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Based in Singapore All product reviews are based on my own experience.
Do not judge the product solely base on my reviews as the products result varies differently on different users.
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Hair: Black - Thin straight limpy - oily scalp - dry hair ends - bleached & dyed
Face: Combi skin - oily T-zone - medium asian skintone - dull - visible pores on cheeks & nose
Eyes: Very sensitive - droopy - hooded - double eyelids - mild-oily lids - dark circles - thin straight lashes - Contact Lens & Specs wearer
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Hands: Normal-dry skin - dry nails & cuticles - thin soft translucent nails
Body: Normal-dry skin - medium asian skintone
Statistics: 175cm, thin, underweight

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December 2013


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May 5, 2010 5:00AM -

John Little & Daiso Hauls

JL is having 20% discount storewide and card members have further discounts from 4 May - 6 May (3 days only!) I am lucky this time as I am on OFF from work on 4 May!
The things I bought in JL, total damaged count up to $100.44~ Fieewww~

NUDE Facial Cotton 2packs for $5.90 (After Discount $4): I got 4 packs! 150 cottons per pack, so its 300 cottons for $5.90. =)
NUDE 6pc Facial Puff $4.90 (AD $2): Just to say, NUDE is made in Korea. Their quality are good and prices are acceptable. =3
-Scroll down for other stuffs-

From Daiso, I got all things "About Feet", plus 1 sponge cleaner! I didn't get their facial cottons as I think I'd bought enough of NUDE. XD

Just happened to bumped into my ex-boss, Irene, replenishing her stocks in JL at the Olive Organia's shelves. She burged me to get some of her stuffs so I gotten this Promo pack (last set) since i run out of body scrub so may as well give her some business... =D
Olive Organia Body cleanser + Body Scrub $19.90 Promo: When I opened the box of Scrub, out came this little Body+Hand cream! So cute the packaging ^.^

I remembered reading retail_therapy's blog about Phyto, kinda make me thinking "i should try this brand too!" But I ain't gotten treatment cream, I'd gotten a  shampoo as my Loreal Elsève's finishing soon, plus I think my oily scalp is getting immuned from that shampoo, so its time to change!

Phyto Paris Sebo-Regulating Shampoo $34 (AD $27.20) : The container is stainless steel! Its look somewhat like a water bottle to me. The smell is not really nice, but not stinky too. It kinda freaks me out when I use it cos 1st, the shampoo water spilled out so fast I nearly poured all the content out of the bottle! 2nd, it was brown in colour, makes me think of of bitter chinese medicine. =_="
So ya, the shampoo is WATER, liquid kind, whatever you call it. It is unlike all the drug store shampoos I had used before. This is my first liquid shampoo! (Stamp Chop Sign)

Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick $21.90: The salesgirl says there is 20% discount for this lipstick but I realise in my bill, it didn't deduct. So sad =( However I've gotten a free pouch from them! The lipstick I gotten is in PEACH.
I later realised that they have buy 2 and get 1 free promo (Read the booklet but I've forgotten about it!), I went back to JL and salesgirl says I have to void the whole receipt then the counter will rekey all over again. Looking at the long queue, I gave up. :(
Anyone of you going to buy this lipstick at JL, do update whether you gotten any discounts for it?

Swisspers Dual Cosmetic Tips $3.90 (AD $3.12): I've always wanted a pointed cotton buds so here it is! The container is so cute, can still reuse it in future!

Fasio Hyper-stay Mascara (Magne-plus Curl Long) $22.90 (AD $18.32) : I always liked how Fasio makes my lashes look strong, rigid, super waterproof kinda feeling plus how easily I can apply it to my lashes comparing to MMajolica. And my old Fasio mascara had dried up so I decided to get it since there is discount! =3

Somang Clinic HN Color Hair Bleach
Talking about my ex-boss, it kinda of reminds me that I totally forgotten about the Hair Bleach I bought a year ago in my ex-work place.
I was previously working in Surprisesss (Chinatown Market 3rd level), also a sister outlet of IvyCosmetics.
I used Somang Hair Bleach and Hair Dye and I them so much more than all other hairdyes (like loreal/Revlon/Garnier and the current Liese) but one thing is that its so hard to bleach and dye hair yourself. You will end up with uneven dyed hair. Worst still if you have a long hair.
I usually ask my friend to help me, she's not a hairstylist or whatever but she so darn good in hairdyeing my hair! I always end up with perfect hair colour! =3

One thing special about Somang Hair Dye is that it has a additional Nutrition Oil that need to be added into the dye content. And it provides a rather big tube of hair mask (in yellow colour, name Kerafix) and not to mention it includes gloves too! (I think some don't provide that)

Somang brand is actually under the same company as Beauty Credit. I think Somang is the mainline of that company but the models they use in Somang is repeated in Beauty Credit. Many people bought Somang's products got confused with Beauty Credit and thought that Somang was a copy brand, but infact BC is under Somang.

My ex-boss brought in Somang Hairdye and Bleach 2 yrs ago, but now it was stopped. Hence this 2 box of Somang Hair Bleach might be the last of Somang products in Singapore (XD~) that is if Beauty Credits' not counted in. Each box is sold @ $13.90 only but BC always sell every item for at least $5 more expensive than my ex-boss sells. If I want to use Somang hairdye again, I might have to turn to BC to get it =( Which is so highly priced...

Nevertheless I must plan a day to use up these 2 boxes of bleach! And welcome back my bleached hair again! \^o^/~ I miss you yellow hair!~

0 Comments ~ Posted By miwitch
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posted by

why does ur mascara wand look so..ummm...hairy?

posted by

Sarah... it's the fibers. lolx

Ming: JL normally don't have discount on New item.

posted by

wahh the revlon pouch looks cute! the mascara also shocked me! haha hairy but i think will work eh??

posted by

hahhaax!!~ The word "hairy" never even came across my mind when I open the tester, open my own bought mascara and even when I use them! But Sarah you make it sound like those hairs are my lashes! hahahax!!~
Fasio new mascara have 2 types, one is volume, one is lengthening.. I bought the one with lengthening hence those fibres. I purposely took the pictures real upclose so the 'hairs' could be seen. =D

Na: Ohhhh so desu neee... the BA says I got 20% discount on the lipstick, then i look doubtfully at the receipt and showed her, she pointed the $5 discount is my 20% discount. I was like HUH? That one is I use the voucher to discount... then she say "Yah! Thats the discount! You dun understand?" Seriously, SHE is the one who dun understand =_=" Make me confused..

debx: The lengthening power is good! But in a way too good that my ends kind of droop! hahhax.. I gota use my electronic curler to curl the ends again after the mascara dry. =p

posted by

lolx.. I think she donno la.. the $5 need to spend above $30 then got discount de! hahahha... normally if the cashier don't reflect it won't have discount lor (If she keep on saying got 20%.. you should check with the cashier mah)
Ttoday I bought the Maybelline purple gel liner(which is a new item) it got 20% off(I was surprised!)

posted by

counter too many people queueing that day i paiseh to ask.. and actually i read the booklet i somehow know revlon lipstick dun have discount, she come and told me got discount AFTER i had paid the bill. I thinking the system auto deduct all the others, but nv deduct revlon so it should be no discount.. anyways over already and i got a pouch plus got $5 off, so -the end- XD~

posted by

haha ya i freaked out! oohh fibres.. COOL!!

posted by

Do post pictures of your bleached hair when you have bleached it! :)

posted by

Sarah: yeah, those fibres are cool indeed =) They are about 0.5cm long fibres~

Rynn: Sure will do! =D

posted by meandmyTHRILLS

I also bought the Diaso boots keeper.
Cheap and good, except its circumference is slightly small.

posted by

hi meandmyTHRILLS, yes indeed its cheap and good! =) I kept buying them and sometimes even use it to play around with my pets.. hhaa...

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