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December 2013


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Jun 10, 2012 5:29AM -

Art Jamming at NU Artists Gallery - a post dedicated to my cat pet Mimi

Last month, I went to an Art Jamming session with a group of my ex-NYP classmates at 42 Kandahar Street, the place named NU Artists Gallery.
[Pic from Source]

Its been like AGES since I touched anything canvas, brushes, acrylic paints (except Photoshop & makeup brushes, hahaha! ^o^).I think its been 10 years! OMG, I'm so old already! =_= And that makes the same thing for all of my friends. wakaka.. :p

This Art Jamming is a 3 hour painting session, each of us provided with an easle, free flow of more than 25 in-house acrylic paint colours , many different sizes of brushes, and a canvas. All for only $25/pax! (Original price at $59)

Blow drying their paintings! And spot that CAPTAIN AMERICA! ^o^ Why no people paint LOKI???

Oh-Ba-Kak Mario hahaha!

Lovely Rose! My friend intend to paint a series of flowers for every jamming session, I think she want to build a gallery of flower paintings in her own home. Lolx~

This is really beautiful! My friend Lani wants to paint this and give her friend as a house warming gift!

After showing everyone's, here's mine!!! Opps, this is just a draft. haha.. While most of my friends uses pictures as reference for their painting, I use my Mimi's (my male cat pet) pic as reference & the rest of the stuffs made up using my own imagination... and make him into.............


The palette is transparent! So unlike last time which we always use was white plastic.. this look so much more professional!

Our Masterpiece! Spot me & my painting!

TADA!! Mimi became CAT PRINCESS!!! Muahahahax~ I didn't blow dry my painting as I did my paint in thin layers therefore it drys up pretty fast before I do the next layer.

Painting when placed under spot light. It looks nicer, with the Silver and Gold paint enhanced.

Here are the DETAILED pictures of my CAT PRINCESS Painting! Some colours in the pictures are enhanced using Photoshop.

I will be using this Portrait to put as background for miwitch.com soon! ^_^ I feel I should also paint a direct opposite version - GOTH or DEVIL CAT. hahah~

When I bring the painting home, Mimi was like, sniff sniff here sniff sniff there~

And he want to rub his 'scent' to the canvas.

Its so hard for me to take a good pic of him, he keep looking away or appear like this =_= Mimi ah~ mimi~

And finally, I Got one!!! ^_^ This was also posted to NU Artists Gallery Facebook!

Iphone managed to take a more cuter pose of him and the painting! ^^ His 'beard' so messy haha~

My thoughts:
I think I never been so proud of my own painting before. I could have done better for this painting and provide even nicer details if I ever been given a good thin brush. Sad to say that for this art jamming session, I had difficulty in using their brushes to add shadows and highlights to my painting. I managed to only find 1 flat brush which I use it to draw thin lines and dot highlights. Other than that brush, all other brushes are just used for filling in colours.
However, the 3 hour time frame, the atmosphere and acrylic paint in multi-colours provided are really great! I couldn't ask for more! (only better brushes. Hahah~)
Nonetheless, I really look forward to go for another jamming session with friends! Its more fun to do it with family and friends or even colleagues! Its like a bonding session too besides just painting. ^^


Here, showing NU Artists Gallery's latest Newsletter
And see if you can spot Mimi in their newsletter??? ^_^ YAP! He's in this newsletter~ helping NU Artists Gallery to promote their newest project! This time round NU Artists Gallery co-operated with Bakery Singapore and Animal Lovers League to create a Paws Project! To know more, read on! ^^

Please support Paws Project! For the love of all the beautiful animals out there! ^___^v~

Lastly, some pictures of Mimi, since this post is somewhat dedicated to him.... hahaha~
His favourite sleeping pose! BELLY AGAINST WALL.

And Mimi LIKES TO DROOL!!!!! See him waterfall!~

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

I am not in any way affiliated to NU Artists Gallery.

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I am IMPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job! I also like your friend's Mario(?) painting.

posted by

Yeah! Thanks!~ ^^ Yah that is Mario alright. haha.. the O bak kak one. XD~

posted by

wow nice painting! (:

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