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December 2013


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Apr 8, 2010 8:30PM -

Product Review: Rohto Cool Eye Drops

I had not long ago came across Rohto Eye Drops (just a month back only). Immediately, I was attracted to one of the range: ROHTO COOL (Redness Relief) which was also used by Michelle Phan.
You can see her vid in the Rohto site too: http://www.myrohto.com

I've seen raves and reviews and saying how good it was, I was so willing to try it! I'd looked over the internet to find a local source or spree but most of them are only taking in the Japan version of Rohto eye drops, currently popular one is the Lychee (so the eyedrop will taste like lychee? ^_^")

But I'm only interested in US version, so I intend to go to buy it from Ebay.

I bought from this Ebay seller: http://myworld.ebay.com.sg/sokopovo/
He was selling the Rohto eye drop in a pack of 3s, which I think is more worth to get it. (Actual LINK)
Price is US$16.90 for 3packs, shipping to Singapore was $6.99 (however no tracking), total convert to SGD was $34.14.
After calculation, each pack is about SGD$11.38. Not bad eh~


0 Comments ~ Posted By miwitch
Filed in: Eyecare, Review ~ Tagged with: rohto
posted by

Wow. This is awesome! If it's available in Singapore, it'll be great!

posted by

Yes! Wouldn't it be?! But now I got 3 bottles to survive on for the time being.. at least maybe for another few more months.. maybe by then this range might come into watsons/guardian! hehheex.. lets wait and see ^.^

posted by

WOW... my eyes only look these red was when I have super itchy eyes... hahahaa

posted by

Yeah. Let's hope so! ;)

posted by

na: aiyo, dun say until u duno.. u KNOW i always red eyes one.. hhahax~

posted by

I see red.. but not that red leh

posted by

Actually I think the left eye, the redness fades a bit, though does not disappear.. :)

posted by

I bought the Japanese version in Taiwan. It is of similar shape and size to the one available in Guardian. Kinda wished I got more from Taiwan. I love it loads & yes, it really does make my eyes appear whiter and more awake! :-D

posted by

noppi: oh yea.. that left eye is really very red when i look into mirror.. ^_^"

eclecticsatire: The japanese version also have 3 types of redness relief eyedrop? I'm using the gentle one, there is this moderate and intense one too.. I wonder will it really feel very icy when used.
Yours is which type? :)
How long do you finish up one bottle? I'm using only 2 drops per eye each day, I think probably can finish a bottle in 1-2 months? Are we suppose to throw it after a month? Cos from the packaging, I didn't see any instructions to do so.. Just wondering if your japanese version one differs much from US.. =D

posted by

@miwitch: I'm not sure which type mine is. It feels rather intense though. LOL! I am still using it & i've had it for a mth already. I use it about once every other day. I read that eye-drops shld be thrown out after 30 days, but I can't bear to throw mine out yet coz it is still pretty full & hard to find! :-P

posted by

i was actually very interested to try the Rhoto Cool eye drops but after reading that its not suitable for contact lens wearer i think i am going to give it a miss >.<

posted by

Wow, there's really a significant difference just after 1 min! I have very sensitive eyes and I'm always rubbing them (only time I don't rub them is when I have eye makeup on). I have to get eyedrops from the doc but I always too lazy to use them, haha. Rubbing gives you that sense of satisfaction

posted by

eclecticsatire: Oh yes! I always think it should be thrown after a month, but I also doubt I will do it even after 2 months! But again, to think that its concerning with our eyes... better don't play play yah? hahax..

purplio: It is meant for using before you wear your contacts! Its not that you can't use if you are a contact lens wearer. Its just that you cannot drip into your eye WITH your contact lens on.. Otherwise I think either it will not get into you eyes because your lens are covering it, or it might blur your lens.
I drip it before I wear lens and its working fine so far ^_^

ladeekim: Yes, just a minute only! I also find it very amazing when I first drip into one of my eye and I compare the other that was not dripped, the difference was rather big. !OoO!
I also rub and scratch my eyelids with fingernails when itchy.. and yea i agree it really gives me a satisfaction too after that, result with a nice red eye too. hahhax.. :D

posted by Anonymous

Be careful using redness relief products -- they can make your eyes and eye veins MORE red over time. Best not to use them at all.

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