and Keith Warehouse sales too! I saw many holding C&K bags into Mitju's sales. By that, u already knew how long I'd stayed inside the Mitju warehouse.. hhaax~
Thanks girl ^.^ I like the chiffon tunic too! I am a little bigger size than you so it kinda look small on me compared to yours. ^_^"

posted by

haha are you sure you're bigger than me? you look so skinny!

anyway i like the red riding hood shoes, muddy ankle high and centipede gladiators! do you remember roughly how much you got them for?

posted by

Yap, i'm skinny but my built is definitely bigger than yours. I think i saw the site wrote your waist size and I see you are actually 1 size smaller than me. My shoulder is wide too =p

Oh yah, i forgot to wrote the prices in, silly me.. Most of the shoes are $18, some are going for $12 each (If buy 2, its $20 only!) But I don't remember which price is for which shoes.. ^_^" NEways, they are real dirt cheap! Total of 7 pairs + 1 bag, i spent $106 only~

posted by

haha no actually my waist is 23" but i think she forgot but it's no big deal so i didnt tell her about it. haha. but you're lots taller than me!! so envious. haha. and wow, that's reaaally cheap for the shoes! let me know the next time there's a sale k?? thanks!! :)

posted by

ooo u reached mitju sale at 1159PM ? should be AM right =p great choices for the shoes & i like your OOTDs (very model-like u know u know hehe~) hmm i really prefer u with short hair, seriously =3 keep short hair, nice nice~

i think i wanna get some short tees =p in the past, i was wondering how to wear these short tees (so revealing lol). now i know ! yeah hahas

posted by

anna: Ok~ ^_^ if i see anymore of these sales, i'll PM u~ If i choose to post in blog, I think it would be AFTER the sales already. hhaax.. =p

verlyn: hahahx~ yes AM! opps.. typo.. =p Aiyo.. u all dun psycho me anymore on the short hair!! >,< *HEARS NO EVILS*

posted by

wa! I like the neko! kawaii desu!! XD

great haul! i like the shoes and the socks~ XD

posted by

in the tunic and chiffon blouse you look like a MODEL!!

posted by


posted by

The shoes are lovely! I love the variety you picked and don't worry, i can hardly see the scars or popping veins!

posted by

the black scallop lace top looks fab!!! Me wanna see a OOTD with it!!! (",)
LOL at the names you gave your shoes!!!

posted by

verlyn: -0-""

beadsandends: Hey girl thanks u for reading my blog~ ^_^

hazel: Sure when I think of wearing it, I'll take a shot and put up. Ahahax.. yah the shoes.. i really duno what to name them.. =p

posted by

super belated comment but i love love looooooooooove all your clothes hauls! you look gorgeous :D and i'm so jealous that you can pull off over-knee socks... i bought a pair last year, but couldn't wear them cos the top will kiap my thigh fats and make my legs look like sausages ;___;

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