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Name: miwitch
Based in Singapore All product reviews are based on my own experience.
Do not judge the product solely base on my reviews as the products result varies differently on different users.
Pls reference to my info on the products I reviewed.
Hair: Black - Thin straight limpy - oily scalp - dry hair ends - bleached & dyed
Face: Combi skin - oily T-zone - medium asian skintone - dull - visible pores on cheeks & nose
Eyes: Very sensitive - droopy - hooded - double eyelids - mild-oily lids - dark circles - thin straight lashes - Contact Lens & Specs wearer
Lips: Pigmented - dry
Hands: Normal-dry skin - dry nails & cuticles - thin soft translucent nails
Body: Normal-dry skin - medium asian skintone
Statistics: 175cm, thin, underweight

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December 2013


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Dec 2, 2010 6:45AM -

Product Review: b.liv - Off with those heads & Shrink and Tighten ~ Extra CG pic added! (must see!)

Clicky the pics to enlarge! </p>
Last month, I was contacted by Selina from b.liv by cellnique to review b.liv products. And BLIV me! I am OH SO HAPPY!! XD
I had been hearing alot of good comments from na (everbluec) that my heart went 'itchy', wanted so much to try b.liv too and then... voilà! I was contacted by b.liv! Happy happy much! ^__^v~*~ </p> <p>After a few days of our last email exchange, the parcel arrived! The things included are:
1. b.liv by cellnique Off with those heads sebum gel (30ml)
2. b.liv by cellnique Shrink and Tighten large pores reducing serum (30ml)
3. b.liv Canvas Bag
4. b.liv catalog booklet
5. Cellnique invoice (??? hahahx.. Don't know why they send this to me too!)

Money-back Guaranteed! Wow, they are so confident its gonna work on anyone who uses it! ^.^
Both of which are their ★STAR★ products!


Daily Beauty Routine Table - made by b.liv
<p> The beauty routine table was given to me so that I know when to use what products. It is catered to my type of skin.
My skin condition: Combi Skin - dry on eyes, below cheek & jaw areas but oily on t-zone & cheeks. Often experience small oil spots, white & black heads. Also large pores on nose and cheeks. Overall dull, does not have sensitive nor acne-prone skin.


My b.liv Beauty Routine Timeline
<p> Due to my face was attacked (LOLx at the term) by oil spots 2 weeks after I used b.liv, so I came out with a Timeline graph to show the dates I used the products, stopped using, and start using them again.
Whether or not the sudden oil spot breakout was caused by the products, the truth is still unknown yet. Before you girls went "HUH! b.liv can cause breakouts!?!?!" Its better that you wait for my 2nd entry of b.liv product review as I am using it back again since most of my oil spots are gone (Yippee!)


The oil spots disaster on 16 Nov...
<p> The oil spots that I experience were actually soft closed comedones. I called it oil spots/oil seeds in general term.
Before this disaster hits me, I often have oil spots randomly on the face everyday. Its soft, so I will usually make it 'pop' and the sebum trapped within will come out and it will subside on the 2nd day. I was infact not very frustrated with the oil spots as I'd gotten used to it for years since mine's rather little to compare to other people.
BUT!!!! On the 16 Nov, my usual random oil spots became like thousands of volcanoes! It spread through my forehead, temple, jawline, neck, collarbone, chest.. Funny thing was that very little was found on my cheeks and nose (centre of my face). Basically, the oil spots are scary enough for my hair to stand when I look at them! OMG~~~~ *reject brain from bringing back memories of it*
This could be caused by various reasons like environment, dirt, products used, hormones, unhealthy diet, etc. I cannot make up which if these caused the breakout so I decide continue using b.liv again after the spots subsided to test it for the 2nd round. I be updating another entry on this part since this is my first ever time to have such break-outs (I mean, really! 1st time! *touch wood* hope no 2nd time!!)
The redness you see in below pic are caused by my 'picking' on the oil spots (to force the spots break open and let out the sebum, otherwise it will become white heads), hence the skin around the spots turned red. I'm not a really gentle person so sometimes I use alot of pressure on the spots causing a permanent mark after that... ^_^"
*FYI: The many lumpy thingy are my pores! I inherited this "Chicken skin" from my Mum... U_U" I have protruded looking pores only at my neck & collarbone areas.


Off with those heads: is a water look-a-like thick gel type of serum, smells very minty (Like!), and its fast absorbed by skin & leaving a glossy finish.
One pump of it, I can use it to cover my T-zone. I normally use 1½~2 pumps to spread over T-zone, cheek, jawline and neck area.
Sometimes I use it to target at spots around my chest, shoulder and back as I often grow 'bad heads' at those areas too.</p>

Shrink and Tighten: is a off-white very fluidly gel type of serum, smells pleasant, fast adsorbed too and leaves the skin smooth and a little velvety
I often use 2pumps to spread entirely over my whole face (except eyes), neck and collarbone.

<p>When use together: I really love the feeling of using both serums as a combi. It enhances the effect of removing & minimising the no. of white/ black heads.
Off with those heads Screen caps
(Cause → Description → How to use → Ingredients)
Shrink and Tighten Screen caps
(Cause → Description → How to use → Ingredients)


BEFORE and AFTER USE - with Make-up
<p> I often experienced foundation clogging my large pores at nose and cheek areas and it felt really embarrassing when the person talking to you is looking at your wide pores instead of looking at your eyes. I'm pretty sure they are thinking, "Uh... your foundation got clogged in your pores."
And if they really said that, I will agree to their comment. I mean, of course I know that because its my skin. It's not that I want to leave it there, but removing foundation from the pores really takes alot of time. (Blot, spray face lotion, wipe, powder nose) ~sigh~
I find that my pores aren't really that 'wide open' while I was at the initial makeup stage, but it enlarged at the end of the day, most likely caused by rise of my body temperature (all the walking, sweating, face movements..)
Here, I only took a few pics of my nose pores with makeup still on at night, after returning home from shopping. And you can spot a few dust, dirt, fur and what not sticked ontop of my ruin makeup. LOLx..
Do refer to my Beauty Routine Timeline when looking at these pictures, as it well explained why my pores got clogged by foundation again on the 26 Nov.


BEFORE and AFTER USE - Nose Pores

After using b.liv for about 11 days, my skin improved tremendously. All the black & white heads are mostly gone from my nose, cheeks & jawline and the pores on my nose were minimised. My nose skin surface was very coarse due to my bad habit of self extraction surgery done at home (yes, I allow you to SLAP my hands! >,<") causing many red, brown marks, bigger pores and fine lines surfaced on the skin.
It is very hard for me to quit this bad habit of picking my own face whenever I see a black/white head.
But b.liv had done such a good job removing all traces of 'bad' heads that my fingers no longer feel the urge of picking them! (except for those BIG & HARD heads (^_^") that the product couldn't remove it. It HAD to be extracted by professionals WITH professional tools...*slaps own hands*)

<p>And now, I used back b.liv again to maintain the skin free from 'bad heads' and free from Big pores!
Yet again, refer to my Beauty Routine Timeline to understand more before seeing the pics.


BEFORE and AFTER USE - Cheek Pores
<p>The pic shows that I have citrus looking-skin on the 26 Nov. It is probably due to the sudden halt in using Shrink and Tighten (and maybe of the lighting that cast deep shadows upon my pores? =p). My skin felt a little saggy (I'm aging! *sob*) hence the pores kinda looked like ovals instead of round.
On 30 Nov, the pores are shrunked and skin tightened. And it definitely look much more cleaner than 03 Nov.
*Note, the small lumps on my cheeks aren't white heads. They're like a harmless layer of extra skin.. (Not sure the term for it ^_^")
Refer to my Beauty Routine Timeline to understand more before seeing the pics.

Available at
Singapore – Available in Sa Sa and Guardian
Malaysia – Available in Sa Sa, Alpro , Healthlane

Price List (In SGD)
1. Off With Those Heads (blackheads sebum gel) 30ml $69.95
2. Off With Those Heads (blackheads sebum gel) 45ml $94.95
3. Squeaky Clean (beads cleansing gel) 130ml $34.95
4. Oil Leviate (oil control gel) 30ml $49.95
5. Got Me Covered (sunblock + foundation) 50ml $44.95

1. Shrink and Tighten + (larges pores diminishing night complex) 15ml $69.95
2. Shrink and Tighten (large pores reducing serum) 30ml $69.95
3. Glow and Shine (skin smoothening mask) 50g $34.95

1. Spots Got Shots (blemish treatment serum) 15ml $34.95
2. No Spots Bye Dots (blemish cleansing gel) 130ml $39.95
3. Kick Spots Out (blemish treatment mask) 3pcs $22.95

1.. Submerge Me (moisturizing booster) 45ml $69.95
2 Drench Me (moisturizing cleanser) 120ml $34.95
3. Quench Me (moisturizing gel) 50ml $49.95
4. Leach Me (moisturizing mask) 3pcs $19.95
5. Shield Me (moisturizing sunblock) 45ml $44.95


FREE SAMPLES - For first 20 Readers only!

3ml Off with those heads Samples

Email your Full Name and Mailing/Shipping address to fbfreesample@blivskin.com with the
subject: miwitch.onsugar.com
If you send in your blog’s url, you might stand a chance to do a product review too!

<p> Valid till 08 Dec 2010 only. Sample delivery within 4 – 6 weeks.
Wait you waiting for? HURRY and redeem now!!



And lastly, some HARDCORE VISUALLLLLLLLSSSSsssss for JUUUuuuu Readerxxx!!! *ROARX*
Not suitable for weak heart peeps

(b.liv product in the above CGed pic fully credits to b.liv by cellnique. I have no intention of spoiling b.liv's product image by doing the CG. It is only base on my sudden creativity thinking, and own pleasure/fun that I make this CG. Should the image in any way caused threats to b.liv's company reputation, pls contact me directly and I will take down the images.)

Hhahahax~ Isn't it fun sometimes to see something different than the usual wordy reviews? kekekx~</p>

Well, why I did this CG (a little bit of photo manipulation) was because I got inspired by the b.liv 365 b.day celebration. Initially wanted to submit the pic, but was late plus I'm too lazy to take part of any contests right now. (~_~") And I think I'm  way out of their theme... Its suppose to be 'dress-up' right? Not KILL the product.. ^_^"

Its my first time doing Gore CG scene, I was trying to look for a scary looking pair of eyes and mouth in the middle of the night and my whole body kinda trembled upon browsing thru those scary faces appearing in Google Images. LOLX!!
Ended up I used a 3D Zombie graphic (I misplaced the link =_=) to manipulate the eyes and mouth onto the bottle cap.
Well, over all its a very good experience I must say! ^∇^ Kakakakaka~~ (Why am I so happy doing Gore CGs???)
*FYI: I heard the Hollywood 3D graphic designers who design scary/ghost movies works in a dark room (meaning all lights are off). It was said that this will allow them to have a better creativity mind in designing even scarier characters! (Ooo!~ So hardcore ne! But I didn't do that..hhaha~)

<p>Do comment on my b.liv product review AND the GOREEEEE Pics too! I would like to hear your views on the CG I've done! I personally think the Big blood splatter on the camera screen was not achieved. I wonder should I add in a reflection somewhere to clearly show that the splatting is ON the camera lens and not on the board... =\ (Not sure if you girls understand what I'm talking about.. hahax~ ^_^")

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Product names written and coloured in turquoise were given by its company to me for trial.

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posted by

OMG!!!! I have not read the entire entry yet, just doing a quick skim but I will read it later...
NEED to exclaim abt the multiple nose pic that you put up! muah hahaha....

posted by

OMG! yr nose looks sooo Clean! i cld never get all my blackheads off..

posted by

wow the products look good! i just sent them an email too haha. but i forgot to include my blog url! oh well.

posted by

hazel: hahahx!~ I hope my review is thorough enough!

Amy: And it definitely looking much more cleaner now! =D

Anna: I personally think that 3ml is too little to see the effect, you should send your blog url! Don't miss the chance of having to try b.liv products. ^_^

posted by Anonymous

wht if i stop using it for quite some time and those heads get worst even then before i use it..this happens to me before..and looking at how fast those heads are gone means if i stop using it then will i experienced the same thing like the product i used before???

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